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Loudoun treasurer leaning toward Republican campaign for county chairman

Facebook/Roger Zurn
Long-time Loudoun County Treasurer Roger Zurn (R) is strongly considering running for chairman of the Board of Supervisors in 2019.

Two Republicans involved in local politics say it's essentially a sure thing Zurn will run, while the treasurer told the Times-Mirror today it's “something he's wanted to do from back in the 1990s.” Still, Zurn stressed he enjoys his current role as treasurer, a position he's held since 1996.

Zurn said he's at “about 70-30” percent in favor of running for chairman. He plans to make a final decision on whether to run this summer.

Zurn won his most recent election, in 2015, over Democrat Evan Macbeth 46,091 votes to 20,792.

As treasurer, Zurn's office oversees billing and collecting taxes, issuing county vehicle license decals and disbursing county revenue. Prior to becoming treasurer, Zurn represented the Sterling District on the Board of Supervisors from 1990-1995.

First-term Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) won her seat in a four-way race in 2015 with 37 percent of the vote. She defeated incumbent Scott York, who was running as an independent and claimed 30 percent; Charlie King, the Republican nominee who secured 29 percent of the vote; and independent Tom Bellanca, who took 3 percent.

Randall is expected to seek re-election as the Democratic nominee.


My fear is that Trump will hear about Roger Zurn and hire Mr. AAA away from us!

I’d rather be a lot more Corey Stewart than a lot more Barbara Comstock any day. Seems like right wing policies are working on the national level it is time to get sound policy incorporated on the local level which Zurn will do. Roger has accomplished wonders 20% of democrats voted for him in his last election. Close minded, examples please?

Yeah until they start mining his past statements, they will find a very right-winged closed minded person whose views are more Cory Stewart than people know,

He would be an excellent candidate.

The bias is subtle, but always there.  Q: Why use percentages for describing one race but vote totals for another? A: Because it shows Zurn destroyed MacBeth 70%-30%.

Can’t let Democrats look that bad.

By day a mild mannered treasurer by night faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall building in a single bound.

I would like to see the WHOLE swamp drained.  Get a smart and sensible person in there and pray they don’t drink the Kool-aid. I am concerned that Roger might be tainted.

Sound, competent, not a flame thrower, produced positive results for the county…got my vote.

Now, can we keep the ego-inflamed independents out of the race to avoid another back door Randall victory?

Zurn is okay and I’m a devout Republican. However, I think Randall has really turned a corner and shown a real interest in listening and learning. She may be the first Democrat I vote for since 1978.

I wonder if zurn is a Trojan horse to bring Scott York back into county government as his chief aide or planning commissioner since York has no chance to get nominated by the Republicans for anything.

Roger Zurn would be a good choice. Lets hope the loser in the primary doesn’t run as an independent and allow another Democrat in.

He must be tired of working for a living.

Don’t know a whole lot about Zurn but from what I do know, he’ll get lots of support.  Randall has no chance.  Even the Dems don’t respect her.

One of the good guys who has the brains to fix the mess the BoS has wrought!

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