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Loudoun police association announces endorsements—but staying out of sheriff’s race

The Loudoun County Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association on Thursday released its endorsements for local offices with one key race missing: sheriff.

The association endorsed candidates that represented in their answers why their experience and values make them qualified to represent the commonwealth's voters.

The endorsed candidates, it said, demonstrated “that they are committed to making strong, effective law enforcement and the safety of the community a priority in their campaign.”

Republican incumbent Mike Chapman, Democrat Brian Allman and Steven Simpson, an independent and former Loudoun sheriff, are vying for the sheriff's seat.

Sean Dikeman, the association's Loudoun County Chapter president, said in a press release today that the association's screening committee decided not to endorse a candidate in the race “because both candidates scored very close on the screening grade sheets and neither stood out as the clear choice for endorsement.”

Allman, in an email today, said Dikeman requested an interview with the candidate to which he declined.

“I not only refused, but I was not interested in their endorsement for I am beholden to no one. I refuse to accept political donations too,” Allman said. (See Democratic candidate tees off on Loudoun police association)

The following candidates were recipients of endorsement:

Board of Supervisors – Chairperson: Phyllis J. Randall (D)

Board of Supervisors – Algonkian
Suzanne Volpe (R)

Board of Supervisors – Ashburn
Mike Turner (D)

Board of Supervisors – Blue Ridge
Tony Buffington (R)

Board of Supervisors – Broad Run
Ronald “Ron” Meyer Jr. (R)

Board of Supervisors – Catoctin
Geary Higgins (R)

Board of Supervisors – Dulles
Matthew Letourneau (R)

Board of Supervisors – Leesburg
William “Will” Estrada (R)

Board of Supervisors – Sterling
Koran Saines (D)

Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney
James “Jim” Plowman (R)

“These candidates’ knowledge and experience on issues that are important to law enforcement professionals make them deserving recipients of our endorsement. The Loudoun County Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association is proud to put our support behind these candidates and asks that the citizens of Virginia do the same. A vote for these candidates is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve," said Loudoun County Chapter President Sean Dikeman said in a statement.

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I love it when INSIDER and FH argue with himself

Lawman- You have no law enforcement training or don’t understand those in the profession. An offender of just about any age, race or sex can kill a peace officer. Maybe law enforcement officers should get stabbed, shot or run over with a vehicle before they can utilize deadly force. Don’t think you would get too many volenteers if these are the new standards. As FH indicates, the Supreme Court has set the guidelines for these unfortunate situations.

I guess for some who use a name to insinuate a profession, don’t understand United Supreme Court rulings either that outline how use of force issues are to be judged. 

The fact is that Monday morning quarterbacking is so easy to do when you have time to break it all down either by minutes or even hours. 

That is how it cannot be judged and this is case law. Yet someone who uses a name implying a profession should know this?  Maybe it is this person who is in need of additional training? 

It seems that Insider understands this, but I am not sure others do at all.

@Insider, if you are shooting little old ladies, then maybe it is you and the other officers who don’t know what the heck you are doing.  If you had shot a little old white lady, all your tails would have been going through additional training.

I’m not sure what is more telling.  The non endorsement by the PBA for any candidate running for Sheriff, or the lack of understanding by an attorney for use of force case law and its application toward deciding criminal charges.

You know that annoying little group of people who have ruled on cases that outline and frame these determinations. Oh what is this groups name??....

Oh yea, The Unites States Supreme Court!

Get off your high horse Bob. It’s very easy to sit back in the security of your office and take all the time in the world to review the actions of others. You may be familiar with law enforcement but you know nothing about actually doing the job. I would love to see you defend yourself or the lives of others if confronted with an armed individual.

Been there, done that!

As an interviewee I can state the interviewers were very courteous yet asked no questions nor made any comments other than the prepared three questions. I would have been shocked yet appreciative had they shown a sincere interest in how a police force would be better respected if it did not rely on the 21 foot rule to justify shooting a child attempting suicide within seconds of arriving at the scene in Purcellville or an older, diminutive female COSTCO employee with mental problems versus 5 deputies. Apparently it remains quite comforting to the police union to have a Commonwealth Attorney who easily waives prosecution or even a thorough review of police embezzlements, shootings, over charges, assaults etc. The C.A. seems to easily recuse his office from cases if deputies, supervisors etc are involved. The community is the client not entrenched political interests. AFter years on the Loudoun Crime Commission Board and decades as a lawyer I have a deep respect for the police however the disciplined transition from non-lethal to lethal tools is proving to be imaginary even if the current C.A. refuses to see it. Both the COSTCO case and the shooting of the minor in Purcellville will be re-opened if I am elected and the 21 foot rule will not be blindly accepted as an excuse to shoot someone’s son or mother when tactical withdrawal was available yet ignored.
R. Ohneiser Esq.
Candidate for Commonwealth Attorney

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