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Updated: Loudoun Sheriff’s Office deputy under investigation for embezzlement

The Fairfax Field Office of the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating a member of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office for embezzlement.

According to Corinne Geller, public relations director for the Virginia State Police, the investigation began at the behest of Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. Thus far, no one has been arrested or charged.

Chapman confirmed not only the investigation, but that a search warrant was executed in connection to the case.

The investigation came after some restructuring that took place Oct. 11, Chapman said, moving officers between the criminal investigations and patrol divisions. He would not give any more specifics on the officer's position.

“When that occurred and people had to move and they were in a process of handing over their responsibilities, this issue surfaced,” Chapman said.

By Oct. 15, Chapman said it was clear “something unusual of criminal nature” had occurred. He then contacted the Virginia State Police to conduct an investigation.

The person under investigation is currently under administrative leave, although the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is declining to name him publicly.

In addition to the state police's criminal investigation, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is conducting an internal investigation to see whether any administrative or general orders were violated.

Currently, only one person is implicated in the scandal, but it is still early in the investigation, Chapman said. Additionally, though he wouldn't disclose the amount of money believed to be embezzled until the formal process is complete, he stated it was "a significant amount."

This is an ongoing story. More information will be added as it becomes available.


I still have a problem with sherrif’s dept spending more money then in his budget. Also, unsure who decides where patrol cars should sit???? They seem more interested in catching someone speeding(4 lane parkway where speed limit is 35 but should be 40) then driving on route 7 and catching kids in front seat or unbuckled, people texting(probably why we’ve seen so many accidents lately), and tags that expired(some more then a year).

Something’s not right here.  The sheriff didn’t say anything about this problem until this blog http://thebullelephant.com/ broke the story and then did an update.  The embezzlement’s been going on for years, right under the Sheriff’s nose and he did nothing. All is not well in the sheriff’s office. His top deputies are miserable and the deputies on the roads are unhappy too.  Sounds like this guy is in a job that is way over his head.  The job’s too much for him. He can’t handle it.

“Go Hounds” aka Chapman PR team member…
Seriously, not a very good attempt at trying to deflect the blame for this from Chapman.  He’s been the Sheriff for two years and this is just coming to light?  What about the “expert” Fed buddies of his who are running the show…. didn’t they bother to monitor things?  The LCSO is PR people are beginning to sound like Obama - just blame Bush for everything.  Cripes, two years and you all are still trying to blame the old regime.  Silly.
It would be nice if Chapman, instead of hiding behind “prepared statements”, would actually hold a press conference when he has to deal with these major problems.  But wait, he would actually have to answer questions if he did that. 
It’s sad when it takes inquiries from the press to bring to light issues such as this.  You said the did a press release, well yes he did, only after the media got a hold of it.  If the media had not found out about this would the public ever have known about their missing tax dollars?  I think we have a right to know how much is missing and why routine audits did not uncover this….. perhaps Chapman isn’t doing audits, after all, he was millions over budget last year. 
This is just one more major issue that begs more questions about this Sheriff.

I’m willing to give the Sheriff the benefit of the doubt on this one, too. Right now, it appears to be a lone bad apple, not something systemic. Sheriff Chapman brought in the State Police, and we’re all waiting to see what they find. Sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant, and it appears that the Sheriff is bringing in lots of sunlight.

While Sheriff Chapman did not get my vote in the last election, I was impressed with what he had to say at the community “coffee” he held last week. It wasn’t just the recitation of script, either, as nearly the whole session was taken up by the Q&A.

“Go Hounds”

The problem is that Chapman is shady with the truth.  The re-org was coincidental to the discovery.  In fact, the unit supervisor had developed some concern that was confirmed by the agency’s budget officer when she tried to write a check and the cash wasn’t there.  Had nothing to do with Chapman moving folks around. 

It’ll be entertaining though to sit back and watch him try to spin this one.  As always, no concept of a leader accepting responsibility.

“In the know”

    You don’t even make sense. How is this the current Sheriff’s fault? I have read all three articles and it appears very clear that this was a long term problem that was discovered after the Sheriff conducted “personnel moves” within the department.
    A search on the county website lists the LCSO with 700+ employees. One employee getting caught in a scandal is in no way an example of a department with low moral. Its an example of an employee breaking the law, and taking advantage of a position of trust. Nothing more. 
    With the sheriff turning it over to State Police I think that was the best move. What else could he do? As a tax payer that is what I want to happen.
    I also look at this as a good thing. The old regime didn’t catch the problem and who knows if they were involved. I remember the last election had investigations concerning Simpson taking money from convicted felons. One of which is now in federal prison. Allegations of friends of Simpson getting off DUI’s and other arrests. And lets not forget the law suit he was in dealing with his private business that was run on county time. Yet you imply things were better under Simpson… That doesn’t even make sense.
    If Chapman had something to hide why would he bring in the state police to investigate? How could this be a “cover-up?” Chapman called in an outside agency, and did a press release etc?
    I’m not 100% sold on Chapman as of yet, however, I totally support this. “In the know”, no offense, but you sound like a disgruntled employee to me!

If this investigation began in October why is it just now that we are hearing about this?  Is this yet another attempted cover-up of yet another major issue at the LCSO?  Seems to me since the new sheriff took over there has been nothing but a steady stream of bad things happening within the LCSO.  These are the kind of things that happen when morale is at an all time low.  In the past two years the train has not only gone out of control, the wheels have come off and it has totally derailed.

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