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Leesburg woman applies for permit for anti-KKK, anti-Trump sign

A security camera captured the removal of Rosemary Lawler’s banner from outside her Leesburg farm. Courtesy Image
A Leesburg woman who put up an anti-Ku Klux Klan, anti-Donald Trump banner outside her farm is applying for a permit to display the banner after a formal complaint was filed with Loudoun County.

Rosemary Lawler received word from Loudoun County over the holidays informing her someone complained about her sign and that it violates zoning rules by being attached to her fence.

Lawler has filed paperwork to get a permit for her sign, saying she intends to abide by local regulations.

The complaint against Lawler's sign is the latest development in what has become an ongoing issue involving the banner.

Lawler, who is retired and lives on a farm between Leesburg and Lucketts, initially designed a banner after finding KKK literature and candy outside her driveway at the end of October. She placed the sign on Nov. 4, and by the next morning it had been stolen and part of her fence rail pulled down.

Not deterred by the experience, Lawler had another 15 banners made and 100 bumper stickers printed. The banner displayed the slogan, “No Trump, No KKK, No Racist Fascist USA.”

Lawler had a security camera fitted in a bid to catch images of any future thieves. On Dec. 20, just before midnight, the camera captured an image of a hooded man removing the banner. It was later found discarded by a neighbor at the far end of Hibler Road.

Lawler said she reported the thefts to the sheriff's office.

Loudoun County Sheriff Office spokesman Kraig Troxell said the security image wasn't clear enough to generate any leads, but the office is aware of the incident.

For Lawler, the distribution of KKK literature around Loudoun in recent months has stirred up personal and painful memories about her father's persecution during World War II.

Rosemary Lawler with the banner outside her Leesburg home. Times-Mirror/Alex Erkiletian

Lawler's father, Victor Oscar Stoffe, was born in Belgium and helped the resistance when Nazis invaded Belgium. He had previously been part of a nationalistic group that was expected to help the Nazi movement. However, when her father discovered what that meant in practice, he didn't want to be part of it, she said.

“My father started to warn people, he went to warn a couple, but they had already been killed,” Lawler said.

Her father was captured and placed as a political prisoner in a concentration camp.

He was eventually freed and married an American woman, Lawler's mother. The couple moved to Cincinnati and had three daughters, but Stoffe eventually took his own life.

Lawler said she believes the KKK literature, distributed in Leesburg and around the region, is “like something right out of Nazi Germany.”

Lawler told the Times-Mirror it was a shame the individual couldn’t be identified by the photo.

“Obviously I need more cameras from different angles,” she said.


As you can see in a few posts below, we are dealing with the “low-information” alt-left out here in LoCo that can only parrot the identity politic talking points.

Would any person grounded in even a modicum of reality really think we have a “KKK” or “neo-Nazi” problem here?!  Really?!  You just have to laugh.

As for this “KKK” literature that LTM keeps posting as click bait, I would bet my 401-k it is either a troubled kid seeking attention or someone simply trying to stir up emotions.  It is the alt-left’s boogey man ...

Grow up people!

I guess she doesn’t like a booming economy where there is plenty of opportunity, billions coming into US from offshore due to tax cuts, employees getting bonuses and making0(and keeping) more money, unemployment lowest level ever, particularly for african americans and all minority classes….yea, right, the pres is a racist? sarcasm…

Let her display the silly sign on her own property.

Lawman - Thanks for the history lesson however you ignore the point of the sign.  You agree with the message so therefore you agree with the sign. I know if you did not agree with the message would not not agree with the sign.

By the way show me where the KKK meets in Loudoun county and I will be there side by side standing next to you to protest them.

When BLM starts lynching, hanging, burning and raping enough white people that more then 10 million migrate to another region of the Country, then @golden you can talk.  Until then do less talking and more reading about the real history of the South.

If this was an anti-BLM, anti-Obama sign liberals would be screaming to take it down and the other side would be saying leave it up.

The guy that pulled it down would be a hero to half the people posting on the article.

Look no further than the results of last November’s elections to know that most of Loudoun supports you, Rosemary.  Perhaps the RWNJs who post here would be happy if you shot the trespassers on your property with an assault rifle instead of a camera.

Look, I don’t agree with the sentiment of the sign (obviously I despise the KKK, but I don’t get the anti-Trump nonsense).

BUT, I believe in the First Amendment, and the right to say things even if I think they’re idiotic.

You don’t need any d*** permit to put a political sign on your own property! No matter how much or how little your neighbors, drivers, and county officials like it!

This sign would be considered Fake News. Comparing Trump to the KKK is Fake news. I hope she can be sued for libel. Get a life and get over Crooked Hillary losing!!!

cindylou get real.  No one is defending the KKK.  The sign is dumb because it equates the President of the United States, (a billionaire businessman from New York)  with a defunct and inconsequential organization that hasn’t been relevant since last century.  If Ms. Lawler would like to broadcast her state of confusion to the world, then mission accomplished.

@ CindyLou, lets compare, one guy sneaks into a yard and tears down a sign, Another leaves offensive flyers in plastic bags with bird seed. The Democrat left burns cars , smashes windows of entire city blocks, throws rocks at Police and physically attacks people who oppose their ideology. Who should we be more afraid of here? And again I ask you, tell me where the KKK meets in Loudoun? Name Names, bring these people out of the dark.

Fake Literature? People not wanting the permit approved??  and Golden, I never said 50% of Loudoun residents were KKK.  I can’t believe all the people defending the KKK and the Nazi’s.  6 million Jews were killed/exterminated because people acted like this. Arlington Cemetery is packed with those that went to Germany and fought against this horror!  Rosemary is standing up against it! Rosemary, That permit should be granted and as often as those Nazi’s come on your property, mount trail camera’s all over to get a good face picture!  These extremists (KKK) turn to violence—against minorities, non-Christians, abortion providers, immigrants and government officials—in what they believe is a fight to save white America. And that potential for violence is escalating every day.

wow..if it was a proTrump sign some of you would be ALL about freedom of speech.And he is not in exactly the same category as KKK,but he did not Chastise them when it meant their votes for him. SO, when laying in mud with pigs,sometimes you is a pig. GO ROSEMARY YOU ROCK!!!!!

So a KKK member had a hit reality show on NBC for 10+ years called The Apprentice? LOL. Why did Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton (and other Dems) accept campaign donations from Mr. Trump if he was such a racist facist?

at some point each American has to decide if they’re ready to start taking our country back or if they’re fine with giving it to Trump and his billionaire pals.  Way to go Rosemary

“Obviously I need more cameras from different angles”

What she needs are those deer cameras that capture an image in the dark by flashing a light and snapping a picture. Place a couple of them around the sign and the next person who trespasses will have their mugshot displayed in the evening news.

Isn’t it nice that she is applying for a permit and is going to comply with the law now? Why did she think she was above the law in the first place? Better get 11 more permits for the new banners! It can only be up like 30 or 60 days in a year even with a permit, so Loudoun County, please make sure that it does not exceed those limits.

I support you Rosemary!

I hope the county denies this request for several reasons. Most importantly, it could bring unwanted attention to herself & property. It pushs politics on an unappreciative public in most cases…are we all going to be posting big signs on our property professing our beliefs? None of us agree with the KKK..somebody is just stirring up crap. Last but not least, it’s offensive to those of us who do support Pres Trump.

Aren’t you liberals getting tired of hating yet?  Personally I think the KKK literature is a hoax and you all get so bent out of shape over it.  I hope the permit is not granted for the sign, tired of having political statements trashing up our pretty county.  A sign is never going to change what’s happening in our country right now.

cindylou - One person tearing down a sign does not equal your post of that close to 50% of Loudoun residents were part of the KKK and Neo Nazi’s.

It’s great when someone stands up for themselves. If I had KKK propaganda dumped on me I would fight back too. Those people that think they can voice their opinion on your private property are cowards. They drop off things in the dead of night so they won’t be caught probably because they’re ashamed of what they are doing. Then to come onto your property and try to suppress you from voicing your opinion just shows that they have no respect for anyone.


Ha!  I told several two weeks ago there was KKK and Neo Nazi’s in Loudoun and several argued with me.  Well here is one of the American Terrorists on camera!  Ms. Lawler, it is true this entire situation in our country is “like something right out of Nazi Germany”  You are an amazing person and thank you for standing up against this horrible cancer that has invaded our country!!!

All of this and not a single explanation as to why it is unlawful to have a sign attached to your fence.

Thankfully someone had the sense to complain about this ignorant and non-compliant sign that was an eye-sore….

So far all I have seen is a bad cartoon about a train. Is there something important out there or just hyperbole by looney lefty’s.

I don’t understand… what does President Trump have to do with this?  You don’t like him?  Fine… but putting him in that same category as the others is just an ignorant

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