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UPDATED: Loudoun may officially join complaint against Greenway

Update: Sept. 4, 8:26 p.m.

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a proposal tonight that paves the way for the county to officially be included as a respondent in the complaint against the Dulles Greenway operators.

During tonight's business meeting, Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) had strong words for the Greenway owners – TRIP II and Macquarie Atlas Roads. Buona said the group essentially treats the pricey Loudoun toll road as a “hedge fund” for other initiatives. The Greenway is “extorting Loudoun citizens,” he added.

The next State Corporation Commission hearing on the matter has been pushed back from September to November.

Original story: Sept. 4, 9:44 a.m.

Loudoun County Supervisor Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) wants the Board of Supervisors signed on as a respondent in the ongoing complaint against the operators of the pricey Dulles Greenway toll road.

Letourneau has initiated an item – to be taken up during the board's Wednesday night meeting – that calls for the board to be named a participant in the case, allowing the county to submit testimony and cross-examine witnesses at the formal State Corporation Commission (SCC) hearing Sept. 24, according to county documents.

State Del. David Ramadan (R-87th) initiated the complaint against the road's owners in late 2012. Ramadan has consistently urged the SCC to look into road's rates. A full one-way trip costs more than $5 on the 13-mile, east-west thoroughfare.

Three public hearings have been held this year for the public to speak on the matter.

The privately-controlled Dulles Greenway is owned by Toll Road Investors Partnership (TRIP) II and maintained by Macquarie Atlas Roads, an Australian group that owns a majority stake in its partnership with TRIP II.

“Upon completion of the [current] discovery phase, we will be participating in an evidentiary hearing scheduled for September 24 whereby I will question the Greenway operators on details from discovery and I will present my arguments to the examiner,” Ramadan told the Times-Mirror in late July.

The first-term state delegate said he's “very optimistic” the proceedings will eventually lead to the tolls being lowered.

"It is clear that the Greenway is currently in violation of Virginia code and that the SCC has to force a reduction of the price of tolls on the Greenway,” he said.

Given past statements by members of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, it seems likely a board majority will side with Letourneau's proposal.

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At the rate we’re going in Northern va, every major road will be a toll road. Since all the trasnporation money goes into a black hole somewhere else in VA.

Chronically misinformed commenters like Mr. Skidrow drive me nuts.  His “wisdom” suggests this one:

Which part of “Private Road” did you people miss?

Sorry, Skid, if you can show that the road was built with 100% private funds, then your comment makes sense.  Of course, it was a public/private partnership so my tax dollars went into making that road.

Get a clue and read more than you type, skid…

Easiest way to remedy this:  boycott the thing.  If EVERYONE boycotted it for a month or two, things would change.  I am more worried about the State and County hands always reaching into my pocket.  I bought a new American-made car, and I already paid around $800 in sales tax.  For doing nothing, the State gets a large sum of money.  Now it’s the County’s turn with their stupid PP Tax.  I owe another $800 to them, due next month.  WTF ?  I’m not made of money.  People talk bad about Maryland….Pullleeeezzz…..

Excuse me, fair and balanced? Why is it that the photo galleries that scroll on this website have 6 instances of Terry McAuliffe but none of the Ken C.?

Chris N. he broke the law and got off on a technicality. Well he avoided jail that does not mean the board is not well within their rights to punish him.

@Frank, it might only cost $6 in tolls however the wait in traffic at the bridge probably makes it more like $50(wear on car and wasted time).

Maybe Richmond should subsidize it by giving all Loudoun commuters 2 weeks/month worth the cost(10 days times $10 roundtrip). Just like the federal govt does to federal employees to ride the metro….

What’s next…. A private bi way connector between PW county and Loudoun. I wonder if these same useless leaders will bring a lawsuit against metro when their fares skyrocket because of mismanagement and underused….

If you can’t afford the Greenway, take the public roads. Which part of “Private Road” did you people miss? Nobody is forced to pay the toll to drive on the Greenway.

How about determining why the SCC approved them in the first place?  The requirement isn’t new, and prior applications should have been held to it. 

It seems like the Greenway people are being punished for following the procedure laid out for them by the politicians.  They applied, and the rates were approved.  Now the politicians want to “re-evaluate” to score some cheap political points?  So much for these guys being pro-business.  I guess they aren’t when it is convenient. 

I dislike the private/public concept entirely (particularly with the Greenway and 495/95 lanes), but I also dislike political cheap shots.  The Greenway has become a punching bag for everyone from Frank Wolf down.  Most of these guys would push to approve another Greenway in a heartbeat.  Then apparently be against it in 5 years when people don’t like it.  Just the worst brand of politician.

State government goes to bed with “public/private partnership dog and wakes up with fleas. 

Now holding hearings on why fleas should be illegal?  You can’t make this stuff up

It amazes me that it only cost me $6 (round trip) to cross the bay bridge last weekend, a marvel of engineering, yet a 16 mile road costs more than $10 (round trip)

I too, don’t like the pricing, but in defense of that roadway and its owners, I find the greenway one of the best-maintained roadways in VA. AND with it’s 65 MPH speed limit, its much faster than the alternative.  How to reduce the tolls yet maintain profit for that company? Law of supply and demand. Drivers avoid the Greenway due to high cost, but that cost is justified in order to maintain it and for a certain amount of profit.  Want more riders?  Lower the cost enough so that more drivers use it.  The increased number of riders, even with lower tolls, will still provide the revenue needed to maintain it. And that should reduce the demands on Rt 7.  Kind of a simplistic explanation, but in essence it makes sense.  Vince.

While you’re at it why don’t you do something about the dulles toll road. That was paid over many years ago, yet we in Northern va are still paying. How isn’t that a crime? What a bunch of useless leaders….

They should at least modify the fee structure with different fees for Rush-hour, Non Rush-hour, leaving the Greenway at other exits (LCP, 606, CP, BR, etc.)

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