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Update: Loudoun schools closed Wednesday

UPDATE, 5:39 a.m. Feb. 7: Loudoun County Public School officials have upgraded the previous delay to a full closure because of the weather. Administrative offices will open at 10 a.m.

ORIGINAL STORY: Loudoun County Public Schools officials announced tonight that schools are on a two-hour delay for Wednesday, with administrative offices opening on time.

Half-day kindergarten morning sessions will begin two hours late. These students will remain in school for two hours and will leave school one hour later than usual. Afternoon sessions will begin one-hour late and remain in school for two hours, dismissing at the regular time.

Because the weather forecast is uncertain, the decision may change to a closure. If the status of Loudoun County Public Schools changes, staff and the public will be notified as soon as possible, LCPS officials said.

The DC-Baltimore National Weather Service says Loudoun is likely to experience freezing rain and sleet early. The entire county is under a winter weather advisory, with the largest threat being ice accumulation, according to the NWS.


Bob - you posted on the article about the closing Monday that there is a conspiracy going on with these closings - what did you mean by “connect the dots” on that one - please elaborate

What possible explanation justifies the requirement that LCPS administrators show up but not teachers?  We can clearly swap out the teacher workday in the early spring for today by having this be a teacher workday.  Every other adult in Loudoun is required to work today except teachers.

Without making a judgment about the $6.5 Million spent per day for a closed school system or the perceived risk to children let’s look at what the possible problems here really are:
Is it that VDOT is not capable of maintaining the roads in a safe condition or do they limit their budget well below what we need and pay for in income tax sent to Richmond?
Is it that LCPS refuses to demand its janitorial staff prepare school grounds to be safe even if that means showing up hours before opening to insure safety?
Is it the concern that having the school philosophy of open no matter what could result in children chowing up and teachers not?
What reason could safety of administrators not be an issue as they are expected to show up at 10am but the roads are unsafe for everyone else? Let’s understand that we can’t control the weather but we should be able to control safety but only if we agree someone should prepare for it and be disciplined enough to adjust to it. If fear is the issue then parents should keep their child home but given schools are community resources that are DESIGNED TO BE USED AND AVAILABLE IN EMERGENCIES they should ALWAYS be accessible.
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

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