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Lansdowne clinic will be first in state to offer ARP wave neurotherapy

A relatively new technology, called ARP wave neurotherapy, which stands for accelerated recovery performance, claims to help people with chronic pain, osteoarthritis and hip and knee issues, therefore reducing the need for surgery. Photo Courtesy/ABZ Performance
With hip and knee replacements, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain all on the rise, millions of Americans are turning to surgery for treatment.

But what if there were another option available?

According to a 2014 study from the Mayo Clinic, more than 7 million people in the United States have had knee or hip replacement surgeries in one year, compared to previous studies which had shown the number to be 1 million replacement surgeries each year. Doctors say that the estimates are putting hip and knee replacement surgery in the same category as heart disease and stroke for numbers of people being treated.

A relatively new technology, called ARP wave neurotherapy, which stands for accelerated recovery performance, claims to help people with chronic pain, osteoarthritis and hip and knee issues, therefore reducing the need for surgery.

With this in mind, Jim Zalnasky of Ashburn, is opening a new clinic called ABZ Performance in Lansdowne this month. This is the first clinic in Virginia to offer ARP wave neurotherapy, which is FDA approved and has been shown to have success among professional athletes.

Two years ago, Zalnasky bought the exclusive rights to ARP in Virginia. Since then, he has been researching how others are using this treatment around the country, and he has seen the incredible success rates.

“The technology helps loosen muscles, increasing flexibility and blood flow and breaking down scar tissue,” Zalnasky said.

So how does it work?

According to Zalnasky, the ARP wave uses electrical current as well as a patented bio-electrical current simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques. The current is harmonious with the electric current in the human body.

As the ARP electrical pads are applied to areas of the body, a mild sensation is felt until it passes over, and the direct current passes through an area that has built up and retained a negative polarity from a previous injury. As these areas are located, the machine is able to determine the actual sites where treatment is needed.

With each treatment, the current passes through the affected area at regular intervals, causing the scar tissue to dissipate and a substantial reduction of pain and increased range of motion.

Zalnasky has hired Amy Graves, CARPT, certified accelerated recovery from pain therapist, to treat patients in their new office.

“When you get injured, muscles are not absorbing force. Over time, the tissues break down and you have a need for surgery. Somewhere, muscles in your body are sending signals they are in protect mode and develop compensation patterns. The machine tricks muscles into working properly,” Graves said.

“It is a unique technology which retrains the muscles with specific protocols and teaches the brain and whole body to work permanently. What amazes people after about the fourth treatment is you are pain free and it is permanent,” Graves said.

Graves has learned this can also work for people who have concussions, by helping blood flow.

“We want to teach patients that muscles are designed to absorb force, and if they are not absorbing force, you will have pain. We can eliminate the compensation patterns with therapy sessions. Our goal is to get people off pain medication and avoid surgery,” Graves said.

The ARP wave is FDA approved for muscle re-education, relaxation of muscle spasms, increased local blood circulation, maintaining and increasing range of motion and prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy.

“I don’t want to say it is a miracle cure, but it is very successful. For people with long-term chronic pain, they notice relief after the first session,” Zalnasky said.

The initial consultation is free.

“Come to us, and if we cannot make you feel better the first treatment, then we are willing to prove it for free,” Zalnasky said.

For more information, call 703-727-5411. Appointments will begin April 13. The office is at 44084 Riverside Pkwy, Suite LL250, Lansdowne -- http://www.Abzperformance.com.


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