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LCPS reported allegations against former Dominion teacher to police in 2014

Loudoun County Public Schools today released a statement about its previous knowledge of allegations against Brian Damron, a former Dominion High School band director accused of having sexual relationships with former students.

According to the statement, LCPS reported an allegation against Damron to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in 2014. The investigation didn’t go forward because the incident they reported happened in another county, according to the school division.

“It was determined that the alleged incident took place in another jurisdiction and did not result in charges,” reads the LCPS statement.

Damron, who worked in Loudoun from fall 2012 until January 2015, recently stepped down from a position in a Jacksonville, Fla. school after an internal investigative report substantiated claims that he made sexual advances toward a student.

When LCPS became aware of new allegations against Damron in Florida, the school division says it “promptly” reported the matter to LCSO.

On Dec. 6, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office told the Times-Mirror the department had opened an investigation into Damron.

“Loudoun County Public Schools is working collaboratively with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on the current investigation and pledges its full support and cooperation,” reads the statement.

Dominion High School Principal John Brewer, who has held his position since the school opened in 2003, abruptly went on leave starting Dec. 3. On Dec. 2, the Times-Mirror published a story detailing allegations against Damron.

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Employee passed on to another state, and from what I read there was inappropriate (at best) behavior when the employee was here to file a report a couple of years ago. 
New allegations point back to Loudoun County Schools for other behavior similar.
LCPS point to Loudoun County law enforcement,
LCPS says that the allegation here happened in another jurisdiction so it didn’t go any further…(what? I’m not sure how being in another jurisdiction would have stopped charges being pursued)
And now LCSO opens up an investigation with the new allegations.  This is a real mess. I’m not sure we will hear exactly what the allegation/report was to the LCSO but I would guess that they did what the could do under the law at that time.  At least I hope so.

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