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Loudoun NAACP president questions his traffic stop: ‘Coincidence or sending a message’

Loudoun NAACP President Phillip Thompson is questioning a Dec. 19 traffic stop. Times-Mirror/Veronike Collazo
The president of the local NAACP branch says he is issuing a complaint against the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office for being pulled over on the same day he raised concerns over a race-related incident involving a Washington Redskins safety.

Phillip Thompson, the president of the NAACP in Loudoun, says the incident is “way too coincidental” for his liking.

“Sheriff Chapman I find it quite ironic that one of your deputies stops me on the same day I raise some critical issues about the Loudoun County Sheriffs’ Department in the media regarding the Cravens matter,” Thompson said in an email to Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) and Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D).

Thompson, who says he was pulled over for running a stop sign Tuesday, was referring to Washington Redskins safety Su'a Cravens' highly publicized complaint against the local sheriff's office. Cravens was pulled over for speeding Nov. 29, and he has accused the LCSO of racial profiling.

“I doubt anything will come of it, but, I want to go ahead and file a complaint even though the officer was an African American,” Thompson said to Chapman.”Way too coincidental for my liking, especially since I was behind two other cars at the stop sign.”

The Loudoun NAACP Twitter page made note of the traffic stop late Tuesday.

“Rather interesting that the President of the Loudoun County NAACP gets pulled over by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department on a bogus issue the same day he makes critical statement about the Suga Cravens’ stop and Driving While Black. Coincidence or sending a message?” Thompson said.

Chapman, in a reply to Thompson Wednesday morning, said he would look into the circumstances of Thompson's stop.

"As for Mr. Cravens, we already looked into the matter when his video came to light," Chapman said. "Cravens was driving 39 in a 25 MPH in a SCHOOL ZONE during school hours, with window tint so dark that nobody could see who was inside the car. Definitely not racial profiling, regardless of what Craven claims."

A Loudoun County Sheriff's Office spokesman told the Times-Mirror they were looking into Thompson's stop.


Seems to me, this is NOT a coincidence, seeing he has 5 other traffic violations in Loudoun alone dating back to 2009.  44/35 on 11/5/09.  55/35 on 10/14/10.  39/25 on 11/29/12.  Failure to Obey Highway sign (sound familiar?) on 2/4/16.  And Operating an Unlicensed Motor Vehicle on 2/4/16.  So perhaps, Mr. Thompson, your poor driving is actually the coincidence, not the color of your skin.

Thompson should resign his position as local president of NAACP. It’s a disgrace for him to even bring this up. He ran a stop sign(seems like he’s had other traffic violations too). I’m sure it’s not the first or last traffic violation but using race just shows how unprofessional this guy is. Really, who can take him seriously going forward on any issues?

Some people look for racism in everything that happens in life.  I would bet they think cows are racist since the milk they produce is white.

“I want to go ahead and file a complaint even though the officer was an African American,”
I’d bet the officer considers himself an American.

This guy constantly complains about EVERYTHING.  Everything is racist.  Everything is oppressive.  Give me a break.  Pay your ticket like everyone else that gets pulled over in LoCo.

Comments are comical and miss the whole point.  First some you need to look up the definition of bogus.  Second it’s thd coincidence issue right after speaking out.  As to Cravens doubt most of you are equipped to understand the issue. But ask yourself would a white women, even an impolite one have been cuffed and had their car searched. If you say yes, you also think the Republican tax cut will benefit you.

you were behind two cars and ran a stop..did they run it too? or was it a California roll. I would not question a black officer for pulling ME a white person over if I did wrong. I totally get there are issues in the world, but this seems like blowing hot air. And Skins dude was behind tinted glass and has no defense.

Have some integrity and admit that you broke a minor traffic law and did it within sight of a deputy. I for one am getting desensitized to your cries of racial injustice because people of color invoke it every time they get into trouble with law enforcement.

I give up.  Loudoun county is some fantasy land of victimhood and LCTM is more than happy to post this garbage for click bait ...

ALTHOUGH, westLOUNDOUNer did make me laugh, so I guess it was worth the click! Well done sir (or mam), don’t want to be gender specific around here, LOL!

Was the President of the NAACP thrown against the car?  No, he was more than likely polite and complied with the officer’s requests.  He was ticketed for rolling through a stop sign.  He can now argue his innocence in front of the judge.  Cravens didnt do that, he brought the TUDE and disrespect that comes with a body slam from the police regardless of the color of your skin….cops in Loudoun have always seemed professional—stinks getting a ticket, but be a man, own up to your infraction and move on…

Does Thompson think he is some kind of celebrity, that any deputy on the road would recognize?
Here is something that Thompson and the knucklehead Cravens need to understand: Do not break the law and you will not get in trouble. If you break the law by speeding or running a stop sign, and you get pulled over, do as the officer tells you to do and you will be alright. Stop blaming society, the President, the Sheriff and everyone else and start looking at yourself. I’m white and I’ve been pulled over a bunch of times- and earned every ticket I have ever received because I was guilty of the charges (speeding).

It has to be racial profiling.  I once ran a stop sign as well as sped on occasions and have not been pulled over even once & I’m white.  What more proof do you need then that.  I also saved $100 by switching to GEICO.

Phillip Thompson says he ran a stop sign and that a black officer stopped him, but he’ll file a complaint anyway.

Message #1: Don’t run stop signs.  It is very dangerous and people get killed for that bad driving behaviour.

This case is a bit different than the Cravens case.  In Cravens LCSO said they were running a standard operation targeting speeding in school zones.  A record should exist of that operation.  There are several other factors that can prove or disprove whether Cravens was profiled or simply pulled over for speeding.  In this case, unless it was capture d on a dashcam it is the officer’s word against the driver as to whether he actually ran the stop light or not.

I’m confused here….there can be no coincidence for being pulled over for “running a stop sign”. And as far as Cravens I’m still not quite sure what he’s trying to say. Typically, if a traffic infraction occurs and a law enforcement officer witnesses it you have a high probability of being pulled over.

Speeding in a school zone…. racial profiling…. RUNNING A STOP SIGN… racial profiling… SMH.  Is that the best you guys can come up with…

So, b/c you complained about an ABSOLUTELY LEGT traffic stop of a person speeding in a school zone…. you are supposed to be given a “TIME CLOCK” in which you are allowed to break the law before its “TOO COINCIDENTAL” to charge you with said crime…... Well I am sure glad you didn’t kill somebody…. would have been still TOO SOON to charge you….

you my dear sir broke the law - seriously do you think the LCP have time to search you out and racially profile you.

Don’t run stop signs?

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