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Loudoun County offering bus service to new Silver Line stations

With last Saturday's opening of Metro's Silver Line, Loudoun County Transit is offering bus service to the new, nearest stations, Wiehle-Reston East and Spring Hills Metro in Tysons Corner.

Buses will depart from any park-and-ride location in Loudoun County on weekdays, and they'll shuttle passengers to either the Wiehle-Reston East station or Spring Hill Metro in Tysons Corner. The trip to Wiehle will cost $1 and trip to Spring Hill $3.

According to Loudoun officials, the new bus schedules include changes to bus service departing from the Potomac Falls area to Metrorail stations, as well as service from Metro to certain Loudoun employment centers. The Silver Line schedules do not impact the existing commuter bus routes serving Rosslyn, the Pentagon, Crystal City and Washington, D.C.

Click here for information on the new schedules and for more on the Silver Line.

-Trevor Baratko


So we are paying for buses with Loudoun Dollars to get people to the Silver Line?

The damage is indeed done.  But we really need to see Ken Reid out of office, because he clearly is continuing to do damage to the County - witness his recent vote to add more residences right next to the Dulles Airport.  Ken Reid really needs to go.

At a dollar a pop this is far from being cost neutral so where is the money coming from?

Laugh- while I agree with your comments and take a similar stance…the damage is already done.

Why do you even bother posting such nonsense?

Gee, if Ken Reid had not broken his promise, bus service could have gotten anyone in Loudoun County who wanted to use Metro, to the station just on the border with Loudoun.  Without having to pay $250,000,000.00.  I hope Ken Reid is a one termer, and that someone challenges him for the nomination next year.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I would rather drive into work than take metro. Car costs more and takes more time, but the peace and quite is priceless.

I don’t have to worry about unruly teens, crying babies, smelly people, and standing rooms only trains. Who wants to stand on a platform waiting for a delayed train when it is 20 degrees outside. In my car its always 72 degrees:)

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