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Leesburg’s big boom: Five major developments in the works

A rendering of activity at Compass Creek’s retail center.
Noticed the new construction in and around Leesburg? The town has joined the growth surge as prominent builders are breaking ground on new developments that will bring thousands of homes, restaurants and retails shops to the area. Here's a guide to what's going up and what's going on:

Compass Creek

At the southeast corner of Battlefield Parkway near the ramp to Route 267, an ambitious 550-acre retail development is in the works, with some businesses potentially opening by early 2018. Compass Creek plans to have 2.5 million square feet of office space, a 150,000 square foot hotel and 550,00 square feet of retail.

Developer Peterson Companies has announced that a Walmart will be opening in spring 2019, replacing the one that currently sits at the corner of Edwards Ferry Road and Route 15. Olympic figure skater Luiz Taifas has chosen the development to build a 95,000-square-foot training center for ice skating, hockey and other sports.

Crescent Parke

Founded as a “bookend” to developer Hobie Mitchel’s Crescent Place, Crescent Parke will go along South King Street next to Olde Izaak Walton Park. Crescent Parke will not only neighbor the park, but incorporate it into its design. As part of the lengthy approval process last year, Mitchel’s Lansdowne Development Group promised to add a fountain and walking path to Izaak Walton’s pond.

When finished, Crescent Parke will have 344 units, 70 designated for seniors 55 and older, and 26,625 square feet of retail space. One potential business may include a D.C.-based beer garden. According to Mitchel, the first townhomes and businesses should become available in early 2019.


At the southwest corner of East Market Street and Battlefield Parkway, Leegate will be one of the first developments drivers see as they arrive from the east. The project boasts 187,000 square feet of office space, 326 townhomes, 142 multi-family units and a 140-room hotel on nearly 120 acres.

The Leesburg Town Council approved the proposal from Stanley Martin Companies LLC last year, so construction is still in the preliminary stages. The developer did not respond when contacted to ask about an estimated finishing date and potential businesses.


A rendering of Meadowbrook's commercial center.

Meadowbrook -- formerly called Leesburg South -- will sit at the intersection of South King Street and Evergreen Mill Road SW, south of the Route 7 exit to Route 15. Construction has already begun on the development’s 400 single-family homes, each on 1/3 to 1/7 acre of land. A complex of amenities, including sports fields, a park and a community garden, are also planned.

This summer, developers Traditional Land LLC and Van Metre Communities LLC will be working with the Planning Commission to rezone a portion of the property as commercial. Some of the proposed business types include a gas station, a bank, offices, drive-thru restaurants and a store of more than 100,000 square feet. If approved, the businesses would not be complete until 2020 at the earliest.

South King Street

Crescent Place builder Donald Knutson hopes the South King Street development will revitalize an aging portion of downtown Leesburg. Approved by Leesburg Town Council in 2016, it will replace several of the buildings on the east side South King Street, bordered by the W&OD Trail to the south and Church Street to the north.

Four four-story buildings will house 64 “flats,” or single-level condos, and 4,000 square feet of commercial space. A small park and seating area next to the W&OD trail will provide residents recreational space. Knutson is going through the site plan and hopes to have the first residences open by late 2018.


My good friend David Dickinson’s response to my reply was unexpectedly civil, and so I felt I should point that out.  We agree wholeheartedly on the importance of saying no to residential unit additions to this County.  But not to appear to jolly, I felt the need to respond to GoodOlLoudoun’s reply concerning Tom Dunn.  Civility was always the hallmark of then Mayor Umstattd’s efforts on the Leesburg Town Council.  The exact opposite of that, was always Tom Dunn.  The best example of Tom Dunn’s horrible behavior was on full display, just a few weeks ago, when Tom Dunn ranted and railed about his refusal to sign Town of Leesburg Proclamations, stating, if I recall correctly, that he would even deface them if they were presented to him for his signature.  Really!?  And time and again, Tom Dunn would do the inexplicable, and vote against then Mayor Umstattd, on such things as then Mayor Umstattd’s motion to stop the funding of the waste of money downtown sidewalk widening project, just because it was then Mayor Umstattd who made the motion to cut the funding for it.  Tom Dunn is someone who should not be praised, but instead, should be vilified for his totally inappropriate behavior as a Town of Leesburg council member.

I remember a time when a certain council person wanted Downtown Leesburg to be the next Reston Town Center (LOL!) as the justification for a million dollar sidewalk.  Now we have a slew of mini-town centers that will soon be peppered all over Leesburg and the legacy of a million dollar sidewalk where a few people can drink wine and have dinner on a down-slope.

Dave and Laugh, Councilman Dunn is likely the only one who voted against all these projects.  Barber and Ross had to go.  MeadowBrook was a bad deal for the Town.  Leegate was also a bad deal.  Crescent Park was not smart.  And Walmart deal in not in Town limits so Council had no say.  However Umstattdt always voted against annexation and thus took away Town input on what is going to be a traffic headache even with Battlefield completed.

Don’t be so cynical Laugh.  As soon as I hit “submit” on my first post I realized that there is a Supervisor who did have a role in this.  I didn’t say the former mayor voted for any of these, I just pointed out that she was on the Council when these were approved.

Generally, Umstaddt is much better at saying “no” than your typical politician.  Her development votes typically make sense.

If I wanted to throw someone under the bus, I’d throw Dave Butler.  He is responsible for some of these but, thankfully, voters showed him a 3rd place finish out of 3 candidates and he is gone.

Are ANY of these awesome developments going to include ACTUAL AFFORDABLE HOUSING for a single parent making less than $50,000 annually gross?  ***crickets*** Bueller?  Bueller?  Yea, I thought so.

My good friend David Dickinson is doing himself a disservice, by letting his partisanship damage his credibility.  David has, for months now. been a strong advocate for voting no on more residential units in Loudoun County.  And the only current Board of Supervisors’ member who has consistently voted no on more residential growth here in Loudoun County, has been Supervisor Umstattd, formerly the long time mayor of Leesburg.  And David’s misrepresentations of the voting record of then Mayor Umstattd shows that David does not really know much about Leesburg, or even read the above article.  One of the projects mentioned above, is the old Barber and Ross mill factory, that had been closed and abandoned for years, and was not only an eyesore, but was a health hazard.  And the vote for that, actually REDUCED the number of residential units that could have gone on that site.  Another project known as Meadowbrook, then Mayor Umstattd voted no on that one, and another, Cresent Park, was voted on AFTER now Supervisor Umstattd left the council to take her seat as Supervisor.  Compass Creek is described above as being commercial, not residential, and Leegate has been a decades long ago development tract that had nothing to do with then Mayor Umstattd, and the final project, South King Street, has not even gotten to a planning commission.  So, first, David, read the article, and second, don’t attack the only Supervisor actually doing with her votes the very thing you are demanding be done.

More reasons to actively avoid Leesburg.  How about getting some jobs in there that will support workers purchasing houses?  These rinky dink restaurant and customer service jobs are doing nothing for the local economy.

But, former Mayor Umstaddt who is now Leesburg’s Supervisor did indeed sit on the Town Council that approved all these.

“Do we have any supervisors who sit in this traffic?”

All these are in the town and were approved by the Leesburg Town Council.  Supervisors were not involved.

Leesburg is already a traffic horror story and it doesn’t sound like road improvements are on the table. Anyone wanting to buy here - buyer beware.

This is great news!!!  Tons more congestion and not one job that pays more than minimum wage.

Oh great…Lot’s of new stop lights and a few turn lanes added right at the development’s entrance and nothing else but more cars on the highway every day. 

Do we have any supervisors who sit in this traffic?

Schools are fine. Roads are better.  Need another lane at Chick Fil A, and a Trader Joe’s would be appreciated.

Developers running wild & making money.  No new roads.  Adding to the already terrible traffic jams.


LOL, of course not.  But that’s not the builder’s problem, its ours.

Are the schools going to be able to handle all of the new housing?

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