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Life in Leesburg? Funny, but it’s just a TV sitcom

Meet your new neighbors, The Millers.

There’s Nathan, a local television reporter looking forward to the single life. We met him when his bickering parents, Tom and Carol Miller, returned from Myrtle Beach. Nathan informs them he’s divorced his wife. Tom responds by deciding to leave Carol, his wife of 43 years. Carol moves in with Nathan, and Tom moves in with Nathan’s sister Debbie, who runs a yoga studio/ vegan restaurant with her husband Adam. Everyone drives each other crazy.

OK. There’s no local television station in Leesburg. No address for these dysfunctional Millers on this side of the Potomac. Can’t find a yoga studio/vegan restaurant on King Street, either. The Millers live on TV and on the Internet. They’re very funny. And very fictional.

“The Millers” is a CBS sitcom set in Leesburg for no particular reason. We’re used to seeing Washington as a set for political potboilers or spy thrillers. But Leesburg, the quiet cousin 35 miles down the Potomac? Why Leesburg?

“I really don’t know,” said a spokesperson for CBS Entertainment. “It could have to do with Greg.”

Greg would be Greg Garcia, the creator, writer and producer of the series. Garcia grew up in Arlington and graduated from Yorktown High School. He worked as a board operator for The Tony Kornheiser Show on WTEM radio. He was also an intern for the Don and Mike Show radio program in Fairfax. His sister lives with her family in Fairfax and his parents reside in Arlington. No confusing the Garcias with the Millers. The connection ends at the Fairfax County line.

Could be that Garcia, who also created “My Name is Earl” and “Raising Hope,” just likes Leesburg. We’ve yet to see any Leesburg landmarks on the show: it’s filmed with a laugh track in a Los Angeles studio.

We’re laugh-tracking all the way back to Northern Virginia and beyond, though. The show has been picked up for a second season and Leesburg gets a mention in eight countries, from Russia to New Zealand, airing the series.


Our video production company Capitol Productions Television, located here in Leesburg, has provided some of the exterior footage to the show. Yes, some of the footage is actually from the Northern Virginia area ; )

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