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Lovettsville eatery reopens after damage caused by Sandy

photoAfter damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, Market Table Bistro in Lovettsville reopened at the end of 2012. The roof had to be replaced, interior repainted and leaks fixed. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Andrew Sharbel

Like many buildings in Loudoun County, Market Table Bistro in Lovettsville did not emerge unscathed from Hurricane Sandy.

The popular eatery reopened three weeks ago after a six and a half week closure to repair damages caused by the powerful storm.

Co-owner and Executive Chef Jason Lage said the roof had to be replaced, costing the small bistro $50,000 in damages in addition to lost business.

“We had to have the whole roof replaced because of the hurricane which caused some water damage inside,” Lage said. “The company that manufactures the roof was out of New Jersey and their plant was without power for a week, so it pushed everything back. We thought it was only going to be several weeks and it took longer.”

Lage and his fiance, co-owner Rebecca Dudley, also decided to make some small interior changes to better reflect his vision of the space during the closure.

“We used the downtime to fix up some stuff and move some things around in here. We enclosed the bookshelf around the fireplace and added some of my cookbook collection from my home,” Lage said. “We also added a new wine rack to showcase our local wines we offer. We repainted everything and our final change was to add framed menus on the walls from restaurants I have worked at over the years.

“I have had that vision since the first day I took the restaurant over,” Lage said. “I have had those things in my mind for a couple of years and I finally got the opportunity to do it at the right time.”

In addition to the improvements, the restaurant was given a new paint job.

Market Table Bistro has been owned by Lage for almost two and half years. Both Lage and Dudley were at Lansdowne Resort before taking over Market Table Bistro.

Lage said a driving focus of the restaurant is its dedication to the local community and its produce, wine and artwork. In the past, they have showcased local artwork throughout the restaurant. With the additions Lage didn’t want to digress from that focus, so they moved the local artwork into the back room where diners can still enjoy it.

Lage noted the changes have been met with positive reviews by customers.

“Oh they love it. We have a lot of single diners who come for lunch and they sit and read the cookbooks and they love it,” Lage said. “We got a lot of phone calls while we were closed and when we finally did open up we were packed.

“It feels a little bit more like a grown up and serious restaurant now,” Lage said.


My wife and I went Sunday for brunch. It was wonderful we will go again.

Also took a trip though Watersford on the way home, what a wonderful little town. Buildings from at least the civil war era if not even older.

Did they do the repairs own their own or did the get federal aid?

Yeah, just checked out yelp. OMG, anyone else see those pics?
Damn… now all I need is a date

According to the reviews at yelp.com, this is a winner.  Well worth the trip to Lovettsville.  See http://www.yelp.com/biz/market-table-bistro-lovettsville

The restaurant is magnificent.  I knew the old owners and they took their time to sell because they wanted to hand it over to the right people to continue not only offering mouthwatering cuisine but local support feel. Both chefs that bought it are magnificent and the atmosphere is delightful.  I recommend it hands down!

It has 23 reviews on yelp with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 starts, highest rating for a Loudoun restaurant I know of.

anyone know if it’s any good? never even heard of it (I’m rarely in Lovetsville anymore though)

I have wanted to try this place out and did not know they were closed due to storm damage, I will have to make the trip this weekend now.

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