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Loudoun School Board returns $31.7 million to county

After a spring already marred by budget woes, the Loudoun County School Board voted to return $31.7 million left over from school capital projects back to the county.

At an April 2 School Board meeting, the board voted 7-0, with two members absent, to approve the consent agenda, which included returning the funds.

Though the board voted to return the money, in reality, they have few options otherwise. The funds for school building projects are voted on as bond referendums and may only go toward their originally stated purpose. The board typically returns money every year.

More than $20 million of the surplus came from lower land costs than previously anticipated, including $11 million saved from the John Champe High School site and $9 million from MS-7.

Another $10 million came from lowered construction costs.

Last year, the School Board returned $20.7 million in capital surplus.


#1 reason for attracting, paying fairly, and keeping great teachers:

“teacher’s”  should be teachers (diff. between plural and possessive)

Maybe the deputies and the teacher’s should have taken the pay-scale into consideration before accepting jobs here in Loudoun County. Because other counties overpay their deputies and teacher’s is no reason for Loudoun County to do so.
uhhh next year when there is no 31 million dollar surplus how do you expect to pay for your wasteful 10% pay increase? The money should be used for capitial projects or to pay down the debt.

What excuse will they use now to not give teachers, deputies, and fire-rescue raises?...Unbelievable!


Use this money to give teachers and Deputies a 10% raise across the board.

How about living with the budget passed last night and do not fund the decrease of the school budget increase.
This money should be put towards future capital improvement project not towards a Sheriff’s department budget boondoggle!

A no-brainer; this will fund more than was previously slashed from LCPS budget and take care of the LCSO overtime overage .

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