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Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy accidentally shoots self, sustains non-life threatening injuries

A Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputy is recovering today after the deputy was injured by an unintentional duty weapon discharge, according to a statement from the sheriff's office.

At 6:45 a.m., LCSO deputies responded to the area of the University Station, in the 45000 block of Research Place in Ashburn, for a deputy who had been shot. The deputy was apparently securing the weapon before entering the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy when the firearm discharged one round, LCSO officials said.

The academy staff rendered first aid, and the deputy was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries


Ah yes, Ed, that is some brilliant thinking right there. Maybe the bad guys can wait while LEOs load their weapons, you know, just so it’s a fair fight.

More evidence that the only safe gun is an unloaded one. Perhaps the Barney Fife rule: keep the bullets in your shirt pocket until there is a threat that warrants a lethal response. 

Chris, I read your post in its entirety and point 1 was spot on, I had no issue with it, therefore I didn’t address it. Point 2 reads to me as if you are insinuating the deputy intentionally fired the weapon- which is completely wrong. If I don’t understand point 2, then I apologize.

The Army has also experienced issues with their new Sigs.

John M - Did you actually skip my point 1 in order to get to my point 2?  Perhaps in the future you read the entire post before commenting, it might help.

Sorry no such thing as an “accidental discharge” ... There is only one way the weapon fired, something or someone pulled the trigger. What I mean by that is while handling his weapon the Deputy either put his finger on the trigger or something snagged the trigger while removing it from the holster or placing it in the locker. Either way this was “unintentional” and “accidental”. The term “accident” absolves or forgives responsibility for the event. Before the haters start flaming, I am a former LEO and spent 12 years as a firearms instructor.

I hope he’s alright and they find out why his weapon discharged. If human error or defects with the weapons it should be a learning and training experience.

Wonder if it’s the same officer who shot himself in the foot when LCSO officers blew away Mhai Scott at Costco in 2013. You know, since 97-pound women pose such a dire threat to the lives of four police officers.

It really depends on the type of gun.  If it’s a revolver, it’s easier to accidentally discharge while holstering.

Here’s another possible, completely speculative theory:

The LCSO just replaced their service sidearms with the Sig Sauer P320.  This is a handgun that has a serious defect which causes it to fire when accidentally dropped.  There are tons of YouTube videos demonstrating this defect, and there is a ‘soft’ recall by Sig Sauer.

No modern firearm should discharge when dropped.  If that was the case here, the LCSO must abandon Sig Sauer ASAP before someone is killed.

wow..such haters..heaven forbid any of you have ever had an incident..but because it wasn’t on social media you appear so tidy.

You know, a good reporter would have dug around a little to answer some basic questions for a story such as this. Some examples would be “What type of firearm was the deputy carrying?” “Was this particular firearm fitted with a manual safety?” “How many other law enforcement officers have suffered the same incidents?” And of course there would be many follow on questions based on the answers to these.
For example, it is fairly well known that Glocks do not have manual safeties. So something as simple as putting your weapon in your holster and catching an object (coat, jacket, seat belt, etc.) inside the trigger guard would cause an accidental discharge. It is also fairly well known that this has actually happened to people who are experienced weapon handlers. All it takes is a split second of complacency for an unfortunate accident to happen.
But since we know none of the answers to these questions, all we can do is speculate as to what happened. I just hope the deputy is alright and can learn something from this.

will we ever learn the truth of this incident?  I have found the LC police public affairs rep to be full of false promise:  “I’ll call you back with an update”....which of course never happened.

Institutional self protection…it’s happening from the President (clap, clap, clap or else you’re a traitor) downward to local law enforcement.

Chris, since you have no knowledge of the situation, I don’t know why you are speculating. Maybe it wasn’t a finger on the trigger, did you think of that?

Two theories on this.

1)  Just goes to show that even with significant training an accident can happen.

2) Only those that tend to fire the weapon put their finger on the trigger, so there is no such thing as an accident. 

Pick your poison.

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