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Loudoun Sheriff’s Office says 14 firearms stolen from cars since November, urges gun safety

In light of a rash of firearm thefts from Loudoun County vehicles recently, the local sheriff's office is reminding residents to “store and secure their firearms responsibly.”

Since November 2016, 14 firearms have been reported stolen from vehicles throughout the county, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, with a majority of the vehicles either being left unlocked or showing no signs of forced entry.

“This poses a great risk to the community,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) said in a statement. “Gun owners should properly secure and store their firearms in safe locations.”

The LCSO's Crime Prevention Unit provided several tips for deterring thefts from vehicles:

•Keep your vehicle locked. Most stolen items are taken from vehicles that are left unlocked.

• Remove all items from your vehicle, including garage door openers, when not in use. When you cannot do this, put the items out of sight, whether inside a lockable glove box or trunk. If your vehicle has an integrated garage door opener, try to park your vehicle in the garage.

• If you have to leave a firearm in your vehicle, use a secured lock box and take the ammunition and/or magazine with you and out of the vehicle.

• Park inside your garage, if available, and keep the garage locked. Or, try to park
your vehicle near or under an illuminated area.

• Report suspicious activity immediately by calling the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at 703-777-1021. 

In an effort to assist gun owners with properly securing their firearms, the agency is providing free gunlock safety kits donated through Project ChildSafe, a nationwide firearms safety education program. Each kit contains a safety curriculum and a cable style gunlock. The locks fit on most types of handguns, rifles and shotguns. The goal is to prevent a child or any other unauthorized person from accessing a firearm in your home, according to LCSO.

The safety kits will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis at the following locations Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Administration Building
803 Sycolin Road
Leesburg, VA 20175

Dulles South Public Safety Center
25216 Loudoun County Pkwy.
Chantilly, VA 20152

Eastern Loudoun Station
46620 East Frederick Dr.
Sterling, VA 20164

University Station
45299 Research Pl. #100
Ashburn, VA 20147

Western Loudoun Station
47 W. Loudoun St.
Round Hill, VA 

A list of Loudoun County Sheriff's Office locations can be found at http://sheriff.loudoun.gov/findmystation.


Irresponsible of the owners of the weapons - they should be fined, they should have their permits suspended.  I am all for gun rights but with that right comes responsible handling.

Can somebody comment and explain the reasoning behind leaving a gun behind in an unsecured vehicle?  Why does it happen so frequently?  Frightening that there are so many unqualified weapon owners in this County.

So now it is a safety concern? What is the number of firearm thefts in the county the past 5 years? Why was it not a concern then? I would say that one stolen out of a car should rise to a public safety concern, but I guess there is an unknown number that it has to hit before it is a “real” safety concern for some.  Again, I would like to know the number for the past 5 yeas.

Wow! Was I off on a guess. I thought the last few years that it would be around 30.  14 in less than 2 months!  Unbelievable is all I can say and it would be interesting to see surrounding jurisdictions in the same time period and what they had stolen out of vehicles. I can’t imagine how many guns are floating around now and what law enforcement has to deal with int he middle of the night.  Thank you Sheriff’s Office for providing this information and lets hope they all stay safe. Now it would be nice to have a look at the 3rd quarter significant report for 2016, that is usually out by October but this year I guess it was just left alone. Hmm? It does say that it is provided to the Board of Supervisors as one of the ways of tracking how crime is in our communities.  I guess board members haven’t been asking for information.  Some of us citizens would like to see it and see how things are going (at least statistically by crime in the different station areas)

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