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UPDATE: Loudoun County School Board member detained in handcuffs at Trump rally

Loudoun School Board member Joy Maloney was detained today at the Trump rally in Ashburn. Times-Mirror/Buzz Covington
Update: Aug. 3, 9:34 a.m.

The Loudoun County Republican Committee has called for Joy Maloney to resign from the School Board.

"Ms. Maloney's behavior [Tuesday] was embarrassing, immature, and -- as witnessed by her arrest -- illegal. This is the United States of America. Elected officials must never try to stop citizens from listening to a candidate for elected office," said Will Estrada, chairman of the Loudoun GOP.

Republicans also called for other Democratic officer-holders in the county to "publicly renounce" Maloney's behavior.

Update: Aug. 2, 5:50 p.m.

School Board member Joy Maloney (Broad Run) responded to the Times-Mirror's request for comment on the incident. She said she wanted to clarify she had a ticket to the event, was outside the rally at the time of the arrest and she "absolutely did not attempt to prevent anyone from entering the event."

A live Facebook interview Maloney gave to Voice of America shows Maloney waiting in line right before the arrest with a name tag on her shirt reading "Love Trumps Hate."

"We need to stop ... denouncing Muslims, denouncing African Americans, denouncing Hispanics," she said. "This is what America is all about, and I think it's really sad that we even have a Republican candidate espousing these things."

Maloney told the VOA reporter she wasn't sure if she was going to go into the rally or not.

"But it's my daughter's school," she said. "It feels offensive to me. I'm personally sad right now. I'm not sure it will make a difference. It was something where I just felt I had to come."

Original story: Aug. 2, 11: 58 a.m.

Loudoun County School Board member Joy Maloney (Broad Run) was detained today at a Donald Trump rally in Ashburn.

According to Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, deputies assigned to Briar Woods High School for the rally were made aware that a woman interfered with the line waiting to get inside the event.

Maloney, according to Troxell, reportedly stepped in front of several attendees waiting to go inside. She was asked to go back in line and refused to do so before sitting on the ground.

“As this was a private event contracted through Loudoun County Public Schools, the organizers revoked her ticket and she continued to refuse to leave the premises,” Troxell said.

Maloney, 45, of Broadlands, was charged with trespassing and taken into custody after she continued to remain seated and refused to leave.

Maloney was taken before a Loudoun Magistrate and released on a $1,000 unsecured bond.


Here I thought Trump was denouncing drug dealers, murderers, illegals and terrorists whose backgrounds we could not check, he is. Must be Joy’s mind that has made this leap to racist remarks. You disobey the Sheriff you should of been charged with inciting a riot, fined and jailed. Why would anyone vote for Hillary is the question?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from the Trump nuts.  Their savior has never apologized for any of the filth that pours from his mouth and they continue to bow before him.

Note that the LCRC has backed off their demands to remove Ms. Maloney from office.

A whole lotta people are going to owe Ms. Maloney an apology.

I guess this is common behavior for a liberal democrat since the supporters on this thread seem to support being arrested for trespassing and infringing on other peoples right to listen to their candidate of choice.  Then the liberals attack the reps who are not even representatives of their community—Joy Maloney is an embarrassment to the school board, Loudoun county, and the broad run district residents.  She should consult a healthcare professional for treatment of her rage/anger to the point of being arrested in front of 1,000s and tens of thousands nationally….wishing her the best with her mental health issues, she is not stable to represent or carry out the duties of the position she was elected to.

Joy lowers the bar even further. Her family must be so proud

Good for her!  Trump is a menace, bully and I assume a card carrying member of the KKK.

I love all the bring back Kuesters. Her getting arrested for sitting down in protest is pretty tame to the antics of Ashburn’s two previous elected officials, one of whom dragged his wife with a moving car and the other who had at least one DUI, allegations of domestic abuse, two criminal charges and an Ashley Madison account.

This moron was apprehended outside in the front of the school where ever news outlet was located as well as 1,000’s of camera phones.  With all of the pressure placed on cops nowadays, it’s amazing to me that people think this senseless women was just trying to get in to see Trump.  I was there and she was the only person that wanted to see Trump sitting on the ground with assistance from the sheriff’s department.

I would hope she would learn something from Donald Trump’s experience this past week,swallow her pride and frustration, and simply apologize for causing a disturbance. That would be class, something Mr. Trump lacks.

She should ask, “WWDTD?” And then do the opposite.

And that would be EXACTLY the right thing to do.

Maybe the Broad Run District should reserve a jail cell for its elected reps.  Last fall former Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn Williams(R) was arrested following unlawful entry and assault of a neighbor.  Former Chairman of the Board Scott York called for his resignation.  Williams resigned.  School Board Chair Hornberger,  Board of Supervisors Chair Randall, and respective Board Members, will you stand up and speak on the inappropriate conduct of Joy Maloney(D) who prevented those attending a private event the right of assembly and disrespected the law?  She appears unfit to hold office and to provide the positive role model I want my children and grandchildren to have. And let’s not blame Trump for bringing this on.

Once again, a person who insists that pupils in the schools tolerate everything from gay marriage, boys using girl’s locker rooms just because they “feel like a girl this week” and other similar unnatural, unhealthy lifestyle choices fails to exercise that same tolerance when it comes to allowing people to listen to a point of view that differs from her own.

It’s one thing for President Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to be so hypocritical – it’s who they are and comes naturally to them, but it’s an entirely different matter when an elected member of the Loudoun County School Board exhibits that level of hypocrisy.

Joy you go girl, you catapulted yourself to the top of the food chain by standing up to Trump’s identity squad.  Most of these people commenting negatively against you have bleeding knuckles.  Look forward to you being the Chairman of the Board of Education soon.

Mrs. Maloney is full of it.  If she was upset about Trump speaking at the school, she should have stood with the other protesters standing on Belmont Ridge Road.  She claims to have told the reporter that she wasn’t sure if she was going to attend the rally or not.  Really?  Why was she standing in line then?  Why did she try to re-enter the line?  Sounds like she wanted to attend and protest.  I don’t feel sorry for her for all the criticism.  If she was just a regular citizen, nobody would care.  But she is an elected official, and fair or not, elected officials should be held to or judged by a higher standard.

Mrs. Maloney is trying to do what most liberals do, which is play the victim card.  She stated to the reporter that she didn’t know if she was going to attend the rally.  Then why was she in line in the first place, and why did she try to get back in line?  Obviously, her statement to the reporter was bogus.  Nobody would be making all of these comments about Mrs. Maloney if she was just a regular citizen, but she isn’t….she is an elected official.  Fair or not, elected officials should be held and judged to a higher standard.

This lady sure is a fascist for trying to stifle free speech. What a nut job!

If the Loudoun County Republican Committee can tolerate Trump they can certainly tolerate Ms. Maloney.

so tRump supporters learned the “best” lies from him?

“were made aware that a woman interfered with the line waiting to get inside the event” instead of reporting that she was trying to get back in line as rdj said “she evidently did what is standard practice in non-violent protests when faced with attempts to “remove” them. . . after she continued to remain seated and refused to leave.”

maloney had as much right to protest as anyone else at event
tRump supporters don’t believe in free speech & he bans reporters

Ms. Maloney did not do “EXACTLY the right things.”

I have sympathy for Ms Maloney’s apparent feelings towards Trump, but if we go along with the narrative presented below of her losing her place in line, then we are presented not with a protester, but a petulant child.

The reporter “pulled” her out of line? It seems to me that she “chose” to step out of line, and any of us who have gone to concerts or the DMV or Harris Teeter know the risks of stepping out of line. I’m sure she was aware she could lose her place in that ridiculously long line. Watching the video, it’s pretty clear that Ms. Maloney probably wasn’t aware that the line moved significantly while she was talking, but having stood in the same line for over two hours, I’m pretty sure if she had just stayed in line next to Mark she would have been fine. Instead, it appears she tried to reenter the line at her original spot (which is unsurprising).

I can understand her frustration if, indeed, people wouldn’t let her return to her “spot” in the queue, whether out of spite or sincere belief she was budging, but the adult thing to do would have been to leave, maturely acknowledging the misunderstanding. The adult thing to do was not to plop herself down on the ground—that’s pouting, not protesting.

My ticket doesn’t state anything about having my attendance revoked at any time, but I know that “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.” pretty much means it’s a private event, and I can be ejected at any time. It is no different than me pushing my way uninvited into a Sunday church service in the same auditorium. A school board member should know better.

If Joy Maloney is a protester, then she is an elected official interfering with the rights of the people she represents to assembly and free expression.

If Joy Maloney is a pouter, then she is a poor role model for the students she is representing.

I freely acknowledge that I was too far down the line to witness this, so I don’t have all the facts, but I’m having a difficult time envisioning the situation where a government official can reasonably act this way.

Please do not put words into my mouth. I don’t work for the schools – never been an employee of Loudoun County – nor believe “unlimited funds” are warranted or justifiable.

I don’t disagree that there seem to be a lot of IFs on both sides, which is why we presume innocence in our legal system. My primary objection here, though, lies not in supporting anyone’s rights over anyone else’s but in response to (a) so many people excoriating her based on fragmented information and (b) on local news reporting that evidently failed to admit the possibility that their coverage may have been incomplete, possibly to the extent of being disinformative.

For some, the mere accusation of wrongdoing is sufficient grounds to assume its validity.

She is my friend of several years, which means I know without a doubt that it would be completely uncharacteristic of her to “interfere” with the rally, impede anyone’s attempt to attend it, nor to “trespass” or otherwise intentionally break the law. If the courts deem otherwise, fine, but until then, I stand by the integrity I’ve seen her demonstrate all that time.

Incidentally, she and I have NOT discussed a single detail about what transpired yesterday. My comments stem solely from what I have observed from others’ comments and my prior experience with her.

Tekniqz703..you are a perfect example of one of the hate-monger Trumpdumbs..bitter about something in your life and blaming the Democrats (and any GOPs that conflict w/him) for it.Get a grip.Trump has to put his big boy pants on and stop blaming others every time he gets challenged.If the CommanderinChief cannot handle criticism w/o name-calling,he will get nowhere,esp in world politics.

RDJ—you are so biased it is unbelievable.  Why would the police detain her in this manner if there was not a problem, or, are you one of those BLM lovers who think the police are at fault?  You like Joy Maloney because she supports unlimited funds for the schools since you work for the schools and have a vested interest in more tax dollars going into schools no matter what the cost.  I am sure if this was a Republican who pulled this same move and one who did not vote for more schools money you would be hollering and screaming for their resignation.

First, Rdj, you may not be aware of the law, but citizens do not have a “right of access” to schools.  Some universities have areas considered “public forums” but K-12 are not public forums.  Had this been a school board hearing, then yes, Maloney or any other citizen had the right to be present.  Given it was a private event, it was a private forum and they can ask her to leave.

Once she refused to leave a private event on a private forum, she violated the law.  She was appropriately arrested.  In fact, she could legally be banned from school property for refusing to follow the directions of authorities and interfering with events on school grounds.

Why do I know this?  Because I have researched these issues more than you could possibly imagine and LCSB is facing charges in federal court on violating these exact principles, including Maloney.  You certainly have the right to advocate for your preferred candidate, Rdj, but suggesting that Maloney did not break the law is foolish.

Munsey, I agree with you that Maloney violated the law, attempted to block free speech/assembly, and was appropriately arrested.  My only point is that me thinks you protest Maloney simply because you disagree with her.  Not only did you not take that same position when I was illegally banned from my kids’ school and PTA meetings but you supported LCSB’s illegal ban.  Just like Rdj, you both want your “own dictators”.  It’s pretty sad.

I can completely understand the feeling that somehow having Trump show up at a local high school feels like a betrayal of the public trust.  Sure, he’s the GOP candidate for President but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a hate monger,  fact munger and generally unstable person.

RIght wingers love to say good Muslims should be calling out the terrorists in their midst.  Why do good Republicans have such a hard time finding their voice when it comes to Trump?

The responses below are sadly typical of people who read into a story what they want to see, ignore the rest, and then build a narrative from that.

Here’s what I saw in the video of VOA’s interview (see the web address below, if this site doesn’t remove it) with Ms. Maloney that they posted as a recorded, live feed on Facebook.

Ms. Maloney was standing in a line that the VOA described as very long, snaking around the Briar Woods HS building. A VOA reporter pulled her out of the line to interview her, noting the “Love Trumps Hate” sticker she wore on her upper chest. And it was an interview – not just a single question.

Ms. Maloney stated during the interview that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do, whether to attend the rally or not. Not once did she indicate an intent to impede the rally not prevent anyone else from attending. We clearly see people in the line filing past as the interview progresses.

Now, what would one reasonably expect to happen after the video is over? Most likely, Ms. Maloney tried to reenter the line, if not in her original position, at least at the point where the reporter left her standing.

How do you suppose those who remained in line responded to her attempt to reenter it? Well, as the Loudoun Times reported this, “Maloney, according to Troxell, reportedly stepped in front of several attendees waiting to go inside. She was asked to go back in line and refused to do so before sitting on the ground.”

This sounds an awful lot like people not letting her back in line and NOT like Ms. Maloney attempting to impede anything. Yet the response from “event organizers” to a critic was reportedly “As this was a private event contracted through Loudoun County Public Schools, the organizers revoked her ticket and she continued to refuse to leave the premises”.

So, she evidently did what is standard practice in non-violent protests when faced with attempts to “remove” them: “Maloney, 45, of Broadlands, was charged with trespassing and taken into custody after she continued to remain seated and refused to leave. Maloney was taken before a Loudoun Magistrate and released on a $1,000 unsecured bond.”

Seriously?! Now THAT’s an awful example for our kids: NOT Ms. Maloney’s behavior, as so many self-righteous people are crowing while calling for her removal from office, but the behavior of the people in line, the event organizers, and the Sheriff’s office.

Ms. Maloney did EXACTLY the right things, and the others involved in the incident – including many media organizations who evidently failed to report it accurately – did not.

Please, PLEASE get out and vote in November, up and show all of the candidates – up and down the ticket – that these people are not who we are, are NOT the true majority in Loudoun County nor throughout America. Yes, we must “take back” America, but not in the reprehensible ways they seek.

Do you people not realize that this man is leaving behind a trail of hatred? He comes to our home and immediately children are yelling vulgar terms towards OUR presidential candidate and parents are supporting that! If (by god) he wins this election, do you really think this road of destruction will end? It won’t. It’ll only expand globally as our allies will turn against us because Trump is soft, has thin skin and knows NOTHING about foreign policy. I mean honestly, he’s a reality TV star—When has a reality TV star ever been described as “presidential” or “level-headed”? Honestly, it’s just so sad to read these comments knowing that some of you may be my neighbors. The bigotry and racism must stop.

earth to sgp:  this isn’t about your struggle with any and everything in county government.

And listen to yourself:
“LCPS/LCSB simply doesn’t have the right to infringe on free speech”
If so, then Ms. Maloney doesn’t have the right to allegedly attempt to infringe on the first amendment rights of people trying to peacefully attend, does she?

Over and out.

“Reasonable” people like Maloney, Lawman?  Please.  Get a grip.

what a great example for our children. Looks like some hippy from the 60s. Thank God she doesn’t represent my district.

Nice example for the kids she helps to edu category.  For the people that say we are with you I hope you are not teachers influencing my children while you all condone someone breaking the law.

Munsey, LCPS/LCSB simply doesn’t have the right to infringe on free speech such as banning a parent from an open PTA meeting.  The PTA meeting was no different than the political rally today.  LCSB banned a critical parent who was a member of a group - the PTA - using school facilities to block his speech.  That violates the 1st Amendment but you didn’t mind because you didn’t support that particular parent’s speech.

What did the courts say about LCSB’s actions?  It denied their motion to dismiss on all 8 counts.  Not just one, all 8 counts survived.  Maybe you should learn about the law before you opine.

It is impossible to remove someone from elected office in Virginia as the Democrats tried to do with Delgaudio in 2014.  Unless Joy violated some specific law governing school board members, no judge will issue an order of removal over a slight infraction like this.  It just does not look good for her, and if she seeks re-election four years from now, you can be assured that her opponent will be dredging up these photos.  This means—just like with Delgaudio - -its up to the voters!

comparing apples to organic freeze-dried kumquats (as usual) sgp:
Read what I actually wrote:
Her right to protest is not greater than others’ right to assemble.
It’s the SAME right, and applies equally to all, even if she (and some of her supporters) think she is somehow MORE equal.

So how do we get this clown removed from the school board?

She’s a disgrace to her position and Loudoun County.

Funny how Barbara Munsey didn’t stand up for free speech when LCSB banned a critical parent from PTA meetings….  So Barbara apparently only objects to censorship when the censors are on the other side.

tRump in public school encouraging hate -

“A little kid is yelling “Take the b**ch down!” when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton. A little kid. No more than 10, I would say.” (sdeb)

““Children are children” mother says of her young son who yelled “take that b**ch down” about Clinton at Trump’s rally.” (ktur)

“The adult escorting boy who yelled “take the b**ch down” about Hillary Clinton said the child learned the language in “Democratic schools”” and “She also said of roughly 10-year-old boy shouting “take the b**ch down” about Hillary. “I think he has a right to speak what he wants to”” (bjacobs)

mom excusing hate

I hope to see this picture on Joy’s future campaign mailers….lololololol

maybe the mom with foul-mouthed kid should have encouraged her son to listen “with civility and a modicum of respect.”

model hate, kids learn hate

I’d like to know who paid for this event? Your article says that the event was “Contracted through Loudoun County Public Schools”. Does that mean Lcps paid for this event?

Hopefully once this clown gets his circus closed by Hillary in the fall the Loudoun County Republicans will clean house and get rid of these reactionary racist elements so that reasonable people can get to the business of running this County.

maloney’s right to free speech & assembly violated

bet the flimflam man stiffs the school for payment?

What do you expect, Maloney is a Democrat!

MeganS, our schools are used to support hate every day. Your only true objection is that it may be occurring after hours and out of the classroom. I’m a student, and I’ve learned to make sure to tow the party line in class and assignments, or my grades will suffer. I’ll be glad to be out in one year. Maybe college will be better.

Or maybe you define “hate” as anything outside the narrow authoritarian progressive agenda.

Sounds like the behaviour of kids waiting for the schools bus. Always one in every crowd.

Part of living in a diverse community, but also in a Representative Republic with freedom of speech, conscience and association, is that there is an exchange of divergent points of view. To try to shut down the ability of others to hear a point of view you do not agree with is fascism…certainly not ‘liberalism’ in the true sense of the word. I don’t particularly care for either majority party candidates, but I would not presume to keep others from exercising their Constitutional rights. Debate and protest (within the law), by all means…but do so with civility and a modicum of respect.

What an embarrassment!!! bring back Kuesters…the school board member really showed our school kids how to act when someone has a different point of view, what a pathetic role model?  Our schools should be used by all as long as they comply with the rules—Joy did not and was arrested - now that is hate in handcuffs, let Trump supporters listen to their candidate without the hate mantra the left uses to squelch debate….great job men/women in blue.

Shut up!!  She cut in line repeatedly and people told her to get to the back of the line and then she acted like a three year old.  She deserved it!
Are you proud of her Broadlands!!  Dump her!

Retire or be fired, your choice Joy! If she will not obey law enforcement she has proven herself unfit to operate as a school board member.

Megan thinks it’s okay for an elected official to try to break into a rally and bypass Secret service rules and procedures.  But Maloney was likely not there to stop Trump or protest.  Methinks she felt “owed” a seat to this rally because she’s a school board elected official.  But Maloney is a Democrat endorsed person.  What if a Republican school board member tried to pull this at a Clinton rally? Should they also be congratulated?  No.  They should be condemned and Ms Maloney is an embarrassment in that picture

MeganS feel free to join her.  Joy Maloney violated other individuals rights and should properly receive the punishment she deserves.  If she opposes any political events being held at public schools then she should have worked to achieve that policy during a school board meeting.

Wow, does our School Board support the suppression of free speech?  This is not the type of action I would expect from one of our Loudoun County leaders.  Nice way to represent our County and your constituents on the national stage, Ms Maloney.

That’s it? You don’t bother to get an explanation from Joy Maloney, a member of the school board?

Being on the school board is supposed to be a non-partisan task because you accept a stipend paid to represent ALL persuasions of political preference perhaps even some of the people who didn’t appreciate having a self serving elite step in front of them as some sort of right.
How should LCPS students view this photo? How hard would it have been to call Chris (the principal) in advance and have him walk you in?
Bob O__ Esq.

P.S. to the prior poster - a disabled veteran gave Mr. Trump his purple heart this morning as a gesture of appreciation for making taking care of our Vets a priority. That is not an act of hate but of persuasive appreciation in my opinion.

Speak for yourself, MeganS.

No Joy, Many of us do not stand with you.

This is outrageous and we should be expecting her resignation. Attempting to censor people from what they freely chose to hear and see is wrong. Making a scene and getting arrested in front of children on school property makes it worse. I am not sure when it became acceptable to try and stop someone you disagree with from being heard.

Trump tossed a crying baby and Twitter is afire with kids at this rally screaming obscenities about Clinton and that was fine. Loudoun Schools should be ashamed at providing a platform for hate.

We have bullying that goes on everyday in our schools…talk about spreading hate. Having Trump in a PUBLIC school, most assuredly having gone through the necessary steps to be there, is the least of our problems.

Doesn’t look like she’s doing very much standing MeganS. Just make sure you and your sheeple stand off to the side peacefully, out of the way of the intelligent working folks.

It’s her right to do that, but it looks like the Hate is on the Left.  Maloney is a big Democrat. 

By the way MeganS, the schools are public property, paid for with my tax dollars.  Trump as every right to be there just like anyone else.

This IS outrageous.
Ms. Maloney has the right to her opinions, and to peacefully protest.
She does NOT have the right to attempt to prevent others from assembling.
Her first amendment rights are NOT “more equal” than the first amendment rights she was allegedly attempting to prevent others from exercising.

As a Loudoun County resident, all I can say to the sheriff’s office is you are a terrible waste of our tax payer dollars!

Trump kicking out a woman for having a crying baby is just absolutely sickening! http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/trump-kicks-out-baby-rally-226566?cmpid=sf

This is so outrageous! Our schools should NOT be used to spread hate. Joy, many of us stand with you!

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