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LCPS seeks to clarify action taken over Brian Damron’s teaching license

Loudoun County Public Schools issued a statement Friday in response to media inquiries to explain why Brian Damron, the former band director of Dominion High, had his teaching license revoked.

“LCPS central administration received a single complaint about Mr. Damron prior to his resignation [from LCPS] in early 2015. The complaint was reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at the time but did not result in criminal charges,” the statement reads.

The statement goes on to mention an additional investigation conducted by LCPS central administration regarding the complaint, but it was “determined that there was insufficient evidence to seek license revocation at that time.”

Then last year, the issue was again taken up by LCPS.

“When LCPS central administration received additional complaints and information regarding Mr. Damron in late 2016, a new investigation was conducted and a petition for license revocation was promptly filed. As a result, Mr. Damron surrendered his Virginia teaching license,” the statement concludes.

The statement is the latest development in the saga that involves Dr. John Brewer, the principal of Dominion High who has been on administrative leave since Dec. 3, 2016, following allegations that Damron made inappropriate and sexually-fueled comments to students during his time in Loudoun County. The band director, Damron, resigned from his new position in a Florida school system in late 2016 after similar accusations surfaced.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation into Damron's time at Dominion High on Dec. 5, 2016. The investigation lasted a month, closing on Jan. 10. No criminal charges against the former band director are pending.

Brewer and another LCPS administrator wrote letters recommending Damron to prospective employees in Florida. 

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well, we didn’t do what we were supposed to two years ago, but now that someone else has been adversely impacted I guess we better try to revoke this pervert’s teachers license in a state he no longer lives in….and it takes a PHD to figure this out two years later?..keep your kids close parents, no one knows what is happening in these public schools these days….


Are college students minors?  Do most colleges have rules against sleeping with students?  That’s a fire-able offense.  The age of the boy doesn’t make much difference if he was still enrolled. 

But do you not think Damron was grooming these kids?  Most adults do not pursue multiple 18-yr-olds for sexual conquests.  That is not normal.  It appears (but we do not know what went on behind closed doors) nothing illegal happened while the boys (and yes most would consider them boys) were minors.  But no parent wants teachers befriending students to have sexual relationships after they graduate.  Parents and school administrators cannot tolerate such behavior.  And it was widely known what was happening because I learned of it in the summer of 2016 prior to the scandal breaking despite having no connections to Dominion.  Do you really think Brewer didn’t know what was going on in his own school?

And yes, other schools who might hire a teacher should know when that happens.  A teacher should not be allowed to resign with no marks on their record and receive glowing recommendations.

Once again, I don’t know what happened here with Brewer.  I find it hard to believe that a single letter led to his potential termination.  But we are likely to never know.  I see no way Brewer can be reinstated as principal at Dominion.  Doing so sends the wrong signal to those who feel they reported issues and were rebuffed.  But without knowing the facts, I cannot say whether he should be assigned to a central office position for awhile or possibly let go (if the actions were serious enough).  Without knowing all the facts, how can you say with certainty what should happen either?

Folks, here’s what was not in the statement.  What did the school board know back in 2014?  Rose, Turgeon, Morse, Turgeon and Hornberger were all on that board.  Did they vote to approve Damron’s resignation after seeing the results of the 2014 investigation?  There is NOTHING to prevent the school board from making such a statement publicly but will they?  If they did not know of the investigation results, then more accountability rests on Williams and Hough.

LCPS and the school board think that if they just circle the wagons, this will go away.  The school board has played dumb for too long (the end of exams, the removal of the suicide procedures from the website, Byard’s perjury, etc.)  The public must demand accountability from the elected officials who are, by definition, accountable to the voters.

This “statement” is ridiculous. Dr. Williams and Wayde Byard chose to spend their day on Friday writing something that they hoped would once again divert the attention away from Dr. Williams and his accountability for this whole mess. The problem is this - they conveniently left out information, information that would further implicate Dr. Williams. What were they thinking (or maybe that’s the issue, they weren’t thinking). The School Board already has all of the information, including the piece they left out. My guess is Dr. Williams is catching some heat for this unscrupulous move. Desperate last minute maneuvering, but too late sir. I hope they are both resting up for the coming week, because it’s not going to be pleasant.

BTW, based on a quick search of the VDoE site, it’s clear that anyone, including a parent of an impacted student, can file a complaint. Here are the state procedures:

1. Submission of complaints. A complaint may be filed by anyone, but it shall be the duty of a division superintendent, principal or other responsible school employee to file a complaint in any case in which he has knowledge that a holder of a license is guilty of any offense set forth in subsection A of this section. The person making the complaint shall submit it in writing to the appropriate division superintendent.

2. Action by division superintendent; investigation. Upon receipt of the complaint against the holder of a license, a division superintendent or his duly authorized representative shall investigate the charge. If, on the basis of such investigation, the division superintendent finds the complaint to be without merit, he shall so notify the complaining party or parties in writing and then close his file on the matter. This action shall be final unless the local school board, on its own motion, votes to proceed to a hearing on the complaint or unless circumstances are present making subsection A of this section applicable.

Did LCPS investigate Damron back in 2014? Assuming yes, when is someone going to leak the results of the investigation? We need a whistle blower. Let’s go people. Do the right thing, even if it means showing Dr. Williams was the one who chose not the abide by the recommendations and let Mr. Damron just go away - at least for a while. Time to fess up, Dr. Williams. Time to fess up.

Virginia, you refer to the young man as a “boy” but he was already 18. I do not disagree that this is distasteful, but apparently it is not illegal. The sheriff’s office is not charging him with anything. It should be against some clause in the LCPS employment contract, but if it is not, that is hardly Brewer’s fault.
LCPS regards 18-year-olds who are enrolled in classes as adults who are not subject to the same protocols as minors. (For example, this is their argument in the PFHS counseling case.) I don’t know whether this can be changed - I imagine there are legal ramifications to keeping an 18-year-old subject to regulations that are designed for minors. But I’m not a lawyer.

The question you have to ask with Brewer and LCPS is whether this is an isolated event or whether this is some more sinister and/or systemic.  Are Principals and School Officials interested in protecting individual and system-wide interesta covering up situations in order to not bring attention to problems?  Hopefully parents and students will start to come forward with more examples of malfeasance.

It was widely known that Damron had a special relationship with the boy who he was rooming with in Norfolk.  That boy was enrolled in LCPS at the time.  How does that not constitute a revokable offense?  It clearly was sufficient to force him to resign.

Are LCPS investigators so incompetent they can’t find out the same information that Florida reporters can?

Did the school board know of this willful ignorance regarding Damron’s actions?

How many more times has this occurred with/without the support of the school board?

Will the public ever get an independent investigation into this whole sordid affair?

This statement is worse than no statement.  Clearly action takne after, and only after, the FL case came to public light. 

If all facts were in prior to 01 December 2016 and no action whatsoever had been taken against Damron, then why on 02 December is Brewer relieved.

I dont have kids in the school system and dont know any of the players.  But this sure smells of a CYA cover up.

Reinstate Brewer, fire Williams.

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