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Leesburg considers Route 15 North improvements

The snarl of traffic on Route 15 North is one small step closer to a solution—but the Leesburg Town Council isn’t keen on paying for any of it.

On Monday night, Leesburg Town Council discussed a Loudoun County Board of Supervisors letter asking the town to approve one of two interchanges for the intersection of Route 15 North and North King Street, and also if the town might be willing to pay for roadwork inside town limits.

“It’s nice that they’re asking for our opinion, but I think they’re way ahead of where they need to be asking for money at this point,” Mayor Kelly Burk said.

Since increasing traffic and accidents along Route 15, Loudoun County has searched for solutions, releasing a study in May 2017. The county sent Leesburg a letter asking for its input in January.

Both proposals the county provided would require the widening of Route 15 to four lanes, and both would still require traffic from North King Street to merge with Route 15 North traffic, as it does now.

One option would be to construct a flyover so that North King Street goes over Route 15 South. The other option would be a signalized “T” intersection. Cars going along Route 15 in either direction would have a continual green light, while King Street traffic would get a green light to turn left when safe.

Staff recommended council tentatively support the light, pending future engineering studies, because it would be cheaper and faster to build. Council seemed to agree.

When it came to funding, however, council balked. Loudoun County has estimated the cost at $8-$9 million and is asking Leesburg to consider paying for the section that runs through the town, approximately 0.15 miles out of a half-mile stretch.

Leesburg’s bill might be reduced if Loudoun’s application to the Northern Virginia Transportion Authority for 70 percent funding is accepted, but that won’t be known until June.

Still, Leesburg did not like the idea of forking over taxpayer dollars when its citizens also pay Loudoun County taxes.

“Let them know that the expectations need to change, that we’re expecting the county to meet our citizens’ needs,” Councilman Tom Dunn said.

Council agreed to discuss the issue of funding with the Board of Supervisors this Wednesday during the next joint meeting and to postpone design recommendation until a later council meeting.


Make Maryland pay for it. It’s those Maryland liberals who commute to Virginia because they refuse to purchase a home on this side of the river.

I suggest you go to the slobs who caused this mess…aka Toll Brothers, Beazer, Pulte, Ryan etc..these lemmings and their econoboxes they are building everywhere caused this mess…let them pay for it.

Typical Leesburg they want everything but don’t want t invest in anything.

When planning and building Tuscarora High School the costs to Loudoun County taxpayers (which includes residents of Leesburg) was artificially increased because the school system had to deal with two entities making requirements they didn’t have to justify other than it was required or no go! Perhaps its time for Loudoun Management (including the Sheriff) to step up and manage the entire county? Its way past time for the county to step up and manage the acquisition of land for school development purposes!
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

Maybe Mexico will pay for it.

Did they ask for money or did they ask if Leesburg would be willing to pay for it.  I see that as a huge difference.

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