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Loudoun County Public Schools to close one hour early

In anticipation of inclement weather, Loudoun County Public Schools will be dismissing one hour early on Jan. 25.

The National Weather Service predicts snowfall to begin around 4 p.m., with less than an inch of accumulation. They expect an additional half inch of snow before 10 p.m. tonight.

After-school activities requiring bus transportation are canceled; activities not requiring transportation are at the discretion of individual school principals.

Bus routes will operate normally with the exception of running one hour earlier.


Oranges - what you fail to realize is LCPS makes a judgement call for ALL students in the entire system.  This included the thousands of inexperienced high school drivers.  On Jan 25th, like clock work the snow started coming down around 3:15PM.  I would much rather have an overly cautious early dismissal time, than having LCPS deal with numerous damaged buses or injury claims, which could potentially costing the tax payers millions So it’s better to be safe (and mitigate financial liability) than to be sorry.

Making responsible decisions for over 68,000 students and 9,000 teachers is nothing to take lightly; it is very rare for LCPS to close early.  There are five available “snow days” built into the schedule which haven’t been used, and staff and students are already putting in more time than required. Safety concerns are not frivolous.

@oranges - it does look silly, but this type of waste is forced on the school system by the tax payers themselves. I am sure if one school bus would have slid and just so much as nicked another car, lawsuits galore for “scaring the crud out of someones kid, they are going to be brain damaged for ever now, need to sue for a gazillion dollars because their mental ability to ride a bus has been ruined, all because you had school at all on a day where we might get a flake of snow”

If my sarcasm was not thick enough, it’s because all it take is one crazy parent, and you know they are out there, to mess up the simple things for everyone else.

orange869, don’t you ever get tired of bashing the school system? They can’t seem to do anything right by you.  Why don’t you go apply for a job with the school district and make some changes since you seem to know all the answers. You sure do shoot your mouth off enough regardless of your actual knowledge on many of the matters. Troll.

How did that work out. Looks pretty silly does it not. Next we will need to cancel school cause the sky is blue. Just a case of more frivolous waste by the school system. Tax dollars hardly working!

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