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Man accidentally shoots himself at Upperville home

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to an Upperville home for a case of accidental firearm discharge Saturday.

The man called deputies at 10:56 p.m. to the 33000 block of Welbourne Road in Upperville when he accidentally fired his gun and hit himself, LCSO officials said. He was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


I don’t understand the argument gun ownership should be regulated more like driving privileges. That argument would do the opposite of what people making that argument seem to it would do. Driving privileges are state run privileges, they are granted to minors, and drivers aren’t restricted from exercising their privilege if they go from one state to another. Are those making this argument suggesting deregulation at the federal level to allow states to handle background checks, lowering the age requirement to buy a firearm, and so forth.
Or you could end up with states giving over what rights they have left to regulate firearms, leave it up to the federal government to issue that license to carry, because that is what it will be. You will get the universal background checks that will do little to curb deaths resulting from firearms, but for those who live in states like Maryland and California, they will be getting more people exercising their second amendment right.

And it is rather hypocritical that the same people are quick to cry how terrible the firearms and ownship are but not cars or car ownership. Which reminds me, you aren’t required to be a licensed driver to buy a car, anybody who wants to own a car can, including those with multiple drunk driving convictions, no background check to buy a car, the only thing a drivers license grants is the privilege to access public roads. So tell me again how much better it would be to switch firearm ownership and regulations to a system that regulates driving privileges and car ownership?

All you need to do is make it illegal to discharge a firearm without taking a test.  This won’t violate your Rights.

@Chris McHale - My response is not lacking, adding a “test” as you suggest, it is no longer a right. Adding a test to just one of the examples you provide does not remove your rights from the other. But I was just offerening a simple point.

Even highly-trained professional sometimes accidentally discharge their weapon. Ask them. They may not admit it, but it happens.

Rocket - Your response is seriously lacking.  Voting, parenting and gun ownership are all rights.  Treat one as you would the other two otherwise you are giving up all three rights.  You should protect one as you do all rights that we are granted.

this is a total lack of training. People buy guns for self defense and then do not adopt the lifestyle change and total commitment that is required to deploy the weapon in defense of life and family. If you are not willing to train and drill, leave the gun at the gun store and buy some bear spray to have at home or in the car.

@Chris McHale - I agree for testing and background checks for gun ownership. But testing for everything like voting and having kids, then those are no longer rights, they are earned privileges.

As a gun owner I don’t believe it should be a right, it is something that should be earned just like driving a car.

@froggen I agree with some of your points as I mentioned in my response to loudouncommonsense. As for my “puking unsubstantiated” numbers please do the research as I have done using government agencies such as NHTSA, CDC and other reliable sources such as IIHS. I didn’t just pull those facts out of my ..... I do not disagree with having a permit and safety program for firearms but let’s look at the driving process you mentioned as there are severe flaws in that as well.

At age 16 you take your one and only driving competency test. Now you can drive away for the rest of your life and never again have to prove your ability to safely handle a motor vehicle, just “renew” your license by sending DMV your $32 every 8 years. Now I don’t know about you but there are many things I did real good at age 16 but suck at now at 59, conversely there are things I sucked at 16 but do very well now. So there are drivers out there that have gotten better with time and those that have gotten much worse so having a one time proof of competency at a very young age is seriously flawed. As one who has been a first responder in Loudoun County for over 40 years I can personally attest (substantiated) that there are vehicle operators out there that have no business behind the wheel and have caused serious injury and death to themselves and others due to incompetency but hey, they took a test at age 16 and sent in their $32 so they must be competent.

Again, I agree with some of your points, my response to your comment was because you called for the law to throw the book at and charge the person to the fullest extent of the law including attempted murder for making a very stupid mistake and endangering himself and others yet not a day goes by that there isn’t about 5 to 10 vehicle accidents with injury in the County (sorry no hard facts but my guess is pretty close, also I will be glad to research hard data to confirm if needed).

Now I don’t want to get into the gun debate but my point here is simple. We have a person who committed a stupid mistake and apparently violated all know accepted industry standards for firearm safety and shot himself. The news media publicizes the incident to garner readers or further their agenda yet I guarantee you that during that same day there was at least one auto accident with injury in the County that was caused by someone that failed to follow safe practices. The outcry from readers such as yourself was to punish this person for life for yes, a very stupid and harmful accident. Why not the same reaction to those that cause auto accidents because of stupid mistakes? Look at the recent tragic auto accident that killed the women on Evergreen Mills Rd that was caused by an unlicensed (suspended) operator driving a vehicle with faulty equipment that failed to obey the traffic sign and the outcry was for the government to fix the road and not the driver. So much for showing competency to drive when he was 16, not so much now. My point about the statistics is to show that injuries from auto accidents are 30 times that of firearm injuries yet we only get on our soapbox when it involves a gun. I guess being injured or killed by an auto accident has become the norm thus no big deal.

I respect your opinion and hope to see the same outcry from you the next time someone crashes their vehicle (already been couple today)and injures someone due to negligence, stupidity or otherwise.

Book’em Dano.

While I agree that there should be a special training and a license to own a weapon (with the license not being withheld except for felons, individuals with mental issues, and some other minor exceptions.  But then again I feel the same way about the right to vote and have kids.  Test and license everyone, if you pass you get to exercise your right, if you fail then not.

rightyo Bornhere. And there’s why people apply to get licenses and take tests..same should go for anyone opting for a gun. Background checks are ok w/ me as a gunowner cuz I got nothing to hide. NRA hasn’t snowed me over. I cannot be bought like their politicians.

We will read this headline another dozen times on LTM in 2018.  You can count on gun owners to leave their weapons in unlocked vehicles, to occasionally shoot themselves, and saddest of all, to leave unsecured weapons within reach of a toddler who accidentally kills somebody at some point.  You can also count on no lessons being learned.  SAD!

whatever the “cause” of the accident, the #1 rule of gun safety seems to have been forgotten:

“Handle every weapon as if it is loaded.” 

If it was forgotten in this instance, then the person does not have the mental competence to have a gun. Period.

Extenuating or exculpatory circumstances?  I sure would like to see what could be claimed

Bornhere, Great response although you seem to have left out that drivers must be 16 or older, pass a written and driving test to earn their privilege to drive a vehicle. They can lose the privilege for medical, mental or lack of competence. Cars must meet Federal safety standards and insurance is required. Safety issues have manufacturers recalls. Firearms have no such requirement and yes if you drive off the road your insurance and medical costs are covered by your insurance. Did LCPD give the shooter a breath test? Not a good comparison but puking unsubstantiated numbers makes everyone feel good, thanks!

Nice job @bornhere

I guarantee he was standing in front of the mirror, practicing his “quick draw”. Either he or the mirror was going to get shot and he came up short…err shot.

So to “froggen”, a few facts. Annually about 2.35 million people are injured by automobile accidents and 37,000 are killed in the U.S. About 75,000 people are injured by guns with about 34,000 killed (60% are suicide). So based on your comment the guy who ran his car off the road on Rt.7 last week and hit a tree and was subsequently transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries should be charged with reckless driving, failure to maintain proper control of a motor vehicle and attempted murder. All rights to own a vehicle and a drivers license should be revoked for his recklessness and he should reimburse the cost of emergency response. Automobiles don’t accidentally run off the road !!!

To “loudouncommonsense”, while I do not disagree with your comment how do we know that the owner isn’t a registered owner (voluntary or have a CWP) and has not attended a firearm safety class at one time. Accidents happen, even stupid ones…see comment above.

should not own a gun.

this is another proof that there should be a test for gun owners that they know how to properly handle and store a gun before they can own it.

let’s register owners and test for simple handling knowledge.  the time has come

Glad to hear the shooter will survive! Now let’s apply the charges of negligence with a firearm, discharge within a safe distance to a building and attempted murder. All rights to own a firearm should be revoked based on this recklessness. And reimburse the cost of the emergency response.  Firearms don’t accidently discharge!!

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