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Leesburg council postpones east end triangle construction

At the request of Mom’s Apple Pie owner Avis Renshaw, the Leesburg Town Council voted to postpone the improvements of the East End Triangle until after the holiday season.

Four council members – Marty Martinez, Kelly Burk, Mayor Kristen Umstattd and Tom Dunn – all voted to remove one of the recently constructed curbs to accommodate Renshaw.

With the removal, Renshaw’s customers should be able to park and purchase her products.

With the construction, Renshaw’s customers couldn’t maneuver their cars to park and it was hampering business for the popular Leesburg tenant.

According to Renshaw, Thanksgiving is her busiest time of year and the Christmas holiday is a major financial boost.

The improvements at the East End Triangle are almost completed, with the cement poured two weeks ago and paving has already been completed in the area. Decorative lights will also be installed on the triangle.

The topic caused a bit of animosity on the dais as according to Town Manager John Wells the vote wasn’t placed on the council’s agenda until about 3 p.m. Nov. 13, the day of the meeting.

Katie Hammler was visibly unhappy with the sudden change in the agenda.

“I was very surprised to find this when I got here this evening and I have nothing to base my decision on other than the visual Jim Sisley just gave me,” Hammler said. “There is no staff report, so I guess I will fire off a few questions, but I am leaning towards abstaining because I have nothing to go on, despite my agreeing with everything Avis has said.”

As a result of the vote, construction will continue at the turn of the new year.


Please verify this story.  I believe the decision to remove the curbs was reversed on Thursday November 15 when Tom Dunn requested a re-vote.

Andrew, You may wish to recheck the facts on this story.  I believe the decision was reversed on Thursday Nov. 15 when Mr. Dunn asked for a revote.  At this time I believe the curbs will remain.

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