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Loudoun School Board members attempt to censure Maloney for arrest at Trump rally

Loudoun School Board member Joy Maloney was arrested Aug. 2 at the Trump rally in Ashburn. Times-Mirror/Buzz Covington
Three members of the Loudoun County School Board tried to discuss censuring Joy Maloney (Broad Run) at last night's meeting for her arrest at a Donald Trump rally on Aug. 2 at Briar Woods High School.

Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge) and Eric DeKenipp (Catoctin) co-wrote a resolution to formally express the School Board’s disapproval of Maloney’s actions at the rally. Jeff Morse (Dulles) voted in support of discussing the matter, however there weren’t enough votes to go forward with it on Tuesday night.

“When a School Board member willfully refuses to follow police orders on school property in front of thousands of people and was literally dragged to a police car, that is a concern of the board,” said DeKenipp. “I was elected on a platform of accountability and tonight I’m here to hold one of my own in to account.”

Chairman Eric Hornberger (Ashburn), Brenda Sheridan (Sterling), Tom Marshall (Leesburg) and Beth Huck (At Large) voted to oppose discussing the incident because they said it was not School Board business. Debbie Rose (Algonkian) was absent for the vote.

Hornberger and Turgeon argued whether or not the board needs a majority vote to bring up discussion about something that is not on the agenda. LCPS attorney Stephen DeVita was asked to weigh in. He said board policy does require a majority vote to so so, but board members can request to add information items to the agenda seven days in advance of the meeting.

Turgeon said she’d rather get the discussion over with and move on. She said she is formally adding the motion to the agenda for the board’s next meeting on Sept. 13.

During the meeting Maloney thanked the people who have supported her. She tried to explain what led to her arrest, but she was told by Hornberger to save her comments for the discussion of her censure.

According to the initial response from Kraig Troxell, spokesman for the sheriff's office, deputies assigned to Briar Woods High School for Tuesday's rally were made aware a woman who interfered with the line waiting to get inside the event.

Maloney, according to Troxell, stepped in front of several attendees waiting to go inside. She was asked to go back in line and refused to do so before sitting on the ground.

“As this was a private event contracted through Loudoun County Public Schools, the organizers revoked her ticket and she continued to refuse to leave the premises,” Troxell said.

Maloney, 45, of Broadlands, was charged with trespassing and taken into custody after she continued to remain seated and refused to leave.

Maloney was taken before a Loudoun magistrate and released on a $1,000 unsecured bond.

Maloney was seen moments before the arrest in a live interview with Voice of America wearing a "Love Trumps Hate" sticker on her shirt. Maloney told the VOA reporter she wasn't sure if she was going to go into the rally or not, even though she'd waited in line and had a ticket to the event. She said she wanted to understand why people in her community are supporting Trump.

Alex Levay, a lawyer representing Maloney, said she temporarily stepped out of line for the Facebook Live interview. When she tried to get back in her place in line with her friends, Trump supporters behind her became irked. The commotion got the attention of Trump campaign staff who asked police to remove Maloney. That's when Maloney sat down and refused to leave her place in line and was then arrested for trespassing, said Levay.

The Loudoun County Republican Committee quickly called for Maloney to resign from the School Board in response to her arrest.

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee released a statement in support of Maloney and said the LCRC’s statement about the arrest was “full of misstatements and political positioning.”

Will Estrada, chairman of the LCRC, said Friday his group is backing off demands for Maloney's resignation because he misunderstood why she was arrested. Estrada was initially told Maloney was attempting to block people from entering the rally, but eventually learned she was arrested only for allegedly cutting in line.

Maloney is scheduled to appear in Loudoun County General District Court on Sept. 14. If convicted she faces a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail and $2,500 in fines.


re: “we can’t even have a normal discourse without someone yelling racist, sexist, bigot, etc., to simply to shut down the conversation.”  

tRump pens journalists in corner like animals, yells obscenities. encourages violence, shuts down valid questions, denies accurate reporting of his exact words, mocks disabled journalist, tells female reporter to “be quiet,” encourages rallying mobs to challenge reporters (secret service has to walk reporter to car). . .

“brands” people, kicks people out of rallies w/ “knock the crap” out of them, “I’d like to punch him in the face,” will “pay legal fees” to supporters who rough up protestors, and “hit a number of those speakers so hard, their heads would spin.” “They’d never recover. . .”

insults gold star families, retweets 75+ comments from white nationalists, demeans large swaths of American immigrants and religious groups, objectifies women, flirts with Russian hackers & strongmen, ignores campaign advice to be more presidential or even civil. . .

earns 75% falsehood ratings by fact checkers - YOU LIE

“WAKE UP EVERYONE!  Look at our children.  Do you really want them to grow up in [his] America?!”

Each day the Trump supporters have another mountain of evidence to explain away.

They are starting to remind me of Baghdad Bob…

Fighting over trivial b.s. is exactly what they want. What will it take for people to realize our elections are a complete sham.  Now is the time for ALL of us to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves how did we let this happen? Are we going to stand up for what is right or going to let them rule us with fear. The choice is ours.

Reading all the posts regarding the coming election make me sad for America.  I give you that we could do much better than Trump, but to blindly follow Clinton is very disturbing to me.  Just look at what the last seven years have given us Loudoun.  The leadership has torn our country apart and has fellow Americans acting like children on a schoolyard.  Our politicians have divided us by ethnicity, race, gender, income levels, religion, sexual preference, and on and on and on ... so they can better control the masses.  Heck, we can’t even have a normal discourse without someone yelling racist, sexist, bigot, etc., to simply to shut down the conversation.  WAKE UP EVERYONE!  Look at our children.  Do you really want them to grow up in this America?!  I want my children to be better off than I, like I am sure you all do as well. 

However, if we have another four or, god forbid, eight years of this same political BS, the American dream will not be available to them.  BOTH candidates are horrible, but who in their right mind would subject themselves to this process to become president other than a complete and utter narcissist (e.g. Trump AND Hillary)?!

I am going to hold my nose at the poll and elect who I think can do the least damage to this country, but another four years of the same $%#& will crush your children’s future.

Don’t let socialism ruin this country ... America has been exceptional for a reason.

The Left loves to immediately jump to calling people racists and bigots to shut them up because they can’t debate on the facts.  SGP nailed the response and I would like to add the Hillary started the birther movement.  Trump may not be my first choice but I’m going to speak out against the lies coming from the Left.

Equity - She was arrested for trespassing.  She was an unwanted guest.  The people paying for the venue thought it over and asked her to leave due to her disruptive behavior.  But instead she stomped on others peoples right to assemble and disrespected the police orders. Her solution was to plop on the ground like a spoiled brat and be hauled off like a criminal.  Not someone you want making complex decisions in the school budget and how the schools are run…poor showing for the democrats on this one.

GrayGhost, absolutely nothing gets by you!

Given my victories against Loudoun officials in court (outside Loudoun courts of course) including when acting pro se, clearly I don’t understand the difference between refuse and recuse. Maybe you should ask Irby why she wouldn’t even let me argue my recusal motion in open court.

Income inequality is a talking point for most but it is a challenging problem. Clinton wants to redistribute wealth annually to “solve ” it. Never mind that makes folks dependent on govt. That’s a plus for her. Trump is advocating the only tenable solution.  For supporting those policies, he is called a racist and hate monger. Maloney and her democrat friends would have Trump banned from Loudoun! The left has perfected name calling and mindless identity politics. They even appear proud of it.

Who else exactly is going to give the unskilled a hand? Nobody.

Virginia SGP, the word you’re looking for is “recuse,” not refuse. Based on your statement “He is not my first pick but Trump loves uneducated folks,” we can see why you’re on board with him.

Meanwhile, back to the issue at hand…let’s not pretend that censure actually means something significant or has any real consequence. It is merely a formal proclamation that “you have been bad” and we are obligated to tell you so! Regardless of party affiliation, it is nothing more than silly political posturing and I think elected officials have better things to concentrate on.

mephisto, pass along uncorroborated statements much? The Washington Post said at best, that quote about blacks being lazy was secondhand, written down years later, and denied by Trump. Surely, more anecdotes would emerge if he felt that way. If true, it would undermine his entire campaign. But we need more than secondhand hearsay from disgruntled employees.

And Trump never combined the reference to presidents as you falsely attributed to him. Accuracy just isn’t important to you, eh?

The judge in his case has not refused himself. Nearly all judges attempt to be impartial. That judge works in a professional organization that gives scholarships to illegal aliens. We clearly see Maloney is not impartial in exercising her official duties. While I don’t support this judge refusing himself, Trump’s suggestion is not outrageous nor racist. If the judge supported enforcing immigration laws, I am sure Trump would never have made such comments.

Support for a candidate doesn’t mean the candidate will help those supporters. Just as we don’t expect Clinton to reject votes from the militant portion of Black Lives Matter, Trump can’t be expected to go around calling out every offender. Maybe Clinton can tell all the newly registered felons (pedophiles included) she doesn’t want their votes?

He is not my first pick but Trump loves uneducated folks (often low-skilled). Unlike your party which uses them for votes, he will take actions to improve their wages and he won’t contribute $100b/yr to third world climate funds like Clinton.

good grief - cutting in line warrants arrest? only in tRump’s mercia. . .

why NO outrage fr western LoCo politicians when bff DA LaRock was arrested for destruction of private property during 2013 campaign?

[tea partiers] then “shut down discussion. . . not surprising they will not hold one of their ilk accountable for acting like a 2 year old. . . for the nation [& his son & LoCo] to see….great example (sarcasm)”

“Lawbreakers, be they school board members or Secretary of State [OR western LoCo’s own lawbreaker, VA House of Representatives DA LaRock] should not get a get out of jail free pass.”

accountability. . .

she is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Loudoun County Public Schools. And while I can understand the low information liberals commenting here for excusing her buffoonery, shame on the other board members who gave her a pass.

Notwithstanding Virginia SGP’s assurances to the contrary,  the facts suggest that maybe Trump is a racist:

- he has refused to condemn white supremacists who campaign for him
- he has said a judge couldn’t do his job fairly since he was a Mexican
- and don’t forget his “birther” shtick about Obama…

and comments like this one make it hard for his apologists to change the subject:

“I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”  (New York TImes, 7/23/2016)

The headline is a little misleading. The motion was for discussion, not censure. It seemed to me that while Mr. DeKenipp seems to support formal censure, Ms. Turgeon was indicating an interest in discussing the incident but not necessarily censuring Ms. Maloney.

Now you did it, you said “Accountability”! As long as Obama and the Democrats are running the show there will NEVER BE ACCOUNTABILITY!

Lawman demonstrates why nobody can believe a word that comes out of a liberal’s mouth:

1. Trump has never suggested deporting US citizens.

2. Trump is not racist.  He simply wants laws enforced, something that other politicians say they want but then never do.  Trump has never suggested changing the overall immigration limits, just ensuring they are legal immigrants.

3. Lawman suggests we discriminate against private parties using public facilities based on their viewpoint.  That is clearly unconstitutional, is why LCPS is currently in federal court under civil rights charges, and shows that the “Lawman” doesn’t even understand the Constitution he likely swore to uphold and protect.

Lawless man - what Trump policy is racist and/or xenaphobic???  please point to one, crickets….

First who thought it was a good ideal to grant access to a public school to a person whose policy is xenophobic and racist and could result in a significant reduction in the number of students in the school system and could result in the Valedictorian of the very school this nativist nonsense was going on being illegally deported.  This is sheer and utter nonsense Loudoun County Public Schools are the one’s that should be censured.

Given that Maloney’s actions were not “school board business”, she cannot claim to be acting on behalf of the school board in attending the Trump rally.  There goes one possible defense out the window.

Board members were crazy to oppose this discussion.  For one, Rose wasn’t there so that would have limited it some already.  This meeting was short and without a big attendance.  Now, the discussion will be in front of the whole board with a larger public audience.  Maloney’s defenders won the battle and lost the war.

Liberals shut down discussion of the item - not surprising they will not hold one of their ilk accountable for acting like a 2 year old and being hauled off in handcuffs for the nation to see….great example (sarcasm), and what a weak pathetic school board to allow this type of behavior represent them - I have zero respect for this governing body (same amount of respect Maloney showed the police) and it is a shame we have to pay for this dysfunctional group.

What next? Will school board members stop their cars on Route 7 at 5:00 and ask why are people voting for Trump. Lawbreakers, be they school board members or Secretary of State should not get a get out of jail free pass. Do that at a Redskin game and you pay for your crime possibly “inciting a riot” charge.

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