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Deadly synthetic opioid confirmed in Loudoun County

Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) is sending a warning to Loudoun residents after a deadly synthetic opioid was connected to three county overdose cases.

Recent lab results from two non-fatal overdoses in July and one in March show the presence of Carfentanil. The cases are the first confirmation of the drug's presence in Loudoun. The synthetic opioid is 50 times deadlier than heroin, 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent that Fentanyl, LCSO officials said.

Chapman told the Times-Mirror the victims were lucky to have survived.

“In many instances, heroin is cut with Carfentanil or Fentanyl. In either case, these substances, when added to the heroin, can easily and quickly cause death,” Chapman said in a prepared statement.

Chapman also told the Times-Mirror Carfentanil and Fentanyl are difficult to trace, and it is mostly produced overseas, coming into the country through China or Mexico.

In light of the findings, the LCSO is reminding residents to never approach or touch suspected narcotics. The presence of Carfentanil or its derivatives has even required law enforcement agencies across the country to update policies and procedures when responding to opioid related incidents.

“The drugs can unintentionally be inhaled through the nose or mouth. Even trace amounts can result in severe adverse reactions putting those exposed to the drug in danger, including the general public,” Chapman said in a prepared statement.

Last month the White House released recommendations for first responders on how to protect themselves from exposure in the field to Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. A majority of the fatal heroin cases in Loudoun County resulted from a Fentanyl overdose. There have been no confirmed fatal overdoses from Carfentanil in the county.

Fatal heroin overdoses have decreased 35 percent in Loudoun compared to the same time last year, according to the LCSO, and non-fatal heroin related overdoses have decreased 10 percent during the same time period.

The LCSO encourages residents to report possible narcotics activity by contacting the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Narcotics HOTline by calling 1-833-HOT-TIPS (1-833-468-8477). In an emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.


Anybody who has paid attention to the news over the last few years knows that Heroin being cut with Carfentanil or Fentanyl is a very real danger to not just first responders, but the public in general.  Trace amounts are enough to put the innocent in grave danger. 

oncerural - the poster you responded to is a known troll and offers nothing so far as commentary goes, please feel free to ignore!

Erickson you are obviously have led a stellar life. Your lack of empathy is also stellar.

Carfentanil is a tranquilizer for ELEPHANTS.  That should give an indication of its potency and is why it is so dangerous.  A trace amount to a human can kill.

So much drug abuse in America it is hard to imagine just how endemic the problem is.

How about a drug abuse hotline on all articles concerning drugs?

What some people don’t realize about this drug is that you don’t actually have to take it to overdose.  There have been cases of police and rescue works touching something with the drug on it and it seeps through the pores causing an overdose.

If we legalized some of the safer regular drugs then nobody would bother to take this dangerous synthetic crap.

Just sayin’.

Most of this Carfentanil is being smuggled in from China.

Most methamphetamine today is smuggled in from Mexico.

Meanwhile, you will still have to show your driver’s license and to purchase Sudafed and face criminal penalties if you buy too much. 

That law has been a total failure.

What does that 35% equate to, 4 dopers? If you want to play with drugs then paying with your life I hope is not a horrible shock to those you leave behind.

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