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Liberal blogger hired to defend Redskins name resigns

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) -- A blogger hired by the Washington Redskins to defend the team's name has quit after two weeks.

Ben Tribbett announced his resignation on Twitter late Monday, saying he didn't want to be a distraction because of personal attacks directed toward him.

Tribbett is well-known in Virginia politics as an advocate for liberal issues. He is perhaps best known for leading the attacks on Sen. George Allen for using the word "macaca" to describe an American of Indian descent during Allen's ill-fated re-election campaign in 2006. Allen is the brother of Redskins president and general manager Bruce Allen.

Tribbett tweeted that he supports the Redskins name but doesn't "see eye to eye with some friends" over the issue.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder has vowed not to change the name but is facing unprecedented opposition from those who consider it a racial slur.


I read Butch Porter’s LTE, and walked away with a much different impression than you did. Butch thinks NBA owners shouldn’t be punished for being unapologetic racists, etc. But I don’t see him painting all liberals who disagree with Ben as hypocrites. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems (as is often the case) that you’re quite upset with something that someone who happens to be a Democrat said or did, and are shaking your fist at it in the broadest general terms possible for impact. Unless you really think that I’m a “hypocrite of false tolerance” simply because I’m a Democrat who happens to disagree with Ben (and Chap) on this. Curious to know who you ACTUALLY include in that group.

Not quite, mos.  It was HIM they were attacking, not simply vigorously disagreeing with his opinion.

See Butch Porter’s column on the re-imaged “tolerance” of the left—it isn’t about simple disagreement while acknowledging another’s opinion the right to exist and be expressed, it is about only ONE opinion being allowed, or else.

Tribbett’s personal opnion, and thus his choice of accepting a contract, were a no-no for the hypocrites of fake tolerance, therefore he must be attacked, and preferably hounded out of not only the arena of public opinion on the issue, but out of one of his jobs.

That’ll show him to not practice groupthink correctly!

(probably not, but good for him for stepping outside the lines at all—the lines of the people that like speaking truth to any power but their own)

Ah…ok. So the narrative you’re pushing here is that it’s hypocritical for someone with tolerant, liberal, and diverse political views (aka Democrat) to disagree with anyone in their own party…because they’re all supposed to be so tolerant, liberal and diverse. Got it.

exactly what Tribbett was doing, mosborn.

and obviously NOT OKAY with true believers of the “tolerant” “diverse” “liberal” set.

Barbara - vocally disagreeing with people in your own party over their positions and opinions is the exactly what politically active people should do. No?

shaking, I read some of Tribbet’s comments, and apparently he resigned because his usual compatriots were attacking him for taking the job, and he rightly said the issue was the name, not him.  So it would seem to be the usual supposedly-“liberal” eating their own for the cause du jour, if someone strays off the progressive reservation (see what I did there?)

Although I could careless about the name and whether it should or shouldn’t be changed….I’m just glad it’s happening to Dan Snyder. Ever since purchasing the team, there has a been a dark cloud over the Redskins because of the mishandling of this team.

So I guess we should change the state name, Oklahoma, to a different name as it’s a Choctaw Indian word which translate as “red people”. Get over it and find something to do with your lives.

Liberals have no backbone for people who dislike them.

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