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Loudoun School Board votes to implement intermediate school to ease overcrowding in Dulles

The Loudoun County School Board voted Dec. 13 to implement an intermediate school in 2018 to help ease severe overcrowding in Dulles secondary schools.

The large rezoning moves hundreds of Dulles students ahead of the opening of two new schools. A new Dulles middle school (MS-7) is slated to open in 2018 and a new Dulles high school (HS-9) is set to open in 2020 or 2021.

MS-7 will serve as an intermediate school for students in grades eight and nine. Students in grades six and seven will attend Mercer Middle School and students in grades 10-12 will go to John Champe High School.

The School Board’s plan is to use the intermediate school for two or three years, depending on whether the Board of Supervisors approves accelerating construction of HS-9.

Plan 8, the attendance zone the board voted to adopt, will not move students living south of Route 50 to schools north of the busy road, which earlier plans had proposed. A large group of parents spoke at public hearings about the logistical and safety challenges of crossing Route 50 during heavy traffic times.

Jeff Morse (Dulles), who proposed Plan 8, said he wrote it with a strategy in mind that would make the best use of the facilities available to get through a period with unusually high enrollment projections.

“We pay the piper up front with overcrowding because we know what’s coming down the road,” said Morse. “The footprint of Stone Hill and Rock Ridge has over 6,000 unbuilt units—they’re coming and we don’t know how fast they’re coming.”

The board voted 8-1 in favor of Plan 8, with Joy Maloney (Broad Run) opposing.

Maloney said she opposed the plan because it makes enrollment higher at Eagle Ridge Middle School and Broad Run High School, two schools she represents.


WHEN will the BOS DEMAND LCPS do an audit of its proffer referrals which in my experience/opinion after 8 years on the school board drastically and deliberately underestimate the actual student generation figures for high density developments? This is why (again in my opinion) we are even considering the highly inefficient increase in school transitions by adding an intermediate school. Does anyone believe the extra buses and drivers needed to carry this limited population to one school will be efficient and not waste student time on extra long bus trips? Where is the input pushing for co-located schools so the balance of seats can be more fungible between grades without impacting transportation or the student investment in getting to and from school? Perhaps “ONE” principal should manage a co-located campus as well.
Bob O__ Esq.

RasberryHound- I totally agree with you. Where did this school calendar come from? It is absolutely ridiculous! Three weeks off at Christmas? Who was this schedule designed to please? People who travel to far, far away places during the winter holidays? Unbelievable. The kids will be sweltering in the schools in August. I find it hard to believe that this new schedule won the poll LCPS mailed out.

I get this is news too, but not reporting that the board also passed the most ridiculous school calendar at this session is just poor journalism. 

The 2017-2018 calendar starts school a full week and a half BEFORE Labor Day on 24 August, starts Christmas Break the full week BEFORE Christmas (on a Monday next year) on 12/18 and returns kids to school on 2 January.  Not to mention two different times in the fall and spring respectively where kids will repeatedly only have 4 day school weeks, making it very hard for working parents and disrupting students’ schedules and routines.  They will have 7 days off over 7 weeks in Oct-Nov and another 4 days in 6 weeks in Jan-Feb. 

The board has had some wacky calendars in the past, but this one is just crazy.

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