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Loudoun officials go new route in Delgaudio investigation

Read the latest on the Eugene Delgaudio investigation here:
Delgaudio investigator on list of potential political donors

Loudoun County leadership changed course Friday on the investigation of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio by suspending an administrative review and again tapping the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney to look into the complaints against the controversial supervisor.

The move comes just days after it was reported that Loudoun officials had retained the services of a former FBI agent to lead the inquiry into whether Delgaudio, a Sterling Republican, directed former staff aide Donna Mateer to set up appointments with potential campaign donors.

Loudoun County policy dictates that political activity must not occur using county property or during county paid time

According to Friday’s announcement, Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman requested the Circuit Court appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the complaint made by Meteer. The court obliged, selecting Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Theophani Stamos, who looked into the incident previously, but without all pertinent documents. Plowman handed off the case to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

“The request was based on additional material provided to the Commonwealth’s Attorney by the [Loudoun] county attorney [Jack Roberts] that had not previously been reviewed,” according to a Loudoun County press release.

It was not immediately clear what the new material contained. Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) has not responded to numerous calls and emails seeking comment.

In early October, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to initiate an investigation into the complaint against Delgaudio. On Oct. 26 the county hired the FBI agent, Dan Wright, without any announcement or information of the case’s advancement.

Wright was expected to partner with attorney Amy Hutchens on the case, according to a letter from the county attorney to Wright. Hutchens, an attorney with Watermark Risk Management International, formerly served as associate general counsel at M.C. Dean, an electrical and systems integration firm that has made numerous a political contributions to Delgaudio.

At the board’s Nov. 7 meeting, Charles King, an attorney representing Delgaudio, urged the board during public comment to reconsider the selections of the investigators, considering the appearance of conflict of interest.

“Supervisor Delgaudio objects to the choice of these investigators that have been hired by the county,” King said. “His concern is these particular investigators have ties to Loudoun County, which create an appearance of impropriety, which will taint the investigation.”

King went on to state the the Sterling supervisor worries he’ll be denied a fair hearing.

“Even if [Delgaudio] wins, he could lose,” King said.

Also during public comment Nov. 7, Dulles resident Larry Roeder addressed the board to speak more on Delgaudio’s private work as president of Public Advocate of the United States The non-profit organization was recently labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Roeder, a Democrat who ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2011, said Delgaudio’s colleagues are partially responsible for allowing the Sterling supervisor’s prejudice to go on.

“Mr. Delgaudio’s long tirade against the gay, lesbian, transgender community is abject prejudice, bigotry,” Ruder said. “He needs to be removed from all positions of responsibility in the board of supervisors. Otherwise, it seems to me that the board of supervisors is in essence endorsing his bigotry―giving him a stand upon which to attack citizens throughout the county.”

Public Advocate, which is managed predominantly by Delgaudio, is currently the defendant of a federal lawsuit in Colorado for the unauthorized use of a gay couple’s wedding photo in anti-homosexual propaganda.

Public Advocate’s lawyer motioned to dismiss the case in Colorado Nov. 2.


Troy: Yes, they do. They were required by law to either do so or turn over the documents by November 1. Instead, they had the county attorney apologize on November 9 for not getting back to us within the required time period, and oh, by the way, the documents are part of an active investigation.

Under what grounds did they deny the FOIA request?  Don’t they have to cite why the document is exempt from FOIA in their response?

There’s also no reason to assume that Eugene Delgaudio is the only supervisor (past or present) who has to worry where all this might lead.  Inquiring minds are about to find out…

“It was not immediately clear what the new material contained.”

Real Advocate PAC submitted a FOIA demand for this very material back on October 24. The county, which by law must respond to such a demand or request an extension within five working days, finally responded today by refusing to turn over the documents.

The only role the Board has played in this matter from the beginning is to hide the evidence. There is no reason to believe that this will change, or that Delgaudio wasn’t involved in this decision just as he has been involved in every other decision regarding the investigation of his own conduct. There is no reason to expect that the Board won’t do everything in their power to continue protecting him and withholding evidence from the prosecutor.

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