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Leesburg man shoots self, friend while cleaning gun

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to Inova Loudoun Hospital Friday afternoon when two men came in with gunshot wounds.

The two had non-life threatening injuries. One of the men said he was cleaning a firearm at a Leesburg home in the 43800 block of Eagle Bend Square when it discharged and struck him and a friend sitting next to him, according the LCSO.

Inova reported the gunshot wounds in compliance with state code. The case is pending.


yeah, NRA has good rules as does every gun safety and handling course. But they’re “voluntary”...

You don’t even have to know one of them to get a gun.

this is reasonable-man proof that there should be minimum standards for gun ownership.

Hold my beer and watch this.

Survival of the fittest… don’t tread on me!

The religious people should be all over this. It’s a major hole in The Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest.

I’m not a big fan of the NRA, but they do promote three rules that make a lot of sense:

1. Always point the gun in a safe direction.

2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

What I like about these rules in particular is that it is really hard to have an accident if you abide by as few as any one of them. To hurt yourself or another, you have to violate all three (well, you can have an accidental discharge without violating #2, but that’s a lot harder than some folks might think).

Sorry these guys got hurt, but there’s more than one lesson to draw from this story.

How about an American History test before getting to vote?

The “God given Right” as clearly defined in the 2nd amendment does not include Safety, Training or Common Sense.  This is what you get,, shoot em up and make some noise.. it’s our constitutional right! Don’t know if wounding a friend is covered…

Re the Q raised by “Ashburn Village…”

Look, we have a written and driving test for car licenses…not so for guns.  Yet both are lethal weapons when used improperly.

While many stupid people still get driving licenses, at least at some point they did memorize certain aspects of handling that potentially lethal item.

Frankly, I don’t care whether someone can hit a target at 21 ft. I want to be assured they know how to handle, secure, store and carry a gun in the safest possible manner.

Hey lets point this loaded gun at someone while manipulate its parts. great idea!

It’s hard to clean your gun when there is ammo in the chamber. Gheez.

LOL!  How do firearms always find their way into the hands of those least mentally equipped to handle them?

“Don’t worry Jimmy, I know what I’m doing.”

NRA slogan…“I will give you my gun when you take it from my cold dead hands” (almost) and we have dumb & dumber ready to protect us from invading armies on our shores..

Lucky for them, it looks like INOVA is just across the street from Eagle Bend Square.

How to clean a gun:

Step 1:  Unload Firearm while pointing it in a safe direction.
Step 2:  Do whatever you want to clean your gun.

Dumb and Dumber walk into a hospital…

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