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Leesburg Democrat announces U.S. House candidacy

If you endeavor to unseat a three-decade incumbent congressman, you might as well get in the race early.

That's what Democrat Sam Kubba, a Leesburg architect, has done in his bid to defeat U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.-10) in the 2014 election. Kubba, a first-generation American who has lived in Northern Virginia for 14 years, has already spent the first half of 2013 organizing his campaign and spreading his message.

“I am running for the United States Congress because I strongly believe that Virginia is headed in a wrong direction,” Kubba said. “The corrosive effect of partisan politics, fueled by money and special interests, is having a debilitating effect on our nation, our state, and our priorities.”

Kubba is the CEO of Kubba Enterprises, his property development firm. According to his campaign website, he previously served on the Advisory Board of the Virginia Task Force for Business Development with Iraq, which was set up by Gov. Mark Warner (D) to assist Virginia corporations in landing work work in Iraq.

A member of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, Kubba has authored 15 books on architecture, interior design, sustainability and poetry, his website states.

“My views are straightforward,” Kubba said, “I am committed to restoring fiscal balance, ensuring the security of America’s seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare and protecting a woman’s right to choose.”

Kubba said he will “be tough on gun control” and work to make Virginia “the culture capital in the nation” by bringing museums, cultural centers and art galleries to the commonwealth.

Few political observers would argue that Kubba has a challenging road ahead. Wolf was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives the same year Ronald Reagan won the presidency, 1980. Since then Wolf's routinely won reelection by 20 or more percentage points.

The Virginia 10th Congressional District currently includes Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties, the cities of Manassas, Manassas Park and Winchester, and large portions of Fairfax and Prince William counties.

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When a liberal Dem syas he wants to “restore fiscal balance” he really means that taxes are too low and governement spending must be increased.

No thanks Kubba.  Go back to developing land in Iraq! LOL

Sure Virginia is headed in the wrong direction, but electing a liberal democrat would only accelerate the process.  Clearly this guy has no ideas, no passion, and no solutions, and can only spout the party line.  Typical.

The two party system is gone in this country.  There is no opposition party anymore, and the democrat[sic] party has played its cards well.  But the democrat [sic] party has taken politics to a new low.  The entire party is built on the fascist notion of destroying the Constitution, crony capitalism, endless corruption, and the physical and financial destruction of anyone who disagrees with them.  Their focus is on gaining power, and the people be damned.

Yet half of the country (maybe more) has been brainwashed and blindly accept these tactics.

If you really want to effect positive change, then get off the backs of small business owners, start treating people like adults who actually CAN act in their own best interests without government help, let there be a truly free market economy, and get the federal government back to the way it was originally intended.

Wolf needs to go, but I don’t think this is the guy to do it.  Anti-2A and “culture” won’t win the day in what is typically a lower turnout election. 

SkidRow is right.  The Virginia Dems consistently fail to put up a decent candidate.  Jeff Barnett was the closest thing they had to a chance, but the party also stinks at running a campaign unless the national folks get involved. 

Looks like Frank will get to extend his legacy to 36 ineffective years in Congress.

Once again the Democrats put up another unknown against a Congressman who commands 60%+ of the vote. Kubba would do better moving east and running for office. The 10th has been gerrymandered to be a Republican stronghold.

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