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Loudoun County has the highest gender wage gap in the nation

A study using data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows men in Loudoun are making on average $40,000 more a year than women living in the county -- the largest gender wage gap in the nation.

Data featured in a study compiled by Pansop.com, which calls itself a knowledge-based sharing website, includes the median income during 2016 for males and females in the county aged 15 and up, and took into account both full-time and part-time workers.

The median income for men was just over $80,000. In contrast, women earned just over $39,000.

The county's income gap outperformed Virginia by $26,377 and the national gap by just over $28,185. Virginia experienced a difference in pay of $14,205 between males and females, while the nation had a $12,397 difference.

Pansop's study also details how the median income has changed over the last few years. In 2009, the male median income in Loudoun County was just over $69,000. In 2015 that number had risen to $74,675, representing an income change of 7.7 percent.

In contrast there was a much smaller increase in the female median income between 2009 and 2015. In 2009 the median income for women in Loudoun County was just over $38,000, in 2015 the figure had risen to almost $39,500, an income change of 3.7 percent.

“Such a gap between the two genders represents how the national trend of gender pay is magnified here on the county level,” said Kevin Pryor, a data analyst for Pansop, said.

The second-highest pay gap between men and women was in Howard County, Maryland. The male median income there was found to be almost $77,000, while the female median income was just over $40,500.

Loudoun County is often noted for it's highest-in-the-nation median household income, coming in around $126,000.


wow for a minute I thought maybe Repubs

Wow, is this considered journalism?

What is the purpose of this article? Why is this considered important?

So if you have a spouse that makes 100k and a stay at home mom who claims 15k in income how does that effect the numbers.  Does that mean the income gap is 85K?

“There is not enough information in the article to understand the study.”

You aren’t supposed to read, think, and understand.  Liberal click-bait that gives the illusion that someone is actually doing their job (not).

This Rep heavy BOS brought in a new county attorney, accused of spousal abuse or something, jumping over all the females in the office.  It is rumored he was about to be fired from his last county position.  Then, this great BOS, bumps his salary $50,000 plus, over the last man.  I would say there is a gender pay gap and glass ceiling for the females.

So many issues and questions with this story.

Please show a specific job where men are being paid more than women. Macro numbers on this subject don’t take into account facts like women populate low pay teaching jobs and men populate high paying tech jobs.

There is not enough information in the article to understand the study. Just reading it would lead a reader to believe that for example, a man hired as a say a Network Engineer is paid $80,000 a year and a woman hired at the exact same time with the exact same education and experience is only paid $39,000. I simply do not believe that the scenario above is widespread in Loudoun County.

I am not saying that there is not a difference, however could some of that wage gap in Loudoun County be contributed in part to:

1. The strong job market and high paying jobs in Loudoun County allows for more families than average that can afford to not have both parents working. This may result in a mother working only part-time while children are in school, etc. and only earning a part-time income. There may also be instances of women in this same situation that may take lower paying work outside of the profession in which they were trained for in order to provide the flexibility for that valuable time with their children.

2. It could be that again, the high paying income for a man in Loudoun County may allow a mother to admirably stay at home with their children throughout their school years. What could the real result of this be? Let’s assume that a young couple graduates college at 23, marries and has three children (two years apart) starting at around 29 years old. The couple decides that she should stay home to benefit the children and maybe work part-time as needed or desired. In this scenario, the last child born at around age 35 graduates high school when the mother is around age 53. Assuming some part-time relevant work experience throughout and 5 or 6 years before having children, that mother now has about 10 years of job experience. The man in this situation will now have 30 years of full-time work experience. Let’s assume both graduated with business management degrees. (tech would be an even bigger gap due to changing technology) The question is:  Would you really expect an employer to pay somebody to manager their company the exact same money when one (man or woman) has 10 years experience in business management and the other has 30 years of experience?

It might not be fair, but that is a business reality and is unlikely to ever fully close as long as we have a free market economy.

Same could be said about doctors, fire, police, attorneys, professional athletes, notoriously sexist.

Tech industry, notoriously sexist.

social justice warriors unite!

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