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Loudoun music supervisor who wrote recommendation for Damron elected president of state association

Former Dominion High School Band Director Brian Damron. Photo/DHSpress.com
A Loudoun County Public Schools music supervisor who wrote a letter of recommendation for the former Dominion High School band director at the center of a months-running scandal is now president of the Virginia Association of Music Education Administrators.

The supervisor, Michael Pierson, is expected to serve a two-year term as president of the nonprofit association, which aims to provide leadership and professional development with regards to music education.

In 2015, Pierson and Dominion High School Principal John Brewer, who is currently on leave, wrote letters of recommendation to prospective employers for former Dominion High School band director Brian Damron, who last year stepped down from a position in Jacksonville, Florida, after an investigative report by Duval County School Police substantiated claims that he made sexual advances toward a student.

Loudoun County Public Schools also reported an allegation against Damron to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office in 2014, although the investigation didn't go forward because the alleged incident happened in another county.

Pierson’s recommendation letter for Damron stated, “I have no doubt [that] Brian would be a positive addition to your school community … He is a very talented teacher and will inspire students wherever he is. I recommend him without reservation.”

Last December LCPS released a statement about its previous knowledge of allegations against Damron. When LCPS became aware of new allegations against Damron in Florida, the school division says it “promptly” reported the matter to the sheriff's office.

On Dec. 6, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office told the Times-Mirror the department had opened an investigation into Damron.

According to the Duval County investigative report, Damron told an adult band volunteer “that he left his previous employment due to an allegation by a student of some sort of sexual harassment.” Damron told the band volunteer “it was due to ‘similar allegations,’” but never told him “whether there was any truth in the allegations,” according to the report.

Multiple Stanton students and teachers told Duval County school investigators Damron made references to relationships with former students. One teacher said Damron told him one of the relationships was with a former Dominion student, according to the report.

“Mr. Damron told [a teacher] that at his previous school, Dominion High School, Loudoun County, Virginia, he had a previous band student come back the following year as an instructor,” reads the report. “He admitted to having slept with that previous student, after he came back as an instructor.”

Damron showed pictures of former students he had relationships with to Stanton students, according to the report.

“Mr. Damron pointed to two young men in separate pictures in band uniforms,” reads the report. “He stated that he had had two-year relationships with each of them.”

Pierson has been with Loudoun County Public Schools since 2006 to serve as dean and music teacher at Smart's Mill Middle School. He was hired as the district's music specialist in 2008 and became music supervisor in 2012.

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Pierson should have gone on leave along with Brewer.  Has anyone seen the letter?  Most of the time to keep from being sued, you can only write that the employee worked at the location.

Pierson should have gone on leave along with Brewer.  Has anyone seen the letter?  Most of the time to keep from being sued, you can only write that the employee worked at the location.

The double standard is obvious.

Duncan, neither is correct.  But, the fact that the VMEA did so does not excuse in any way what Brewer did here in Loudoun, nor does it have any bearing on the merits of his case.  If Brewer’s defenders want to hang their collective hat s on this they can, but that is any port in a storm thinking. 

Brewer endorsed someone who never should have been endorsed, he passed the trash in an act of bureaucratic cowardice that potentially endangered kids in another district. He should be fired or allowed to be a teacher without any administrative responsibilities.

So I guess it’s OK for this guy to write a recommendation and suffer no repurcussions, but not for Dr. Brewer.

I stand corrected, here is the address.  Let our voices be heard!  vmeaoffice@verizon.net

The VMEA has no contact information on their site.  It may be difficult, but if you care you should let them know that employing a pedophile endorser is not a good look.

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