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Leesburg Farmer’s Market now accepts SNAP dollars

The Leesburg Farmer's Market on May 3 began accepting SNAP dollars, meaning low-income families can now use the means to access fresh produce.

In addition to being able to use SNAP debit cards, the consumer will also receive a matching $10 to spend at the market.

The initiative is the brainchild of Janine Rethy, a pediatrician with a master's degree in public health in community and preventive medicine.

Rethy served for two years as the director of community medicine at HealthWorks for Northern Virginia, where she directed the PALS program, a multi-disciplinary, community-based approach to pediatric obesity.

“As a part of this work and my service on the Loudoun Health Council, I wanted to find a way to increase access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables for our most vulnerable population. The model of accepting SNAP dollars (formerly known as Food Stamps) at the local farmers market has been successful at many markets around the country. This model has been show to benefit the health of the families as well as the local growers,” she said in a statement.

The SNAP program at the Leesburg Farmer's Market is the first in Loudoun County – the result of several groups working together, including HealthWorks for Northern Virginia, Loudoun Health Council, Loudoun Valley Home Grown Markets Cooperative, Loudoun County Health Department, the Community Service Board and others. BuyFreshBuyLocal out of Inova is also a part of the working group and is sponsoring the initial matching funds.


fedupdude, I think the only reason you respond on here is because you have too much time on your hands . Do you really know where all of the produce comes from at the farmers market. It’s a little early for produce from this county or this part of the state.

fedupdude, I agree with you on the value you receive from most things at our farmer’s market…but I also agree with mephisto that it might not be a coincidence that 5 different vegetable booths will have exactly the same prices.

Oh yes you can get items at the grocery store cheaper, your meat is full of antibiotics, fattened with grain which increases calorie intake and saturated fats; your fruits and veggies are hand picked by 3rd world workers, and shipped by boat to your stores mass distribution center and reaches you 3 to 4 weeks later covered in who knows what chemicals to preserve them and kill pests. Yep price is all that matters LOL

Well, one example I’m familiar with is the Hillsboro farmer’s market. At that site, you’ll find the same items priced differently at different booths.  In Leesburg, not only are prices amazingly uniform, they’re always uniformly higher than any other similar market in the Western part of the county.  Can’t speak to prices in the Eastern part of Loudoun.

I agree with mephisto. Most of their stuff is too high, and you can go to the grocery store and get it cheaper. And will somebody please tell people to leave their dogs at home when they go to the Farmers Market. You can’t take them in the grocery stores and the market is just that, an outside store. Leave your pets at home!!

Can you explain what you mean by price fixing?  Do other markets have a wider spread in prices between similar items?

Glad to see they’ve opened it up for SNAP customers.

Maybe next the county can do something about the price fixing that occurs at the Leesburg Farmer’s Market.  It really isn’t the way the market is supposed to work.

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