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Loudoun officials address allegations against Delgaudio

For the first time since an accusatory story claiming Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) used county resources for political gain appeared on the front page of the Washington Post, county officials have confirmed they were aware of the allegations.

“When the board’s leadership team was made aware of these allegations against Supervisor Delgaudio, we asked that the complaint filed against Mr. Delgaudio be given to the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman for review,” reads a statement from the county’s public information office released Tuesday. “Mr. Plowman then referred the matter to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in Arlington for an independent assessment. Based on the information provided at that time, the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney did not recommend pursuing any charges against Mr. Delgaudio.”

The Post story, published Sept. 25, claimed that several former Delgaudio aides suspected they were tasked with inappropriate political duties while serving as an aide to the controversial supervisor.

County policy dictates that political activity mustn’t occur using county property or during county paid time.

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) is expected Wednesday during a regular business meeting to request a board vote on whether to conduct an independent investigation into allegations allegations of misconduct. Further, York will ask that the board have the Finance, Government Services & Operations Committee do a thorough review of all board aide policies.

The story also alleged that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into Delgaudio for this issue. The county statement, however, notes that the county administrator and the county attorney have not been contacted by the FBI.

“Regardless of any ongoing investigation by an outside party, it is imperative that this board investigate this matter to ensure the integrity of the Board of Supervisors, and take action if a member of the board has violated those standards,” the statement reads.

Delgaudio has made headlines often this year, largely on behalf of his duties as president of Public Advocate of the United States, a conservative nonprofit organization. Public Advocate has been designated as an anti-gay “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. On Sept. 26, a same-sex couple whose picture was used in an anti-gay political mailer sent out by Public Advocate filed a federal lawsuit against Delgaudio’s organization.

Delgaudio did not immediately return calls for comment.


LI, you’re right that it’s not about Stevens, it’s about the appearance of bias that is inevitable with a Board whose members are all from one party. And it’s about how to mitigate that bias. Don’t want Stevens on a committee? What about Susan Buckley, or Sally Kurtz?

LOL @ the bigots spinning to protect their boy, king of bigots DelGaudio. You guys aren’t too obvious.

You’re right, LI, it’s not about Stevens. It’s about whether the BOS will do the right thing and set up a bipartisan committee to look into the complaints that they’ve known about, and ignored, since March.

Don’t like the idea of Stevens on that committee? Okay, how about Chuck Harris? Or Jennifer Wexton? Or Susan Buckley?

What laws did Eugene break that should be investigated?  No one seems to want to address that.  If there were no laws that were broken, exactly what is there to investigate?

You can be sure those who work daily with Eugene Delgaudio know that he’s dirty…and now that it’s making news, they’ll get busy working out a way to toss him overboard and help nudge the spotlight of scrutiny away from the county building.

How is it that shortly after we elect a predominately Republican board we start hearing about investigations?  Could be a coincidence I guess?

This is not about Stevens Miller, even though he may wish it was.

There are laws and there are regulations—The CA doesn’t see criminal activity or laws being broken. Perhaps Loudoun’s County Attorney, John Roberts, should look at regulations and ordinances that relate to this matter. What about campaign finance reporting? Having the County contribute to your campaign should be properly reported to the Electoral Board.

Mr. Miller investigating the Delgaudio issue is laughable. I hope the County & Chairman say: thanks but no thanks to Miller. 

What is of more concern is that Jim Plowman sent the 3 page complaint to his buddy in Arlington.  Yes only 3 pages, none of the emails, phone logs, fundraising call sheets, County time sheets etc.  So if the Arlington CA actually investigated Ms. Mateer’s complaint, why didn’t Plowman send ALL the evidence Commonwealth Attorney Stamos?  She didn’t have all the info to make an informed decision.

Fred: I’m not offering to moderate. I’m offering to participate. Bi-partisan commissions are an accepted method of avoiding both the fact and the appearance of one-side partisan bias. What you call “the obvious bias” is necessary to counteract the obvious bias if only Republicans are allowed to investigate a Republican. I was happy to serve on the ZORC with Republican Bob Gordon as its chair. Someone of his known reputation for integrity would be an ideal person to lead this investigation. I’m offering to serve, not lead.


Fred, I hope that you, too, can see the obvious bias in an all-Republican Board investigating one of their members.

LOL, Stevens Miller investigating Eugene Delgaudio! Now that’s funny. 

Why is the FBI involved?  What federal law has Delgaudio violated?  I find no indication or allegation that he has broken any laws. Therefore it seems highly unlikely that the FBI would be involved.

That’s a kind offer Mr. Miller, but that makes as much sense as Bill Clinton moderating tomorrow night’s debate.  I hope you can see the obvious bias.

I have written to Mr. York, offering to serve on an ad hoc committee investigating the allegations against Mr. Delgaudio, so that obvious criticisms arising from an all-Republican board investigating one of its members can be avoided. I hope he will accept my offer.

Stevens Miller

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