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Lackluster charitable giving in Loudoun County prompts new campaign

An awareness campaign that organizers hope will turn around sub-par local charitable giving has been launched in Loudoun County.

The new campaign, called “Faces of Loudoun,” aims to encourage residents to recognize the need to donate funds and volunteer in their local communities.

The Community Foundation of Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties came up with the idea after looking at a study conducted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The study revealed Loudoun residents donate less of their income -- under 2 percent -- to local charities compared to neighboring counties and the rest of the U.S. This comes despite Loudoun having one of the nation's highest median incomes.

Research undertaken by the foundation shed light on one of the main reasons why Loudoun residents aren't giving more.

“It's been well documented that American citizens who don't regularly come into immediate contact with 'need,' give less. That described Loudoun County to a 'T.' Loudoun needs aren't in your face,” Amy Owen, the Community Foundation's executive director, said in a prepared statement.

“Faces of Loudoun” won't use stock images or template stories in its materials, focusing instead on “real people” living and working in Loudoun who are experiencing and struggling with “real need.”

Those individuals' stories will be largely told on social media in the next 12 to 24 months.

“We are a beautiful county … and rich in the literal sense, in that we're one of the wealthiest counties in the nation,” said Community Foundation Board President Kristen Langhorne. “But need can appear in many subtle ways, and it often hides in plain sight. I commend our campaign subjects for their courage to share their stories, and I am hopeful they inspire our community to act.”

The Community Foundation of Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties, one of 27 foundations in the commonwealth, was founded in 1999. Its mission is to “advance meaningful philanthropy in our own geographic footprint.”


HoneyCrisp-maybe you could become a wiser consumer and not fall victim to the evil media empire out to get you

Oncerural4—you’re right.  Because TV, Movies, Comedians, The Oscars, most News networks, ESPN, Facebook, commercials are all shoving liberal propaganda into my face 24/7.  So, yeah, I guess I am beginning to think that way.

wow.. HoneyCrisp turned even THis into political thing.Perhaps the Right is richer? Perhaps not. Doesn’t matter. Don’t skew it when you don’t have true facts.

I would like to know how the Chronicle of Philanthropy completed their study. From a review of taxes? Charitable organizations donations? I believe that many of us donate to organizations that have a broader awareness campaign nationally or related to our fields versus locally. My point is that is there a problem with Loudoun County residents donating very little or just not donating locally. It would be interesting to see those details.

I don’t have links handy but I have read that conservatives are more likely to give to charities, especially religious organizations.  Sadly, I think Lefties just assume government is there to take care of any problems.

My wife and I learned many years ago when our children were in elementary school and trying to do some fundraising that people do not want to donate, they want to buy. One prominent local chiropractor wrote my wife a nasty email saying he wasn’t going to give one dime to the read-a-thon we were putting together because “I get nothing in return” (his children attended the school at the time). Later we noticed that fundraisers that involved selling goods always did much better so it became clear that people want to buy some frozen pizza, peanuts or have a chance at winning something, but not many will just give just to give.
I’m a little surprised that our left leaning county isn’t more giving. Hmmm.

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