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Leesburg council delays decision on preferred Route 15 interchange fix

Leesburg Town Council again postponed a decision about its preferred design for the Route 15 North/North King Street interchange during last week's meeting.

In January, Loudoun County asked Leesburg to decide between a new stoplight “T” intersection or a flyover, and if it would consider paying for the portion of the intersection that would sit inside town limits.

At the last discussion Jan. 23, council informally agreed that it would not be open to funding any portion of the road and that it seemed to lean toward the stoplight interchange. Council decided to postpone any vote until it met with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Last week, though, Burk and Thiel supported the more expensive flyover.

“I myself was never in favor of the T,” Burk said, believing that a stoplight would not ultimately fix the traffic problem. “Buy once and buy well.”

Councilman Ron Campbell countered this idea: “The responsible decision at the end of the day may be to invest in this for our residents … To make that decision tonight is irresponsible.”

Councilman Fernando Martinez said that by entertaining the flyover, council was changing direction mid-step, and he called for discussion to be moved to a future work session.

The decision passed 4-3, with Burk, Thiel, and Councilman Tom Dunn voting against.


MORE STOP LIGHTS….. yesssssss.. best idea I have ever heard.  I looked into these stop lights and found they are #1 at relieving traffic jams and allowing SMOOTH FLOWING TRAFFIC anywhere they are installed.  Anyone who votes for MORE LIGHTS is brilliant.  SMH.  (if you can’t beat them, join them….. idiots)

Why in the world would you put another stoplight there, my God, do these Politicians not learn from anything.  The road is already a mess and needs to be widened, so yeah, let’s put another stoplight there so we can make it even worse.  FLYOVER and WIDEN it!!!

If you go with a Flyover Bridge, which seems safest, make sure the span is wide enough to allow, at a minimum, a 4 lane highway – which the entire road needs to expand to – and soon.

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