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Leesburg Town Council approves increased utility fees

As of July 22, Leesburg can expect to see increased water and sewage rates. Town Council approved the move in a 5-2 vote.

Increased rates were proposed to cover long-term utility needs that were not met by rate revenue previous to the raise.

The council's vote established a change in the water and sewer fixed charges. Changes to the fixed rate will be fazed in over five years.

In addition, a single-family residential billing cap was put in place at 36,000 gallons of water per quarter.

Council also voted to implement miscellaneous fees, including water system connection and meter installation fees raised to $80 for residential and $120 for commercial. Water system property damage repair and replacement cost was raised to $50.

“I would love to keep the rates as they are...” said Council Member Marty Martinez. “I know that if we want to ensure the viability of the town and its infrastructure, it's something we need to do. And sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it.”


The article fails to discuss the huge rate increases for users.  My rates will go up 57% in the next five years.

An interesting comment from SWSWSW (a self-proclaimed out-of-towner) searching for a champion, and finding Tom Dunn.  Gee, isn’t it interesting that a non-Leesburg resident is supporting Tom Dunn, when those in-town residents understand that Tom Dunn is terrible for them.  From all accounts, Mayor Umstattd will prevail because she listens, works hard as mayor, and cares about the residents of Leesburg.  Unlike Tom Dunn, who clearly wants to only represent out-of-towners.

Fair? Everyone outside of in-town residents subsidize you.  I remember Mayor Umsted, who I can’t vote in or out of office, running around saying the “rich” should pay for in-town residents.  I’m donating to whomever is running against her…...

Between the typing and the submit things got left off.  I want to point out that the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the Town of Leesburg’s past 100% surcharge to out-of-town water users was fair and appropriate.  Yet, some, like Tom Dunn, refused to vote for a 100% surcharge for out-of-town water users, and to this day continues to claim that there was no court support for Mayor Umstattd’s position, when clearly there was. If Mayor Umstattd had gotten the support she should have from those like Tom Dunn on the Leesburg Town Council, we would not be looking at the rate structure voted on last week.  And again, Mayor Umstattd voted no on that newest rate structure that just passed, because she understands that it is not fair or reasonable to us, Leesburg residents, to not have maintained a fair surcharge for out-of-town water users.

If the Leesburg Town Council had six other members like Mayor Umstattd, this town would be well of the way to fair water rates for us in-Town residents.  When the Virginia Supreme Court said that Leesburg’s 100% surcharge for out-of-town water users, Tom Dunn voted for getting rid of the 100% surcharge, and now look what is happening.  Tom Dunn, especially, is to blame since his votes, now, and then, were simply politically motivated, and Tom Dunn demonstrated then, as now, that he does not intend on representing us, Leesburg residents.

Do not be fooled by Mayor Ulmstattd vote.  She is not what she appears to be.

This is classic government mismanagement.  Leesburg couldn’t managed their capital budget and we continue to pay the price of higher fees.  Also note, those outside the town of Leesburg have their water/sewer subsidized.  You’re welcome @Laugh.

Once again, only Mayor Umstattd voted to protect us, Leesburg homeowners.  Now, if there could only be six other members of the Leesburg Town Council who voted like Mayor Umstattd does.  Also, it should be pointed out that Tom Dunn also voted no, because he wants more houses and houses, and houses, in Leesburg, since he is now the developer’s best friend, and is using the water rate issue to get more houses, houses, houses, for his developer friends.

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