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LaRock and Daniel campaign for open 33rd District seat

Dave LaRock won this summer’s Republican primary handedly with more than 57 percent of the votes. Times-Mirror Staff Graphic/Kurt Samuel
There are two newcomers in the 33rd District House of Delegates race this year. Democrat Mary Daniel is a lawyer and lifelong resident of the northern Shenandoah Valley. Her opponent is Dave LaRock, a general contractor who beat out 20-year incumbent Joe May in the June 11 Republican primary.

May was known as a popular and moderate official within the Republican party, but LaRock won handedly with more than 57 percent of the votes in the primary.

The 33rd District runs from the outer portion of Leesburg to the outer portion of Winchester and includes the Loudoun areas of Purcellville, Lovettsville and Round Hill. The district was solidly Republican in the 2012 election, with Mitt Romney and George Allen both receiving more than 55 percent of the vote.

Mary Daniel

Mary Daniel is a breed of Democrat specific to rural Virginia. She holds a concealed weapons permit and she considers herself fiscally conservative. She also has a history in the community having prosecuted domestic assault cases as an assistant commonwealth’s attorney for the City of Winchester.

While her personal take on the issues has been harder for her to make clear to voters, Daniels believes she has more in common with the average constituent in the 33rd District than LaRock.
"As a fiscal conservative and social moderate, I am far more in touch with the electorate of the 33rd," she said.

"There is no glory in the middle, no big fantastic press opportunities in the middle. It's about working hard and getting the job done," she said.

Daniel believes the transportation bill was "one of the more important pieces of legislation that has been accomplished by this legislature."

Citing the fact that the last comprehensive transportation bill was in 1986, Daniel says something had to be done.

She conceded that some parts of the transportation package were better than others, but it was a compromise bill and "we probably came out okay." Daniels cited the 3,000 bridges in Virginia in need of repair as proof of this deficit in prior funding.

In terms of the economy, Daniel believes figuring out high-speed Internet and working with regional planning will make it easier for businesses to do business in the 33rd District.

She also believes agro-tourism is a space where her district could expand economically.

One of the things that both LaRock and Daniel agree on is that standardized testing isn't working. Daniel says, "We need to be teaching kids things they can use in the real world, not how to take a standardized test."

Daniel says she decided to run for delegate on June 11, the day Dave LaRock won the Republican primary over Joe May.

She saw LaRock as a candidate who "had no prior experience, who had gotten a lot of his facts wrong in the primary and who had relied more on showboating."

Dave LaRock

Dave LaRock believes the most important issue in the campaign will be the economy. Responding to a written inquiry, LaRock stated, "My priorities are holding the line on taxes and spending, while at the same time advocating for the continuous improvement of our schools, insisting on our fair share of transportation funding to ease traffic congestion and standing up to federal overreach."

This belief in "more responsible spending" translates to transportation issues as well. An advocate for performance-based funding for transportation projects, LaRock was a vocal opponent of the Silver Line.

"Virginia needs a ranking system to prioritize transportation spending," he said, also pointing out that the Federal Transit Administration ranks projects based on "cost per new rider."

The National Federation of Independent Businesses has endorsed LaRock, who for over 30 years has been a small business owner and would like to see cuts in regulations on small businesses, keep taxation down and work for "small-business-friendly legislation."

LaRock and his wife, Joanne, are active in the local home school network.

As for public schools in the area, LaRock would like to see the 33rd District "promote flexibility and innovation in the classroom and stop forcing teachers to 'teach to the test,'” he said.

On the issue of ethics reform, LaRock thinks the campaign contribution disclosure system works well, but he did add, "Clearly there needs to be better disclosure of (and possibly limits on) personal gifts to elected officials."

When asked about the role of social issues in the campaign LaRock said, "Mary Daniel is spreading baseless claims about me without doing her research. It is also very insensitive to use this ploy as a campaign tactic."


Roanoke polls unreliable as usual.

What about the recent poll that suggests a dead heat after Cuccinelli opened a can Thursday. No more polls of likely Clinton for president voters.

I draw the line on any candidate who thinks they are better qualified than myself, my husband, or my doctor, to make personal choices about my reproduction or contraception.  LaRock refuses to acknowledge his right-wing ideology and claims it is “insensitive” for the Daniel campaign to bring it up. LaRock needs to understand that as 50% of the population, his social stance is important to women and to hide from it to get elected is cowardly, unscrupulous, and the lowest form of campaign tactic ever.

Good on LTM editorial for endorsing the experienced, reasonable, fair candidate, Mary Daniel. She actually made time in her schedule to show up to all 4 debates/forums and answered questions from sponsors and community. Momentum is in her favor, fundraising in September far outpaced her opponent’s.

I suggest you move LisaG, because LaRock’s views are the views of this district. I believe the Socialists in Maryland will best represent your views.

oranges really just likes seeing his posts on this page, whether they’re backed up by facts or not. LaRock’s getting beat at his own game, and it’s making him desperate because he’s finding out that the voters in this district are not as stupid as he’d assumed. As a mom, I’m glad for that, because LaRock stands for an ideology and a hardline way of thinking that’s not in the best interests of my children, or our district as a whole.

It seems like LaRock may have peaked when 10% of the electorate got him through a primary.  Now that voters have become engaged with the race, they see there is nothing there but another hardliner.

The core group used for this poll was likely Clinton for President voters of which Terry only got 50% of them.

Recent Marist poll 50-33, McAuliffe-Cuccinelli. VA Senate has split of 20-20, so LG breaks ties.  VA voters have not forgotten this/last year’s suppression efforts, women’s impact, 3Teacups, or importance of GOTV.

SkidRow, that arrogance just might turn out to bite him in the posterior…

Many of you liberals have forgotten about the Gerrymandering after the 2010 census. The state House/Senate elections have all been rigged to insure a Republican sweep. There is almost Zero Chance of Democrats wielding power in the General Assembly. Your only hope is the Governor Election. Even if you win that seat, there is little power a Democrat Governor will have against a well entrenched Republican Assembly. Maybe even a assembly with enough votes to override vetos.

Fascinating. Is Dave LaRock now denying having taken these extreme positions? Why would it be “insensitive” to expect him to publicly explain his views now, when he has so willingly expressed them in the past? He does seem to want to have it both ways.

One of his supporters objected to an account of Mr. LaRock’s lecture on the supposed perils of “sharia law,” claiming that this incident shouldn’t be brought up now because it didn’t happen since Mr. LaRock decided to run for public office. I guess that was “insensitive.”

Another supporter just informed everyone that Mr. LaRock is refusing to participate in debates because people other than Mr. LaRock and his supporters are people who “don’t matter,” and that he doesn’t need to “coddle” us by explaining his views and positions in public. (“Works for us!”)

What he’s counting on is a low turnout election - that a lot of voters will stay home because they don’t like either candidate at the top of the ticket. That way he doesn’t have to “coddle” any voters other than the very narrow demographic he especially likes. Hint: It probably doesn’t include you.

Thinking the tidal wave that will roll through Northern Virginia on election day…the one that washes Cuccinelli back into the T (for Treason) party backwater, will end up electing Mary Daniel as well.

Mary says let’s let the Board of Supervisors figure out where to spend the transportation dollars. Did anyone notice how effective that thought process was when York sent his surrogate to read the letter to the Leesburg Council telling them that if you don’t vote the way I want funds for Leesburg roads may be hard to find. That’s how Mary thinks we should spend dollars, yikers!

“Mary Daniel is a breed of Democrat specific to rural Virginia. She holds a concealed weapons permit and she considers herself fiscally conservative”

Her Democrat peers don’t share the same lifestyle. She might want to reconsider her party affiliation. I wonder if her CHP says 2013 on it.

By “voters,” you mean you. Seriously…if THIS is the tactic of the LaRock campaign, it’s no wonder he’s struggling to connect with folks. She’s been real clear on her positions on the issues that matter.

As for the social issues, LaRock is the one who has some explaining to do, and he seems to be trying as desperately as Cuccinelli and Obenshain to wriggle away from it. He can’t blast Joe May as not being “conservative enough” on such things and crow in an interview about how he is totally 100% “pro life” and in favor of Obenshain’s “personhood” efforts (which included the thankfully-unsuccessful 2009 effort to make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to fail to report a miscarriage to the police) and that he supported Senator Vogel’s roundly-criticized ultrasound bill in its un-amended form…and then cry about getting called out for his own extreme positions. LaRock can’t have it both ways.

Mary Daniel may represent herself as a different breed of Democrat, but we have yet to hear her distance herself in any way from President Obama and the leaders of the Democrat Party.  Is she in favor of Obamacare?  Is she in favor of amnesty?  Is she okay with Obama’s spying on Americans through the NSA or killing Americans with drones without due process?  Voters want to know.

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