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Loudoun Sheriff’s Office to conduct DUI checkpoint tonight

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a sobriety checkpoint tonight shortly after 10 p.m.

Members of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit and volunteers from the Loudoun Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving will assist with the checkpoint.

Per standard protocol, the sheriff's office has announced the checkpoint but not disclosed the location.


I didn’t see any press release on the result, so I am assuming that it again was a big zero arrests.  Maybe someone should look at the cost effectiveness of these checkpoints and see what kind of waste they are.  Even if it is a grant that pays for the event, there has to be a more efficient use of the money.  Zero time after time becomes kind of a running joke.  Good PR though and educational material passed out or posted.

How about putting the checkpoint at the shopping malls where the Ashburn Pub is, Shennigans, O’faolains and see how many drinkers you nab? Target rich environments.

Its good PR and educational effort these checkpoints, but the end result will be the same regardless if the location is announced or not. 

I think the net arrests for d.u.i. at these checkpoints in Loudoun County the past year is about 1 maybe 2. Again this is a PR push and to educate the public more than anything I like what other agencies are doing and they are actually forming patrol groups to go out and proactively patrol areas for behaviors of d.u.i.

I think it is also sad that the majority of what I read in the press and the daily reports concerning d.u.i. in the county is reactionary, like responding to a crash or someone unconscious behind the wheel.  Those types of responses are after the fact.  How about some proactive efforts?

I will reiterate as well that I like what M.A.D.D. has done over the years with sentencing and these checkpoints, but it is now a bit of an antiquated effort and with social media, everyone knows the area to avoid within minutes of the checkpoint going up.  Good Luck and I hope to see a good number of arrests as a result of the static effort but I’m not expecting any. (often times there is no press release of the results, and I can only assume it is another zero for d.u.i arrests)

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