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Lovettsville man suing Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office indicted on child porn charges

A Lovettsville man who is suing numerous county employees and entities after he said he was wrongfully charged with child pornography possession has been indicted by a grand jury on 25 counts of possessing child pornography, according to the commonwealth's attorney's office.

A Loudoun County Grand Jury returned the true bill indictment July 10 against the Lovettsville man, David E. Goldman. Goldman’s cases are set for a jury trial March 13-15, 2018, according to the commonwealth's attorney's office.

Goldman was originally arrested in 2016 and charged with five felony counts of possession of child pornography after a joint operation by a regional crimes against children task force. He was one of five people arrested in that Internet predator sting.

Goldman has maintained his innocence and is suing the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Det. Patrick Beaver and two public relations officers, Alex Kowalski and Kraig Troxell, for his arrest and an ensuing press release published by the LCSO.

Goldman's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Goldman is suing LCSO for $500,000 in compensatory damages, $1 million in punitive damages, coverage of any court fees and the removal of the press release from the Internet, the Lovettsville resident said.

Goldman earlier this year stated the situation began around 4:20 a.m. on March 10, 2016, when he said he heard a loud banging at his door. After he opened the door, Goldman said he was greeted by officers who dragged him outside while he was wearing nothing but his underwear. About 30 police officers raided his house while he and his family sat by.

After an hour, according to Goldman, officers told him they had evidence he was in possession of child pornography. Goldman, who said he has never accessed or owned that type content, said he was shocked.

Goldman said the charges were “ultimately dropped in late December as the forensic investigation of all of my digital devices didn't uncover any additional evidence or anything to prove that I knew that these images were on my phone.”

Goldman's lawsuit against the LCSO is scheduled for a hearing in August.

However, because an order of nolle prosequi – abandonment of a case by a plaintiff or prosecutor – was entered, rather than a dismissal, "if new evidence is obtained the charges could be brought back at a later time,” Commonwealth's Attorney spokeswoman Heather Williamson said last month.


Hey PBf1- A man gets indicted by a grand jury on 25 charges of child pornography and you claim Chapman and his deputies are out of control?! With certain type of crimes evidence is gathered over time- as the grand jury decided in this case. Such a feckless, non-substantive comment shows your unfounded, misguided and obvious obsession against the Sheriff. Shameful!

My God PBf1!! The man is indicted by a Grand Jury on 25 counts of child pornography and your only reaction is a rampage about Chapman being out of control? You’re obviously so consumed with your obsession against Chapman that you’re unable to add anything substantive to this very serious issue other than your feckless comments. Shameless!!

Seems to me the chapman is loosing control.  Oh wait from what I hear he’s just as out of control as these deputies.  Time for a new sheriff. A real leader not some washed up want to be

waiting for all the facts.period.

I hope for Loudoun County that this guy had child pornography somewhere because otherwise major lawsuit and makes our Sheriff’s office and others look really bad. It does seem odd that they dropped the case only to indict on July 10. Guess we’ll have to wait almost a year to find out what the new evidence is/was since the trial isn’t set for March 2018.

Sounds like Vice Principal Oei’s case.  CA ended up dropping the case after numerous trials.  167K in defense legal fees were paid by the taxpayer.

What was the new evidence that was presented to the grand jury?  Surely Mr Plowman is ready to stand in front of the cameras and advise the community of this horrible crime.

This is shaping up to be one of my favorite reality TV shows.  Man is arrested, charges are dropped.  Man sues sheriff and charges are reissued. 

So did the sheriff find new porn on his electronics, or were they suddenly able to locate the old porn on his electronics, or was there actually no porn on his electronics????  Stay turn for the next episode.

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