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Lowes is coming to Leesburg

The Town of Leesburg will be getting more new stores after the Leesburg Town Council voted 6-1 Jan. 28 to approve plans for the construction of a Lowes Home Improvement Center.

In addition to the Lowes, the 27 acre parcel of land at the intersection of Battlefield Parkway and East Market Street will feature additional office and retail space.

“Lowes is a very good business, and I think will be a benefit to members in town, especially those south of Route 7,” said Leesburg Mayor Kristen Umstattd.

Multiple resolutions were voted on in order, including approving the concept plan and amending the town plan, which in 1991 had slated much of the land for a multi-dealership autopark. The new Lowes will feature not only 152,000 square feet of the lumber and building materials store, but also a truck rental and storage area, not uncommon for Lowes and Home Depot stores. The application also notes 84,000 square feet of retail space and 36,000 square feet of office space will be set aside for possible future development.

The new development will also be connected via Russel Branch Parkway to the Village at Leesburg development.

The application spent nearly two months in review before being recommended by Leesburg town staff for approval.

While the Town Council largely voted in favor of the resolutions, Katie Hammler was the lone dissident, speaking sharply against what she referred to as “sprawl.” Hammler argued that the town needs to focus on bringing high-wage jobs into Leesburg, as opposed to big box stores.

"Our citizens spend hours stuck in traffic commuting," Hammler said. "We must find a way to bring high wage jobs home."

Hammler also questioned allowing a retailer to change a previously set town plan.

“It's a failure of the process to allow a vendor to amend town plan,” Hammler said.

Marty Martinez argued that adjusting the plan was similar to the Crescent Development, approved just last month after months of review.

“I had to come to terms with the fact that the Crescent District was a guide,” Martinez said, offering that the area was vacant and there was no interest in developing the originally planned use. This same logic he applied when voting for the Lowes.

“It's not perfect, but I think it serves a purpose and provides a lot of benefit to the town,” Martinez said.

Construction is expected to break ground sometime this year.


Please can we have a gas station on this side of town?  And yes Battlefield and 7 will be a mess….even with Sycolin bridge back open…because you’re gonna have to put another set of traffic lights on Battlefield.  Hopefully it will be a straight shot to The Villages of Leesburg from there so you’ll take some traffic off 7…but it’s gonna get messy

I truly don’t see the advantage to having a Lowes go in at that area. Home Depot, costco, target and Walmart all within 5 miles. Perhaps they’re hoping minimum wage will rise to $25/hour???? I see more traffic and the other stores losing out on business. It would have been smart to have it built on the west side of Leesburg off route 7.

What a show, Katie Hammler!  You praise to the skies the Village of Leesburg development, which had over 700 residential units as part of it, and you hate a project that has NO residential units as part of it.  That’s right! NO residential units.  Sooooooooooooo, I guess it seems pretty obvious.  If Lowes had 700 residential units as part of the project, Katie Hammler would have LOVED it.  Pretty interesting, isn’t it, that Katie Hammler seems to want only projects that have massive residential units as part of it - might it be that she LOVES crowded schools, clogged roads, and more and more people flooding in?  I guess so.

Wonderful - more traffic on Rt 7.  Growth without a thought to roads. 

Look for Loudoun traffic accident stats on Google - Rt 7 & Battlefield is at the top of the list already.  A new big box store there will help that a lot!

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