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Local Del. David Ramadan receiving threats from Trump supporters

Facebook/David Ramadan
Republican state Del. David Ramadan told the Times-Mirror Tuesday he has received thousands of notes and hate-filled attacks, including threats, on social media since calling GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump a "moron" on CNN Monday.

Ramadan’s most recent knock against Trump -- the state lawmaker has repeatedly slammed the real estate mogul on Twitter -- stemmed from Trump’s distaste for the Republican Party of Virginia’s pledge that requires primary voters to declare their Republican affiliation. Ramadan questioned why Trump was averse to the pledge and aligned the presidential candidate with Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, to whose campaign Trump donated money.

Commenting on the pledge, Trump said the RPV is making a "suicidal" mistake "to disallow independent, unaffiliated and new voters."

Ramadan responded: "Our party, our rule."

Following the "moron" remark, Trump loyalists pilloried Ramadan on social media.

“Wanna run your [expletive] mouth to ME [expletive]? Gee, I'm nice and close by. We could meet, let's say.......your place? ; ),” a self-described patriot named Russell (@RussellPatriot2) wrote to Ramadan.

“HE BETTER CARRY HIM A GUN EVERY WHERE HE GOES! HE JUST MIGHT NEED ONE,” wordsmith @PerrySmith9 warned the local legislator.

National media outlets have taken interest. The New York Times and The Daily Beast reported about the Trump-Ramadan spat Tuesday.

An immigrant from Lebanon, Ramadan is a vocal supporter of the Second Amendment, signer of Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, small government conservative and die-hard Redskins fan and advocate.

But Trump supporters are questioning his patriotism, and they claim Ramadan’s trying to limit turnout in Virginia’s March primary.


Caps lock aside, this isn’t the first time Ramadan has encountered rabid opposition.

The delegate was first elected to office in 2011, a year in which he faced similar insults and smears, including claims he's a radical terrorist.

“This is nothing new to me,” Ramadan said. “The disappointment is only in the state of affairs that this presidential cycle has reached due mostly to the actions and behaviors of Trump. This is not conservatism. This is not what my Republican party stands for. And thus I will not stand still or silent, I will call out bullies, racists and bigots despite the barrage of attacks that come in return.”

Liberal activist Liz Miller, a former Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates, offered support for her fellow Loudoun County resident, saying that although she frequently disagrees with Ramadan, she’s never felt compelled to threaten him.

“Racism, bigotry, and hate. I'm sorry that you're getting so much directed at you, @DavidIRamadan. Standing with you,” Miller wrote on Twitter.

It’s been a busy 2016 election cycle for Ramadan, especially considering it’s not yet 2016 and he isn’t running for anything (Ramadan did not seek re-election this year). The delegate’s preferred candidate in the 2016 GOP presidential race, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, bowed out of the race several weeks after Ramadan signed on to his campaign.

Then Ramadan ribbed GOP candidate Ben Carson for his curious pronunciation of Hamas.

“Would someone please send @RealBenCarson some #hummus (I suggest Va's @Sabra) to educate him on difference w terrorist organization Hamas!?” Ramadan, who represents portions of Loudoun and Prince William counties, tweeted.

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This was the political equivalent of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater—Ramadan is a publicity hound even though he isn’t running this year and is loving the attention.

It really just doesn’t matter. It’s not enforceable. You can sign the form and do what you want anyway.  Ridiculous waste of time for something that just doesn’t matter

Well, what do you expect from a bunch of mouth-breathing troglodytes, which seem to comprise the majority of Trump supporters.

This string is hilarious!  I am blinded?!  You all jumped to the conclusion that I am a Trump supporter, which could not be further from the truth.  The only positive of having him in the race is he opened up a dialogue others were afraid to.  Cruz is the only one if the field that that best represents my values.  I am simply calling out Ramadan who IS a RINO.  Put another way, outside of the East and West coasts, he would run under a democrat ticket. 

I think you all call them the “flyover” states.  Now go put your Bush signs up.  David and he share many of the same values!

Let’s see…Dave Ramadan decided to throw in with Scott Walker.. how’d that work out?  Now he has issues with Trump?  Maybe he thinks the “Ramadan” name might cause him trouble when the Fourth Reich takes over January 2017?

Anybody who supports Trump and calls other Republicans a RINO doesn’t have a clue what the acronym means.

Trump donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Trump supports isolationist policies.
Trump backs a ban on assault weapons.
Trump pushes for a single payer healthcare system.

Those who support Trump are the epitome of RINOs and it is stunning they can’t even see it. Blinded by immigration, Trump is leading the gullible down a path towards a Nanny State with a clown as their leader.

David is absolutely right. Only Republicans should be selecting the candidate to represent them in the General Election.  If you can’t support the party then you shouldn’t be participating in the selection of the candidate.  Virginia law is wrong, and the pledge corrects that wrong. I am just so sorry that people have to be so cruel.  What has happen to this country?

From the SCC hearing mogul and the woman who could not defeat Tag, you got to love the limelighters. Trump is not worried about bit players, all the way to the white house. Does it sound like David would be the first to disavow his pledge and vote for someone else if Trump is the republican candidate? We sure are going to miss you wasting more money on the toll hearings. Liz and David are indicative of the people who brought us 18 trillion in debt or like Comstock who just voted to add 700 million to it. You two can take your ball and go home, good night now!

“I will not stand still or silent, I will call out bullies, racists and bigots despite the barrage of attacks that come in return.”  David Ramadan.  Just like you did, David,  when you were attacked by Frank Gaffney and Michele Bachmann?  Oh yeah, you kept silent on those.

Brambleton Matt, you do know he didn’t run again or did you not pay attention to neither the election or the part of the article that states that. These trump supporters, not all, are racist bigoted blow hards, although true threats will be investigated.  The rule by RPV is meant to keep the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY to those willing to vote for a republican.

Yet another RINO popping his mouth off.  I in no way, shape, or form condone violence or hateful speech, but all these politicians need to wake up!  Voters are now seeing that both the Republicans and Democrats no longer represent the majority of Americans.  The only differentiation between the two anymore is the very slight difference in speed they are driving this country off the financial cliff.  All of them can be painted with the same “special interest” and “big donor” brush.

David, you are no better than anyone else in Loudoun, Virginia, or America for that matter and should refrain from calling others “morons.”  Maybe we need a solid independent in your seat that better represents my Loudoun community.

I’m incapable of sympathy for Ramadan. Yes, certainly there’s no place for the hateful rhetoric so common in the Trump camp. Ultimately though, the responsibility for that level of discourse rests on the shoulders of today’s GOP generally, and specifically “politicians” like Ramadan who insult first, and pander later.

FWIW, if the Republican Party of Va wants to close their tent and prohibit Independents from voting in their primary, I’m all for it.

Mr. Ramadan please be more respectful I live in your neighborhood and prefer to keep this area a safe place still you are well publicized here so not smart to make those kind of comments

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