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Loudoun law enforcement investigating arrest warrant scams

Loudoun law enforcement are investigating several reports of fraud scams that have affected residents throughout the county.

Leesburg Police today issued a warning to the public that someone is calling residents and identifying himself as a law enforcement officer to try and get money for made up arrest warrants.

The two most recent cases, according to Leesburg Police, happened on Friday. In one of those cases, the caller used a second person to act as an attorney to facilitate the money transfer.

The scammer tells residents they can settle the warrant by obtaining electronic $2,000 MoneyPak orders or Green Dot Cards from a local convenience store.

Once the victim confirms the purchase, the scam artist gets the victim to give him the serial numbers off the cards so funds be electronically transferred.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office today reported similar incidents.

On June 28, a Lovettsville resident reported that a caller identified himself as a representative from the power company, claiming the resident's electricity would be shut off if they did not obtain money via a MoneyPak card.

On Monday, two residents, one in Ashburn and one in Leesburg, reported to deputies they received similar calls in which the person identified himself as law enforcement and a representative of the county clerk's office, respectively.


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