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Loudoun Sheriff’s Office: Investigation into Damron’s time at Dominion H.S. closed

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the investigation into band director Brian Damron's time at Dominion High School is closed.

The investigation was launched Dec. 5 2016 after allegations surfaced against Damron in a Florida school system. He had left Dominion in January 2015, citing personal reasons.

When Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) became aware of allegations that Damron had engaged in inappropriate behavior in Duval County, Florida, LCPS officials said they “promptly” reported the matter to the sheriff's office.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office spokesman Kraig Troxell told the Times-Mirror the investigation into Damron's time at Dominion lasted just over a month, from Dec. 5, 2016, to Jan. 10.

“Detectives conducted numerous interviews and followed up on multiple leads during the course of the investigation. No criminal charges are pending,” Troxell said.

Troxell would not say whether Damron or Brewer were interviewed in the course of the investigation into the band director's time at Dominion.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on the details of the investigation, to include any statements made or the identity of those interviewed during the course of the investigation,” Troxell said.

Loudoun County Public Schools had also reported an allegation against Damron to the LCSO in 2014, but the investigation didn't go forward because the alleged incident happened in another county.

Damron resigned from his position in Florida in November 2016, soon after the local school system's investigation surfaced. He has not been charged with a crime and maintains his innocence.

In December 2016, the Times-Mirror disclosed the investigation by Duval County School Police, Florida, in which Damron revealed incidents at Dominion.

Dr. John Brewer, who had written a letter of recommendation for Brian Damron to prospective employers in Florida, took administrative leave from his post as principal of Dominion High School on Dec. 3, 2016, shortly after The Florida Times-Union first reported the allegations against Damron, both in Florida and at Dominion.

LCPS administration won’t comment in detail on Brewer’s leave, citing privacy in personnel matters.


@Golden and @Dinosaur -
I had several of my own children in band class at DHS. They all thought he was a good music teacher. Although they had differing opinions of his classroom style, none of them felt threatened by him.

Dinosaur/golden, well at least this episode identified some folks who should never be around children or responsible for others who are.

Callme and EdMyers both intentionally misinterpret words or mischaracterize the basis of facts.  Read the Florida FOIA release.  Adults in the Florida education system informed police that Damron himself admitted to sleeping with 2 former ex-LCPS students.  It’s illegal to lie in such statements therefore the fact that Damron slept with former students here in Loudoun is neither “gossip” nor “hearsay”.

And Callme knows I have never stated Damron slept with underage kids.  He may have but has only admitted to sleeping with 18+ ex-students.  But we know understand that Callme believes such behavior is perfectly acceptable for an LCPS teacher such as Callme.  In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable for an educator to feel up kids trying on uniforms and groom them to be sexual exploits after graduation.  Damron wasn’t even “in love” with these students as some inappropriate teacher-student relationships claim.  He just wanted them for his own pleasure.

I don’t know the facts surrounding Brewer.  But I do know this.  LCPS has some sordid characters and many other teachers who believe that their jobs and “rights” are more important than student rights.  If a teacher simply believes that such behavior is acceptable and they don’t have to report it, that is grounds for termination.  I would hope that LCPS administrators investigate much further the attitudes of LCPS teachers and clean house of everyone who thinks such immoral behavior is ok.

golden, I pray that none of them have children.  No reasonable parent would be okay with putting their child in a situation to be groomed and manipulated by an adult whose intention is to seal the deal in the future. Although, knowing some of my neighbors, this only becomes an issue once it’s their child.

@Dante - Yes, sorry I did not recognize the sarcasm.
@Virginia SGP - You really go along just making stuff up to fit your narrative. Unless you were actually in the bedroom, how do you know there was sexual contact between Damron and students/former students?
Maybe he should have been fired, but if that fell outside LCPS guidelines, then how did that become Brewer’s fault?

Ed Myers compares this to a divorce which means Mr. Damron has been divorced twice in a short amount of time.  I bet you would give a priest such a long leash with your children.

AnnaB says He used sexually charged language - like “let’s get naked” when he was telling the student to try on his band uniform but the kids never felt threatened. 

Dante - Otherwise, all you need is for someone to take offense and make a false claim and you get someone fired or thrown in jail.  This is not how our country works.

I am sure you feel the same way about Trump or Bill Cosby.

Anna, Ed and Dante this guy is looking for employment so I would suggest you bring him in a full time care giver for your children. Best decision you will ever make LOL.

SGP asserts as facts that which is speculative based on gossip and hearsay.  That makes his analysis untrustworthy. Those who are not connected with Dominion have no standing to engage in public stoning.

EdMeyers is using 1984-speak:

He likens those who object to grown adults preying on our HS kids to “bullies”.  What a warped use of the word.

He likens an adult engaging in sexual banter with his students to a “quirky” personality.

He claims that only if the parents were “enlightened” to appreciate a sexual predator recruiting their kids for his sexual escapades, Damron could have “flourished” in Loudoun. 

Only a morally bankrupt person could think that Damron should have “flourished” in Loudoun’s schools.  Such thoughts are shocking.  This is so far beyond just Brewer and Damron now.  This is really about whether schools exist to employ teachers and provide fertile recruiting grounds for adults with teenage fetishes or whether schools exist to educate and protect kids.  We need to fully vet this as a community and ensure nobody with the former view has anything to do with our kids.

Except that you don’t know that anything happened, SGP. But yes, SGP, there must be an offense to take any action.  Otherwise, all you need is for someone to take offense and make a false claim and you get someone fired or thrown in jail.  This is not how our country works.

Basically you make claims but where is the prosecution.  Why did the Sherriff office conclude their investigation with now charges.  Could it be that once again you are wrong?  There was and still is plenty of time if someone is going to come out and say their child was abused, molested, attacked or anything else?  Where are these people?  Even the other article on LTM stops short of actual claims. 

So, SGP, you have no evidence to back up your claim that Damron had sex with underaged kids.  You can libel him all you want but you have nothing to back up your statements, do you?

In these comments I see bullies attacking someone who was talented but had a quirky personality and an odd sense of humor. In a more enlightened community Damron could have flourished and been successful.  I reject that it is “passing the trash” to recommend him to a different school community. Like a divorce, all participants share some blame for a relationship failure and just because a marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean that someone can’t recommend an ex to have a successful marriage with someone else.

Here is what we know:

1. Damron had sex with multiple former students immediately after graduation when they were approximately 18 years old.  It is a virtual certainty that he began these relationships (though not consummated) prior to the boys turning 18.

2. Damron came on to a 15-yr-old in Florida including touching his pant inseam while trying on band uniforms.  He also asked the boy to delete messages he clearly knew were inappropriate.

So we have 4 groups on here.  A. Unless Damron raped little boys, they are fine with what happened and think nobody should be punished.  Callme appears to be part of this group who believe LCPS cannot take any actions like terminating employees until provable crimes occur.  Truly scary.

B. The second group knows that what happened was problematic and Brewer should never have passed the trash with that letter.  They argue that Brewer made an infrequent mistake and should be given his principal-ship back.

C. The third group believes it was more than problematic and shows LCPS leadership may not be able to fully trust Brewer to run an independent fiefdom (which is what a school is) right away.  They recognize the contributions Brewer made and wish there were a way to transfer Brewer to a position of engagement but where others get a concurring opinion before decisions are made.  At least for awhile.  I am in this camp.

D. Then there are the zero tolerance crowd.  They dislike the blind eye toward Damron so much that no amount of penance will suffice for now.

I can understand each group except A.  The folks on here absolving any person involved simply because no criminal charges were brought have NO business in K-12 education.  I’m sorry but it is horrifying to know that you have anything to do with our kids.  This crowd is no different than the bishops who protected those priests.

AnnaB - I think you are pointing to the actual issue here.  So many poster here like SGP,Buff, and others have accused Damron of actual contact.  As we see now, this did not happened.  I expect that those posters are disappointed to learn the truth here but that is their lost.  The accusations that Brewer let Damron escape prosecution is false.  Damron was a creepy guy who said creep thinkgs.  But apparently, there seems to not have been reports of anything that could be considered a fireable offense and the charge of passing the trash is unfounded.

Sounds like Callme believes OJ was innocent because he wasn’t convicted. Callme and that attitude are truly terrifying for all Loudoun parents.

Dante, what is says is that you are confused. He never had sex with underage kids. He never had sex with his students. He used sexually charged language - like “let’s get naked” when he was telling the student to try on his band uniform. (There is not a single student who believed he was saying anything about having sex.) Inappropriate, but not abuse, and certainly not “actually hav[ing] sex.”

Brewer should be reinstated immediately. There’s obviously no “there” there.

no criminal charges!!!  What does this say about all the accusations that Damron actually had sex with underage kids or even his students?  Does anyone read this update and think that there is a coverup or you do think that nothing illegal occurred?

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