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Loudoun County again tops Census median income ranking

Loudoun County was recently named by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey as the county with the highest median income per household in the nation.

With a median income of more than $119,000, Loudoun residents on average made $13,000 more than the next county on the list, neighboring Fairfax County.

Nearby Arlington County was third in the rankings. All of the top three counties had median incomes of more than $100,000.

In fact, seven of the 10 highest median income counties surrounded Washington, D.C. Other counties included in the top 10 were Prince William and Fauquier in Virginia and Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland.

While both Loudoun and Fairfax counties stayed in the same ranking as last year’ top 10, Arlington jumped from five to three; Howard dropped from three to five; Prince William jumped from nine to seven; Fauquier jumped all the way from 16 to eight and Montgomery jumped from 12 to 10.

According to The Washington Post, the D.C. metro economy was built on the federal government, federal contractors and high-quality tech firms, thus making it virtually recession proof while other metropolitan areas weren’t as fortunate.

Another factor is most households are boosted by two sources of income.

The Washington Post also reported that in 2007, when the latest recession began, the D.C. area had five counties in the top 10 and by 2010 that number had grown to six.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the American Community Survey provides a wide range of important statistics about our nation’s people, housing and economy for all communities in the country. The results are used by everyone from retailers, home builders and police departments, to town and city planners.


Loudoun has plenty of cheap homes depending on what you are looking for. Leesburg has townhomes that are as low at $60k.

Man its crazy how some of these businesses in the Lansdowne shopping center come and go. You would think they’d drop the rent. I admit the county did get rich pretty quick. I’ll be so glad whe the new entertainment company comes in and bring more jobs. Did you see the new entertainment company thats coming to Loudoun County I heard it’ll bring like 600 jobs to Loudoun.

@waya, unsure where an apartment goes $400 just like that unless you’re on a month to month lease? So, why work in Loudoun? Why not work in Clarke, Frederick or Charles Town? I suspect, your Loudoun job pays more, so if you worked in Clarke, probably couldn’t afford to live their either….

Where I work, only management can live in Loudoun.  All the support staff lives in Clarke, Frederick counties, or Charles Town, WV.  Its impossible for someone making $40,000 (as I do) to live here.  My apartment rent went up $400 in in June forcing me out.  Greed reigns in Loudoun, and that isn’t a good thing.

Just wait until you try a buy a house in this region. You won’t be rich for long.

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