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Leesburg Council approves rezoning application for Oaklawn’s mystery tenant

Oaklawn residents attending Tuesday night's Leesburg Town Council meeting weren't pleased.

In a 5-2 vote, council passed the rezoning application put forward by Keane Enterprises Inc., the master developer of an "economic development" project much maligned by residents of the Oaklawn community, on behalf of its client. The approval puts the green light on development of a high-growth technology company in a specific land plot in the development that neighbors residential homes.

The approval came despite mass opposition on the part of residents, who voiced their concerns over what the changes mean for the community and over the secretive nature of the plans, of which they were informed with little notice.

According to a statement released by county Supervisor, Ken Reid (R-Leesburg), the approval keeps Keane's client from moving to another state. The identity of Oaklawn's new tenant remains unknown to the residents.

“It is unfortunate that the identity of the firm could not have been disclosed earlier to give some ease of mind to the Oaklawn and Stratford communities nearby,” Reid said in the statement. “But I am personally very familiar with the nature of this company's product line and know from experience how they add value to their communities.”

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