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Local Democrats weigh petitioning for Delgaudio’s removal

The Sterling resident who plans to challenge embattled Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) in the next Board of Supervisors election is urging members of his party and Delgaudio opponents to be patient before fervidly pushing for Delgaudio’s removal from office.

Democrat Tony Barney, who in November announced his plans to challenge Delgaudio in 2015, issued a statement calling a petition to remove Delgaudio at this time “premature” and a “bad idea.”

The controversial Delgaudio is under investigation by the Arlington Commonwealth’s attorney office for allegations he misused county resources for political fundraising and campaigning. The Washington Post detailed the claims, made by a former legislative aide to Delgaudio, in a story in September.

Barney, a member of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, said the LCDC discussed circulating a petition at a meeting in early December. Barney also said a number of other Sterling residents have pushed for a recall petition.

“As much as I would like to see Mr. Delgaudio removed from office, under the law, he has the right to due process,” Barney wrote in his statement. “I believe he should have this right granted to him, just as I would want it granted to myself or any other person. In my opinion, jumping the gun with a removal petition now, before the criminal investigation is complete, could possibly force Mr. Delgaudio to make his defenses before all possible charges have even been brought against him.”

Barney went on to say submitting a petition too early could interfere with the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney’s investigation. Moreover, criminal cases and elected official-removal cases are treated as separate proceedings, he said.

Chairman of the LCDC Evan Macbeth has repeatedly said that removing Delgaudio will ultimately be up to the citizens of Sterling. While acknowledging the LCDC has discussed circulating a petition and that he wants to see Delgaudio out of office, Macbeth said no official measures for such have been put in place.

“The LCDC has discussed a number of options for addressing the lack of faithful representation on the board for the citizens of Sterling,” Macbeth said. “Virginia does not have recall elections, but recall trials. As such, we’ve evaluated options, including a recall petition, in light of the law and the fact that there is a legal process and investigation underway now.”

Barney agreed it would be up to the the people of Sterling to elect a new representative on the Board of Supervisors.

“This needs to be driven by solid facts motivating a public, and it should be an effort that is non-partisan and comes from the community of Sterling,” Barney said. “When the time is right, I and my neighbors will do what has to be done.

Former Loudoun County Supervisor Stevens Miller, an attorney who now serves as executive director for the political action committee Real Advocate, said he agrees with Barney’s assessment of the case. Miller also represents the former legislative aide who filed the initial complaint against Delgaudio, Donna Mateer.

“Real Advocate has looked at the statute that defines the removal procedure and, though it might be useful at some time later, we have independently come to the same conclusion that … removal proceedings before the criminal investigation is complete would be premature,” Miller said.


Let CA Stamos be the judge of wrongdoing. Others on these pages who have a personnel axe to grind are the most likely to have tainted glasses due to preconceived notions. The group that lists Delgaudio’s Advocate as a hate filled organization has a vendetta and their word should be closely regarded as partisan. If the Ca. catches him then by any and all means bust his rump but to listen to the harpies and form a opinion based on their prejudices is faulty at best and most likely stupid.

Loudoun County, please calm down and get real.  The real accusation here is that Delgaudio used our tax money to promote himself.  That is not allowed, and apparently there are a lot of people siding with the likelihood Delgaudio stole from us.  So when this is proven you need to be the first to say, whoops, I was wrong.  Eugene is not a person of integrity.  He’s a wily ferrel cat like most flim flam men.  Reasonable folks see what he is doing.  Those who look at things through fogged partisan glasses do not.

Thanks for posting a Christmas greeting Supervisor Delgaudio. Merry Christmas to you and your family. All I want for Christmas is a new Sterling Supervisor who doesn’t run a hate group for a living.

Honorable is a coutersy title given to elected officals for life if they choose to use it.It should be “The Honorable” and should not be used when writting about yourself. Casting aspersion upon the Salvation Army and The Honorable one without any proof is called hyperbole, mudslinging or slander. Be careful of stones you throw!

“Is the rebuttal to bring up Richard Nixon or something?  Oliver North?”

@Troy McClure—Are you sure you want to bring Oliver North into this? Ollie North was wrongfully accused. He was indicted on 16 charges. A jury found him not guilty of 13, and the appeals court tossed out the remaining three. There was nothing there….Then again, Delguadio comparisons might be appropriate.

Eugene, at this point folks are really questions how “pure of heart” you are.  Judgement day is near for you.  I am going to guess your blessing are numbered. 

You getting a cut from the Salvation Army bucket for your gratuitous plug?  I wouldn’t put it past you. I chuckled how you add the Hon. on your post.  Honorable is something folks give to you, not something you bestow on yourself. 

Folks are finally on to you in big numbers Eugene.

Merry Christmas to all. Nice to have such warm Christmas thoughts at this special time.

Politics is for the pure of heart and every day in office is a blessing for me in every way. Thank you to the people of Sterling for your trust.

Thank you to all who have posted Christmas and Seasonal lights for the respective holidays of their faith or country of origin.

Sterling is ablaze with thousands of homes marking these special days.  Please remember to donate (OMG) yes donate to the Salvation Army, or LINK or the charity of your choice. 

See you at church or synagogue or at your mosque in the next few days.  If you need me for anything I am home for the holidays at 703-421-4599, my home number.

There is a process for removal under Virginia law for a reason, and Mr. Delgaudio is under *criminal*, not merely ethical, investigation for a reason.

Good for Tony Barney for taking the high road. In the long run, upholding Mr. Delgaudio’s right to due process will leave no doubt about what sort of person he is and what sort of elected official he has been.

Tony Barney’s full statement can be seen at http://www.realadvocate.org/blog0/statement-from-tony-barney/

Neithe a democrat or a republican am I and I did rail against Rangel. You cite one wrong doer to condone another now that’s not to smart.
the Big Dummy

The comments from Mr. Barney and Stevens Miller are a little disturbing.  Wait, says a future candidate.  Wait, says a PAC that asks for money to be given to them on their website.  WHAT!  Is this about the best for Sterling, or is this about something worse.  Game playing and money making.  What really is the difference between Mr. Barney and Stevens Miller, with their attitude, and the person they want to replace?

Comparing a local supervisor in Virginia to a US Congressman from Harlem.  There you go.  That makes a lot of sense.  Is the rebuttal to bring up Richard Nixon or something?  Oliver North? 

I mean, I actually agree to a point.  I’d prefer to see the investigation show wrong doing before making this move, although I suppose being the leader of a hate group is reason enough for removal for most folks.  Unfortunately the investigation seems to be sitting in neutral.  If anything the Democrats should be attacking York for how poorly this is being handled.  This appears to be another bush league, “good old boy” performance from York, just like the Silver Line negotiations.

Hey commenter Fred Sanford.  Is this New York City?  Cant Loudoun do better?  Quit complaining about democrats and New York congressman and worry about Loudoun County.  You probably didnt see the Loudoun County Democrats ask Rangel to resign bc you know, he is from New York.

Get your head out of the national political warfare.

Delgaudio is a disgrace.  He needs to go.

Yeah…it’s all about whether your a Democratic or Republican sort of person.  Nonsense.  It’s about removing an idiot from our local government.  With only 9 votes on the BOS, we can’t afford to have self-serving goofs like Delgaudio representing 11%+ of people in this county.  If we had 20 or so Supervisors, then yes, we could all be entertained by his antics as he never had more than a 5% say on anything.

Can we send this clown off to his own circus?

Barney has already gone against the party hacks as seen above. Maybe he is not such a poor choice considering the limited field at the present time.

Delgaudio is the ELECTED representative from Sterling. Anybody who doesn’t like it can take up the issue at the ballot box during the next election. When Congressman Rangel was found GUILTY of 11 counts of ethical violations, such as his failure to pay some taxes, improper solicitation of charitable donations and failure to accurately report his personal income, I didn’t see petitions calling for him to step down.

Democrats are so two-faced.

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