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MORE: Loudoun’s Scott York cleared in campaign finance complaint

Arlington County Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos (D) has closed her investigation into Loudoun Chairman Scott York's (R) campaign finance reports, Stamos told the Times-Mirror Sept. 29.

"The bottom line is there is no 'there' there," Stamos said.

Loudoun conservative activist Sally Mann filed the campaign finance allegation against York with the Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney's office in August. Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman, a Republican, then handed off the case to Stamos to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

In a letter to Mann, Stamos wrote:
"First, none of the allegations you have submitted constitute matters ripe for review by this office because the general registrar has not taken the necessary action to trigger such review. Specifically, the Loudoun County General Registrar has not notified Mr. York of any incomplete filings and allowed him to supply missing information as required by law before referring the matter to the commonwealth's attorney. Second, even if Mr. York were deemed to have filed incomplete reports that warranted review by this office, the applicable statute of limitations would bar a prosecution based on thirty-one out of the thirty-six transactions you have cited."

First elected chairman in 1999, York is battling Republican Charlie King, Democrat Phyllis Randall and independent Tom Bellanca in what has been a nasty race thus far.

While York is currently in office as a Republican, he is seeking re-election as an independent.

In her complaint, Mann expressed concern about three issues under the state's Campaign Finance Disclosure Act. Those being:

-Vague and incomplete information regarding reimbursements.
-Failing to list the address of named entities for which reimbursement was sought.
-Aggregating reimbursements not of the same nature.

In her filing, Mann claimed she found errors in at least 36 transactions on 13 of York's reports. The dollar figure in question totals more than $43,000.

York said he was “gratified by the quick disposition of a frivolous complaint filed in support of Charlie King's campaign."

"Mr. King, as one of my three opponents this year, has had nothing positive to say to the voters of Loudoun County, and this is one more example of his negative, flailing campaign,” York said in a prepared statement.

The chairman has dwarfed his opponents in the fundraising fight, raising $157,000 in 2015 compared to King's $68,000 and Democrat Phyllis Randall's $57,000, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

This is a developing story. Check back to LoudounTimes.com for more information.

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BobOEsq…you clearly don’t understand how the Commonwealth Attorney’s office functions in a good ole’ boy environment like we’ve carefully put in place in Loudoun over these past few years.    You don’t investigate the people you’re out fundraising with…you don’t investigate anyone that’s of the same party you belong to….you shop the case around and finally pass it off to whichever other Commonwealth attorney lets you know how it will turn out.  Not only protects your pals, it gives you a talking point like “I moved the case to insure no influence from local politics.

“Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney handed off the case”?
What happened to added value? Checks and balances? Investigatory competence and non-political reasoning about whether a crime (mens reas and actus reas) has occurred?
Individual lawyers and commercial firms are expected to refuse cases where there is a conflict but the Loudoun C.A. seems to forget he has about 14 competent lawyers who could easily and competently prosecute a case even if he personally had a conflict with a defendant.
The use of a government office for political games erodes the confidence the community has in that office. Its time for abuse of the C.A. Office to stop and the inappropriate attacks against the Sheriff and Chair of the BOS to stop because it does nothing for the community!
R. Ohneiser Esq.
Candidate for Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney

What’s missed in all of this is that its time for York and the other professional politicians running Loudoun County to move on. York, Wertz, Zurn, Delgaudio and the entire lot of them. These ongoing escapades, regardless of the source or issue only further exemplify what is wrong with Loudoun County government. Enough is enough. The voters of Loudoun County have the opportunity to clean house in 2015 and build a stronger foundation of government that functions with integrity, honesty, and clarity. It is time for significant change.

This is disturbing on many levels:
1 The referral of the complaint violated Plowman’s responsibility to provide some evaluative value. Does the Loudoun community want to continue to have a C.A. who either initiates political games with his office or worse a C.A. who won’t modify police charges against citizens when the evidence “OBVIOUSLY” doesn’t match the charges?
2 The electoral procedure of alerting candidates of filing errors is pretty common so one must ask if this is really a lack of diligence by Plowman subjecting him to a bar complaint if Mr. York to or an intentional attack on a political opponents?
3 Can it possibly makes sense for anyone who plans on voting for either Scott York or Sheriff Chapman (most likely to see the complaint against him dropped as well) to also vote to keep Plowman in an office which has already proven not to function with either of these gentleman?
4 Finally and most telling of a C.A. that needs to leave office is the continuous act of recusal through referral of cases. If a public servant is indeed violating the law such as a deputy being charged with embezzling $230K, a deputy being charged with assault and battery or a Supervisor to be charged his office should maintain the effort to force accountability shouldn’t it? The law allows a lawyer to avoid conflicts but the prosecutor office is charged with exacting justice (real justice) not erode community trust in the office by playing politics. VOTE Nov. 3rd for a better choice!
R. Ohneiser Esq.
Candidate for Commonwealth Attorney

The real story here is Jim Plowman.  He is clearly using his office as a political weapon against opponents like Chapman and York.  He assigns special prosecutors to frivolous claims submitted by cronies like Sally Mann, Steve Simpson, and Ron Speakman, all discredited individuals. 

LTM keeps looking the other way, however, despite an egregious abuse of power from our Commonwealth Attorney.  Would love to see a headline on this one before the election - we need to vote this serpent out of office.

mann’s gop & regressive
not progressive

So apparently at one time or another Ms. Mann was an attorney in the Commonwealth. One would think she would have checked the statue of limitations prior to filing this frvlous complaint. Anyone want to take bets on how quickly King & Mann will try to castigate the current SBE Registrar?

Now I would like Theo to go over Sally Mann’s finances.

My condolences to Judge Jeanette Irby, Commonwealth Attorney Plowman and progressives everywhere that the independent investigator would not further your witch hunt.  Why don’t we end the FOIA email investigation into Chapman while we are at it since all those emails are clearly available via the FOIA rules.

Good for Theo Stamos. She could have dragged this out past the election had she wanted to. My BOS Chairman vote will likley go to Charlie King. But nobody, whether it’s Scott York or Eugene Delgaudio, should have to face the voters with unfounded allegations hanging around their neck.

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