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UPDATED: Loudoun School Board member supports eliminating the U.S. Dept. of Education

Loudoun County School Board member Bill Fox (Leesburg) believes the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated or phased out, and Fox is endorsing a like-minded candidate for Congress -- the conservative firebrand state Del. Bob Marshall.

Marshall, a leading voice for the far right in Virginia, is one of six Republicans vying for the GOP nomination in Virginia's 10th Congressional District. The seat will come open through this November's election with the retirement of veteran U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R).

In a letter announcing his support for Marshall's campaign, Fox said he agrees with the delegate's “recognition that the Federal Department of Education provides no value added to children and educators, and accordingly should be eliminated or phased out.”

“Although we may not agree on every point of policy, I feel that you are the only legitimate candidate in the race who takes seriously the conservative values of liberty and limited government,” Fox stated to Marshall. “Specifically, I strongly support your education platform regarding encouraging and fostering school choice ...”

Speaking to the Times-Mirror about his position, Fox said the Department of Education has “had precisely zero impact on educational outcomes.”

“Both reading and math scores have been essentially flat since its creation in 1979,” Fox said. “The value of the Department of Education, just like every department, should be assessed by its results, not its budget. Without demonstrable improvement in outcomes, it is a $70 billion waste of money.”

Fox said “every policy” the department enacts takes decision-making away from local and state control. The most glaring example, he said, is the No Child Left Behind Act, which was approved overwhelmingly by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2002. Fox called No Child Left Behind “a monstrosity intended to define for every school in the nation what accountability should look like.”

"Public education has always been considered to be under the purview of the state," he said. "Finding authority in the Constitution for the federal government to take over education strains credulity."

The elimination of the department “would be a win for both the cause of Liberty and common sense,” Fox added.

The U.S. Department of Education, which operates on a $67 billion budget, establishes educational policy and administers and coordinates most federal assistance to education. According to the department's website, its elementary and secondary programs serve nearly 16,900 school districts and approximately 50 million students attending more than 98,000 public schools and 28,000 private schools annually.

“Department programs also provide grant, loan, and work-study assistance to more than 13 million post-secondary students,” the department's website states. “That said, it is important to point out that education in America is primarily a state and local responsibility, and ED's budget is only a small part of both total national education spending and the overall Federal budget.”

The Leesburg School Board member considered a campaign for the 10th Congressional District seat himself before deciding against it, the conservative blog The Bull Elephant reported in February.

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Well this guys seems like he should totally be making decisions for our kids education future.  Am I right?

Way to go Leesburg for voting in this psycho.

Sounds like more of the baby boomers ruining this county because they are bitter they failed their parents so much.

Baby Boomers will bring this country down because they cant stop fighting fights from 1968.

Move out of the way boomers.  Let the next generation fix your greed and failure.

Basically old white guys suck.

I also support eliminating the Dept of Education, which has never educated a child. I also support eliminating the Dept of Energy, that has never produced any energy. However, even with those views I do no support Del. Marshall and think Mr. Fox’s endorsement of Marshall was a little over the top for a School Board Member. Perhaps he forgot his next election?

The US Department of Education does not employ a single teacher and does not educate a singled child. Yet they manage to spend $67 billion a year?  $67 billion a year on overhead? I saw all options are on the table.

What a response from Mr. Bill Fox.  Apparently, now, he is taking back his words, since he apparently spoke them in a reckless and hurried manner.  How’s that for thinking on your feet, eh, Mr. Fox?  Perhaps you should let all those who have questions for you submit them in writing, a week in advance of your issuing a statement.  Would that allow you enough time to give a thoughtful response to an important question? As to your memory, maybe you, and any questioning reporter, can go to the web site Too Conservative, where you blogged to your hearts content that you were going to run for State Senate, only darn, you changed your mind.

There was a song titled Laugh, laugh I thought I’d cry until now I didn’t realize it was named after the poster who uses that name here. Facts are needed here not the confusion and divide tactics some politico’s use. I don’t think Reid is going anywhere but Fox does seem like he is limited in his current position. Does he live in the 33rd and what a fine senator he would make if so!

Is it really appropriate that a school board member so political?  I mean their responsibilities are pretty narrow, and it is scary to think any supporter of Bob Marshall is in a position of influence when it comes to educating children.

Well, I am so glad to hear about another of Mr. Fox’s “proclamations” on subjects near and dear to him.  Like, his “proclamations” that, one, he’s running for State Senate (and then announces he’s not), two, that he’s running for Congress (and then announces he’s not), and now three, that Mr. Fox has earthshattering views of Federal Agencies.  Maybe Mr. Fox can challenge Ken Reid for the republican nomination for supervisor next year, so that we can keep these proclamations coming.

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