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Loudoun County Public Schools closed Monday

Loudoun County Public Schools are closed Monday.

LCPS officials had previously announced a two-hour delay, but that's now been upgraded to a full closure because of icy road conditions and dropping temperatures.

Administrative offices are still opening on time, LCPS officials said.


Bob - I am unable to connect the dots - please help.  Are you suggesting that teacher control the weather and are purposely making the roads unsafe to extend their weekends?

Third day this year LCPS closes for snow day at a cost of over $6.5 million with no snow and connected to a weekend. Can you connect the dots?
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

At 5am it was fine and so were most of the roads. I saw many students out on the roads by 10am. VA would be better suited if they went to school districts and get away from county knows best. They should just shut down schools from Christmas break until Feb 28.

Try not to make too much sense, firefly, you might be made fun of for actually thinking, instead of complaining.
There are too many people who think the only part of Loudoun County that exists is the part right outside their front door. LCPS has plenty of snow days built in, the kids aren’t missing anything right now.

I don’t know what it was like around you but we couldn’t make it out the driveway till 11 am because the whole thing was a sheet of ice. Keep in mind Western and Eastern Loudoun sometimes have very different conditions.

Easy to see why some kids struggle. They’re seldom in School in Jan and Feb.

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