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Local lawmaker sends and deletes tweet mocking millennials, protesters

Virginia state Del. Jim LeMunyon (R-67th) sent and quickly deleted a tweet mocking millennials and anti-Donald Trump protesters Thursday night.

LeMunyon, a four-term GOP lawmaker representing portions of Fairfax and Loudoun counties, tweeted an article from BabylonBee.com with the headline "Police calm millennial protesters by handing out participation trophies." BabylonBee.com is a "Christian news satire" site.

The tweet was deleted from LeMunyon's account within minutes. After this story was initially published, the legislator said the message "was intended as a text message to my three millennial children; hit the Twitter icon by mistake."

Tens of thousands of people across the nation are protesting President-elect Donald Trump's victory this week.

While Trump claimed the White House in stunning and commanding fashion, he lost significantly in Democratic-leaning Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Democrat Hillary Clinton won the nation's popular vote by roughly 395,000 votes, while Trump won the Electoral College to earn the presidency.

Twitter screenshot


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The story can be found on WAPO.

So true, the millennial temper tantrum is embarrassing. Anyone who takes offense needs to go to their nearest campus safe space and deal with it. such precious little snowflakes these millenials.

Just think he might tell a religious joke where he asks for payment for the last supper.

oh the frail, timid psyche of the Millenial generation. That picture is perfectly priceless!

@Jfb4, true, but this paper continues to publish divisive stories and they need to be called out

BabylonBee is hilarious and I highly recommend it.  This article was particularly funny.  For anyone questioning the truth behind the satire, please see the local article about our intrepid Loudoun millennial debaters too afraid to go to a debate.

Just give them a lollipop.

Did anyone bother to read the article? IT WAS SATIRE! It supposed to poke fun at the millenials.

That was pretty funny. Anyone who doesn’t think so needs to get a sense of humor.

He should be careful about insulting the Millenials, because they’ll be running and staffing his nursing home and managing his investment portfolio in the very near future.

Trump came in 2nd in the popular vote.  Might be a good idea to remember that…

Both sides knew the rules and were campaigning exclusively to win the electoral college. I’m sick of hearing “If it weren’t for the electoral college, Hillary would be the president elect.”

If it weren’t for the electoral college, we’d have no idea who would have won, because the campaign strategies of both sides would have been entirely different. There would be no red, blue and swing states, just a mass of population centers. The would-be winner is anybody’s guess.

I guess hating is just a way of life for you guys, just like donald. Give it a rest.

In a little more than two months, an unstable authoritarian who has run on a platform of registering, policing, and deporting racial and religious minorities will become president of the United States.  That worries a lot of people and trying to say it’s all about spoiled millennials (which so many commenters seem to have a hard time spelling) not liking the way the election turned out kinda misses the point.

I think most Americans are wondering just what the heck they’ve elected as President.  Most people are crossing their fingers but it’s not crazy to be worried about it.

Trump came in 2nd in the popular vote.  Might be a good idea to remember that…

Don’t blame the millenials, blame their pathetic helicopter parents. I live beneath a millenial and he is absolutely pathetic. Can’t do a thing without mommy, daddy, or the grandparents helping him out.

I have three “millenial” sons and all three voted for Trump and none of them share the views of these “protesters” (rioters). 

Those rioting in the streets represent socialist, anti-American groups ... they do NOT represent all millenials.

Millenials are the most hyper sensitive, thin-skinned, ninny generation in the nation’s history. Afraid of their own shadow. Compare to them to the Greatest Generation. Wow. Buck up little cowboys. While it’s true you won’t be getting free college, at least you are living rent free in your parent’s basement.

why delete the truth. I guess it’s offensive because you’re invading their safe space. Boo freaking hoo!!!These little pansies need to grow up. Mommy and Daddy should of been a little tougher on them

My respect for Jim LeMunyon just went up by 1000%

That’s Hilarious because it’s so true. The Millenials are still throwing temper tantrums bec the democratic decision process didn’t work out in their favor.  Get ready for more stories like this bec the press is going to lose their minds for at least the next four years.  LOL!

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